March 8: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on March 8th.

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Holidays March 8

International Women’s Day

Who among us does not know about the event of March 8 – International Women’s
bottom ?! But few who know the true history of this holiday. BUT
It all started with American women living in New York who
decided to change their position in society and fight for equality
with strong sex.

March 8, 1857 New York City textile workers
gathered for a demonstration. The demands of indignant women were
in that the management provided them with a ten-hour working day,
bright and dry rooms and decent wages. In those
the days of the workers of such factories received pennies, and worked on
wear – 15-17 hours a day. After long strikes
women managed to reduce the working day. Event in 1857
year prompted the representatives of the weaker sex to create
trade union organizations. Also, March 8, 1857 in New York
There was a demonstration of many women who demanded
giving them the right to vote.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Clara Zetkin at the International Women’s
conference proposed to celebrate “Women’s Day” is March 8 –
in memory of the events that took place in New York. This holiday should
was to be a call for all women on Earth to fight for their rights, and
also participate fully in the life and development of one’s own
countries struggling with poverty, unemployment and other aspects
social sphere. ATпервые International Women’s Day отметили в
Германии, Дании, BUTвстрии и Швейцарии в 1911 году. In Russia, “8
March “began to celebrate only two years later. Since then holiday
successfully “got accustomed” in the Russian society.

ATиджая BUTкадаши

In India, the story of “Ramayana” everyone knows. She narrates about
the divine, pure love of Sita and Rama. Pushkin’s work
�”Ruslan and Lyudmila” was created based on the “Ramayana”, whose history
tells us about the following:

One day, Rama’s lover, Sita, was kidnapped. Rama rushed
on her searches. On the way, he met the dying Jatai. Wounded he
told the young man that he was trying to save the girl, but in
the result was fatal injuries. However, fading away
Rama, he managed to tell – Sita was kidnapped by the villain Ravana. Lover not
became inactive. Gathering an army of bears and monkeys, Rama
went to the shores of the Indian Ocean, but the villain was not there.
The young man was very upset, and then the Saint appeared to him,
told about the great post that will help win even the
ferocious enemy. Rama acted in accordance with the instructions of the saint, as a result
defeated Ravana and his army.

Since then, it is believed that everyone who observes the great post –
Vijaya Ekadashi – will go on the path of life eternal winner. Strength
fasting, according to belief, can destroy even the lowest and most treacherous

March 8 in the national calendar

Polikarpov day

March 8 people remember St. Polycarp – the disciple of the apostle
John, known as the Bishop of Smyrna. In Russia on this day
unmarried girls were made to clean up elegant sundresses in
chests until the end of spring. People believed that it would help them in the near future.
time to gain family happiness. BUT чтобы времени зря не терять
young girls lured into the house of grooms with the help of a sentence. For this
they had to go out to the yard and twist on one heel
in front of the moon, say: “It’s a young month, bring your suitors near me,
how I swirl before you “, or, sweeping garbage from the porch into the hut,
whisper: “I call to the house of young youths, not thieves. Come over
grooms from foreign yards. “

Particular attention was paid on this day to the magpie-bird – the symbol
mystery and unpredictability. It was believed if forty flies
near the courtyard, then the guests will not visit this house for a long time, but
An unmarried girl who lives in it will not marry for a long time. If a
inadvertently flies under the roof, then be a strong snowstorm in
the coming days.

Historical events of March 8

8 марта 1887 год — Эверетт Хортон, житель штата
Connecticut, received a patent for a telescopic fishing pole. Foldable
tackle consisted of metal. In those времена штат «славился» своими
Puritan views, and all sorts of entertainment, including
fishing, cut short by the authorities. However, the inventor of this fact is not
stopped, and he invented the construction of metal tubes,
overlapping each other for fishing.

8 марта 1910 год — Француженка стала первой
a female pilot. Elise de Laroche is the name of the heroine who
realized her childhood dream and became a pilot. Examination
the flight she performed with distinction, earning thereby a license for
control of the airplane.

8 марта 1932 год — AT Ленинграде был уничтожен
The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which was located on the embankment of the Neva in
near Novoadmiralteysky channel.

8 марта 1952 год — BUTмериканскими врачами
for the first time the “artificial heart” apparatus was tested. Hour and a half
the equipment kept one patient alive
medical staff led by 9 doctors of various specializations
tried to detect and arrest heavy pathology of the living

8 марта 1968 год — AT Тихом океане произошло
collision of the Soviet diesel K-129 missile submarine with
unknown submarine. The accident killed ninety
eight crew members.

8 марта 1987 год — ATпервые в концертном зале
�”Eaglet” was showing a collection of Valentin Yudashkin. On display
150 of his best models were presented, and two years later, was
founded the company “Wali-mod”, which soon reborn in the fashion house
�”AT. Yudashkin.

8 марта 1988 год — AT Соединенных Штатах
there was a strike of script writers of serials. They demanded a boost
salary. As a result, even the most endangered
popular TV shows of the time, such as Dallas and

March 8 were born

Юрий Рытхэу (1930-2008 гг.) — российский и
Chukchi writer. He was fluent in both languages ​​and wrote
respectively, also. Most of the writer’s writings were
associated with the life of his people – the Chukchi.

BUTлександр Роу (1906-1973 гг.) — гениальный
film director, director of children’s films and fairy tales. In his arsenal
productions of such famous films as “Vasilisa the Beautiful”,
�“Frost”, “Kashchey the Immortal”, “fire, water and copper pipes …” and
a lot others.

Сергей Никитин (1944 год) — выдающийся
composer and talented singer. Sergei began to speak while still
a student at Moscow University, where in the physics department
gathered his first team. He also met the future
wife Tatiana, which has repeatedly acted as a duet. Many
his compositions, written in verse, gained popularity and
performed to this day.

BUTлексей Мишин (1941 год) — известный
figure skater, figure skating coach, honored master of sports. AT
1994, received the Order of Friendship of Peoples for high achievements on 17
Winter Olympics.

Евгений Матвеев (1922-2003 гг.) — режиссер,
actor, screenwriter. His first acting experience was working in the Small
theater, where he successfully fit into the team and performed several
roles. But fame brought him to participate in films since 1955. AT
the history of cinematography included many of his films (“Destiny”,
�”Earthly love”, “Emelyan Pugachev”, etc.).

Name Day March 8

«День ангела» 8 марта смогут отметить обладатели имен: BUTнтонин,
BUTлексей, BUTлександр, BUTнтонина, Филемон, Домиан, Климент, Иван,
Michael, Lazar, Polycarp, Nikolay, Sergey.

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