March 7: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on March 7th.

Sun, Feb 21, 2016

Holidays March 7

Teacher’s Day in Albania

March 7 in Albania celebrates an important holiday – Teacher’s Day,
designed to denote the role of representatives of the profession in
education of the future generation of the country. Albanians, like many
other states believe that the success and prosperity of the country depend
not only from government action, but also, to a large extent, from
work activities of teachers and kindergarten teachers. After all
It is they who annually “bring” millions of children to life, helping them
gain literacy, the ability to stand firmly on their feet, the desire to actively
to participate in the public life of the country, and the desire to
development and prosperity.

The date of the event was not chosen by chance. His celebration
falls on the opening day of the first secular school in 1887,
built in a small Albanian town Korca with blessing
Catholic Church. Как всегда на Teacher’s Day in Albania
organize banquets, events and entertainment
concerts Teachers receive a variety of gifts on this day – from
greeting cards and flowers to memorable and expensive gifts,
as well as thousands of appreciation speeches to them.

City Day Zhodino

March 7, 2013, the city of Zhodino, located in Minsk
the area is 50 years old.

As is known, one of the world’s largest factories for the production
The BelAZ career was built precisely in Zhodino. Initially
the locality was called Boguslav, however it was subsequently
renamed, thanks to the local river Zhodinka, and officially
reborn from village to town in 1963. In the period of the Great OV
Zhodino was in the occupation. So the fascist aggressors captured
the city in 1941, and, three years later, the Red Army liberated

The population of Zhodino is about 62 thousand people. Here
more than 20 valuable historical monuments were erected, among them
Monument “Mother Patriot” and the mass graves of representatives
Red Army, who showed courage during the war and fallen under the onslaught
the enemy.

Traditionally, the day of the city is accompanied by entertainment.
activities for adults and children, the performance of the authorities and
various concerts, and in the evening hundreds of salutes sparkle over the city
and fireworks. The celebration ends with a grand disco.

March 7 in the national calendar

Mauritius Day

Mauritius Day на Руси отождествляли с христианскими святыми —
the martyrs of Alameia and the Mauritians who lived in the 4th century.
It was believed that starlings returned to their homeland in Makrikyev,
rooks and swallows. If the birds returned earlier than expected
term, it means spring has already entered into its possession, and extreme cold
no longer expected. People talked about this “Early
Birds for a happy year. ”

Especially in Russia, swallows loved. After all недаром с ними связано
so many people will accept. For example, if swallows fly low over
earth – to be rain, high – to fair weather. On Mauritius people
went into the fields for the first works, scattered the manure on the beds and
arable land. Manure was treated very respectfully, since
times he was the only available fertilizer. Yes, and in our
time, many gardeners do not disdain to approve of their land for

In some regions, people started sowing early cabbage, while
hibernation is not climbed by pests and caterpillars. Handful of first
spring land, according to the peasants, had the ability to cast out
from the house of bedbugs, so she must have been sprinkled on the hut. On the table in
Mauritius Day было принято подавать рыбный суп, сваренный на
cucumber brine with the addition of roots, aromatic herbs and

Historical events of March 7

7 марта 321 год — По указу римского императора
Constantine the First Sunday was declared a weekend
in the afternoon

Today, in almost all countries, Sunday is
законным выходным in the afternoon. But few know that the founder of the edict
became Constantine the First Great. But what made him so
crucial step? All the reason was the prophetic dream, which had a dream
Emperor on the eve of the most important battle. On this day, the state
institutions turned off all activities except for some
operations, and the markets were closed. On the agricultural works of any
no restrictions were imposed. Before the Emperor’s Decree, citizens noted
Sunday as the “day of the sun.” It should be noted that in a number
Muslim countries, as well as Israel, Sunday is considered
рабочим in the afternoon.

7 марта 1876 год — Александром Беллом получен
patent for his telephone

In the same year, Bell’s invention was demonstrated
visitors to the World Philadelphia Exhibition. In five years
the telephone was lit up at the international exhibition in France,
where everyone was eager to see the invention and immediately
try out its function. One year after receiving the patent Alexander
Bell organized his own phone company called
�”Bell Telephone Company”.

7 марта 1912 год — Норвежский полярный
researcher Amundsen notified the world about the opening of the South Pole

Important message for the world of the discovery of the South Pole came from
the city of Hobart, located on the island of Tasmania. Initially
expedition Amundsen planned to head for the glacial shores
Arctic, but while preparations were under way, Frederick Cook reported that
discovered the North Pole. Then a Norwegian explorer changed the plan.
action and modest ship “Fram” went to Antarctica. Him
The decision came as a complete surprise to the public. Choosing
route and having organized a system of warehouses, Amundsen and four more
daredevil rushed to the South Policy itself, reaching it on December 14
1911 However, only a few months later the researcher
managed to get to Tasmania and announce the opening.

7 марта 1960 год — В СССР сформировалась первая
cosmonauts group

The decision to form a group of astronauts in the USSR was final
stage in the development of outer space – because in this way
people could not only see the cosmos from Earth, but also visit it,
gaining rich experience and even greater knowledge of the universe. In 1959 the Central Committee
The CPSU decided “On the medical selection of candidates for astronauts.”
The main selection criteria were: excellent health, lack of
overweight and age up to 35 years. So it was selected 347 people.
However, after the tests, only 20 people entered the final.
They, led by Yuri Gagarin, became the first people
flew into space.

Born on March 7

– Борис Кустодиев (1878-1927 гг.) — известный
Russian portrait painter, student of Ilya Repin.

– Томаш Масарик (1850-1937 гг.) — чешский
philosopher and sociologist, public, statesman. Leader
independence movement of the republic. First president
Czechoslovakia. Member of the British Academy since 1920.

– Андрей Миронов (1941-1987 гг.) — выдающийся
soviet actor, theater director, screenwriter, pop
executor. People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

– Шамиль Тарпищев (родился в 1948 году) —
Soviet tennis player, Russian sportsman, coach.

– Морис Равель (1875-1937 гг.) — выдающийся
French composer, conductor, impressionist, reformer of music
20th century. He is the author of the famous work “Bolero.”

– Владимир Драчев (родился в 1966 году) —
Russian, as well as (later) Belarusian biathlete. Multiple
world champion.

Name Day March 7

Barbara, Vladimir, Andrei, Victor, Elizabeth, Athanasius, Irina,
Ivan, Michael, Joseph, Praskovya, Stepan, Nikolai, Sergey, Fedor.

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