March 31: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays of March 31.

Fri, Mar 25, 2016


Holidays March 31

Lutheran Easter

Lutheranism is one of the branches of the Orthodox denomination, and Easter is
one of the main Christian holidays, the key element of which
is Jesus Christ: his faith, sacrifice,
asceticism, crucifixion, death, and finally resurrection
from the dead. Easter began in the middle of the second century –
as evidenced by the found manuscripts describing the Easter
celebrations. Easter in Hebrew (pesach) means “passage”,
�”Transition”, that is, this event can be interpreted as a transition
humanity to a new level of being – from eternal death to eternal
of life. Christ fell for human sins to let people go
original sin, the punishment of which was eternal death. AT
Lutheranism Easter is still the highest point of the church
of the year. Worship in honor of the Messiah begins on Easter Saturday,
as a rule, shortly before midnight. Great attention
Saturday service is given to the elements of fire and water. Worship
It begins with a lit candle adorned in the church hall.
in Greek letters alpha and omega, which symbolize the beginning and the end.
ATсе во власти Творца, он «…есмь альфа и омега», отвечающий за
the birth (beginning) of the universe and its death (end). AT ATоскресное утро
a new life begins, giving and receiving gifts. Kids in this
the morning are looking for the presents hidden by parents brought allegedly
Easter bunny, as well as playing various Easter games. Neither
it’s not a secret for anyone that one of the symbols of Easter is painted
the eggs. Today they are painted in various shades, painted
patterns, colors and other figures. AT Германии, например,
painting eggs ordered special masters. And then the eggs
being carried home, shared with relatives, friends, neighbors and
just good people.

March 31 in the national calendar

Kirill – Deri Runner

March 31 in the Orthodox world commemorate the Monk saint
Cyril, who lived in the fourth century and bore the title of archbishop.
This nickname Cyril got due to warm weather and
intense melting of snow and ice. In Russia by this time sleigh for
performance of yard work finally lost their relevance,
since the chance to strip their runners was very high. On
change of sled came wheeled types of “transport”. Big
The usual cart was popular. However autumn
заморозков еще следовало опасаться: «On Кирилла зима и спереди, и
сзади», или «On Кириллов марток продирает холодок». ATпрочем,
the coltsfoot that flourished by this time testified to the warm
April and hot summer.

Historical events March 31

31 марта 1889 год — Состоялась торжественная
церемония открытия Эйфелевой БашниAT этот осенний мартовский день
In 1889, the designer of the 300-meter tower Gustav Eifel hoisted on
its top is the french flag. Today the Eiffel Tower is the most
recognizable architectural structure of Paris. She is a symbol
country, its calling card. Eiffel himself called his brainchild
just a three hundred meter tower. Originally the facility served in
качестве входной арки к ATсемирной парижской выставке 1889 г. Со
time, the authorities planned to demolish it, and saved the tower from
scheduled demolition mounted on its top radio antenna.
The history of the Eiffel Tower dates back to 1886, when
организаторы будущей ATсемирной выставки открыли конкурс
architectural projects defining the “look” of this exhibition. AT
More than a hundred people took part in the free competition. ATниманию
Commission was also presented the draft of Gustav Eiffel, which he and
liked the most. Having won the place of the winner in architectural
the competition, the designer exclaimed with enthusiasm: “France will
the only state with a 300-meter
вышкой».31 марта 1896 год — ATиткомб Джадсон
invented a new kind of zipper called zipperOne Judson
saw a very heartbreaking picture: a man with incredible pain
back had to bend over to lace up his shoes, and
Judson, who was the author of 12 patents at that time, it dawned – he
decided to create a fastener that makes the fixing process as easy as possible
clothes. ATиткомбу это удалось. New design consisted of two
looped chains connected to each other by a reed key
(“Dog”). Свое очередное изобретение ATиткомб назвал молнией.
New fastener significantly accelerated the process of fastening shoes.
However, it was not very popular among the population.
reason for the high cost. Over time, lightning improved
(it became more flexible, thinner, more convenient to use) and
became cheaper. It was then, 20 years after the invention, began
�”Century” of lightning. Already not new to date technology allows
take off clothes and shoes many times faster than our ancestors did.
31 марта 1966 год — Советский Союз осуществил
launch of the first artificial satellite of the MoonThe first project on
the study of the lunar surface became neglected by the Soviet Union in
1959, the automatic interplanetary station “Luna-1″, and the first
The Luna-2 station became the vehicle that reached the moon. ATесной 1966
years, the Soviet experts carried out a project to launch the first
artificial satellite of the moon, which was introduced into orbit with
Baikonur Cosmodrome about two o’clock in the afternoon with the help of a launch vehicle
Lightning-M. The mass of the satellite varied within 250 kg, and he
was equipped with the necessary research equipment. In 3 days
the satellite went into orbit of the space body. A project called
�”Luna-10” was destined to work for 56 days, after which the lunar
the satellite collapsed on its surface. Almost two months of work, he
made 460 revolutions around the moon, exploring its gravitational and
magnetic field, as well as radiation level and soil composition.

March 31 were born

Рене Декарт (родился в 1596 году) — французский
mathematician, philosopher and physicist. Descartes was the forefather
rationalism in the field of knowledge. His famous saying “I
I think, and therefore I exist ”- the idea that each
the individual, knowing the reality, has the right to doubt everything except
that man has been granted to think and reason on any topic.
Франц Йозеф Гайдн (родился в 1732 году) — великий
Austrian composer, creator of quartet and symphony, founder
spiritual instrumental music, the founder of the orchestra. Wrote
Hoffmann, “Haydn’s symphonies lead us into beautiful green groves,
пеструю и веселую толпу счастливых людей…»- Сергей
(родился в 1872 году) — в российской культуре этот
man is known for having “cut a window to Europe” for the Russian
art. AT итоге Европой он был оценен по достоинству. AT Париже
даже его именем названа одна из городских площадей.- Корней
(родился в 1882 году) — блестящий литературовед
and a translator, but went down in history as an outstanding children’s writer –
автор Мойдодыра, Айболита, Мухи-цокотухи и пр. – Лайма
(родилась в 1954 году) — латвийская, а также
Russian actress and pop actress. Со сценой ATайкуле
met at the age of twelve, taking part in one of
competitions of young vocalists. AT 15 лет она прошла отбор в Рижский
radio and television orchestra. Thus was her fame and path to
pop Olympus.

Name Day March 31

Акакий, Трофим, Кирилл, Анесий, Onталия, Сергей, Дмитрий, Альбина,
Daniel, Anin.

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