March 30: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays of March 30th.

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Holidays March 30

The world first heard about the concept of “psychoanalysis”

The first article on psychoanalysis was published by a major Parisian
by the magazine “Revue Neurologique” on March 30, 1896 and it was called
�”Heredity and etiology of neurosis.” The author of the article was
a little-known at that time Viennese psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. Him
theory about the overwhelming role of sexual and subconscious beginnings on
mental behavior over time acquired in the field of psychoanalysis
the widest popularity. And let Freud’s work was just a contour
but it was they who gave impetus to the subsequent development of psychoanalysis in
right direction. Key date in the emergence of the theory
It became 1895, when Z. Freud had an unusual dream.
After analyzing the information, he realized that dreams carry a huge
stream to study the human psyche. Further analysis of dreams
began to apply the method of free association.

National Doctor Day in the United States

The first celebration of the National Day of Doctor in America
1991, after a year earlier, Congress and the Senate officially
He was approved. So in 1990, George W. Bush signed a resolution on
introduction to the calendar of the National Day of the doctor. In reality
the holiday began to be celebrated long before the acquisition of the official
status. Him история начинается с далеких тридцатых годов
twentieth century. Why did American doctors choose this date for
honoring “your” day? And the fact is that March 30, 1842
years for the first time in medicine effective anesthesia was applied to
operable targets.


On the day of Ladoga, it is customary to praise Mother Nature for her generosity.
to us, the gift of warmth, shelter and food. The roots of the holiday are drawn from
deep antiquity. Even our ancestors celebrated it in honor
Slavic deities of love and marriage – Lada. Many researchers
personify the goddess with Venus. Today, few people know about the holiday
Ladoga, однако для наших предков он имел весьма важное значение
and was accompanied by bright, fun rites and rituals. Young
girls and boys, chanting the awakening of nature, conducted
solemn round dances, which were dedicated to Lada. Then
representatives of the weaker sex climbed onto the roofs of houses and, raising
hands to the top, called spring. People believed that the ancient rites
will help to “cajole” the goddess of marriage and love, and in return she will give
their family well-being.

March 30 in the national calendar

Alexey Warm

On March 30, people remember Alexis of God, who lived at the turn of 4 and
5 centuries. According to legend, Alexy was born in a rich family. Father and mother
he was respected by people and deep Christians, all his life they
engaged in charity. Immediately after the marriage,
Alexy left his parents, his young wife, and went east to
the city of Edessa. 17 years he lived in alms, helping people every night
prayed, and then returned to Rome. Relatives did not recognize him, but with
gladly sheltered in the house. So he lived another 17 years and passed away
only then did people learn about his asceticism. In Russia to this
the time was already melting snow. If big streams fled to Alexia,
then spills expected volume. Also on this day, people collected
birch sap – today, according to belief, he had special
healing properties. And from birch buds cooked
tonic broth. In general, birch in Russia has always been loved.
There is even a legend about its occurrence. One fine
Sunny day Yarilo saw mermaids frolicking on the river bank, and
having fallen in love, they began to burn their beautiful snow-white bodies. River,
Taking pity on her daughters, turning them into white-beauties,
however, the black marks of the sun remain forever on their bodies.
�“Kisses.” On Alexy, it was impossible to ride a sled. �”Ride
sledding past all desires, “- said the people about this.
However, the sleigh way by this time was already unsuitable for riding,
as the snow has almost melted. At noon, the peasants loved
arrange goose fights that ended with fun
revels. Girls made cranes from dough and put them on high
places to protect the house. In warm areas began to sow
barley and oats.

Historical events of March 30

30 марта 1840 год — Была открыта «Земля Вилкса»В
In 1840, Charles Wilks, exploring Antarctica, discovered a virgin
a corner that he declared part of the USA. Later this corner was called
�”Land of Vilks”. A century later, Antarctica was recognized as international.
zone, declared the sixth continent of the planet and the natural
reserve. Most of Antarctica is a huge ice and
lifeless desert, only at its coast glimmered life. Glacial
the continent reflects most of the solar radiation, so the ices
Antarctica does not heat or melt. According to the international
the treaty signed in 1959, the Antarctic continent is
free “land” and it can not belong to a single
to the state. Explore or use Antarctica for peaceful purposes
not prohibited, however exercise production activities
as well as mining in its territory categorically
запрещено.30 марта 1842 год — В медицине впервые
anesthesia based on ether was used by the first person
who tried ether for anesthesia during surgery,
became a doctor Crawford Long. He dipped a towel in the air and covered them
the patient’s face, to “chop off” his mind, turn off the painful
center and cut the tumor on the neck. However, the glory of opening a new
Anesthesia method was given to another doctor, William Morton. Exactly
four years later, he introduced the broadcast to the public. Before opening
ether as anesthesia for medical manipulation people
used narcotic drugs mainly based
of opium. The use of opium is repeatedly mentioned in historical
manuscripts found in Egypt. For “small” operations used
cocaine or marijuana.

Were born on March 30

Жан Пилатр-де-Розье (родился в 1757 году) —
French scientist specializing in chemistry and physics. One of
pioneers of world aviation. The first man on earth to rise in
air balloon One of полетов закончился для ученого
very tragic – the ball caught fire, and all those who stay on it
«пассажиры» погибли.- Сергей Ильюшин (родился в
1894) – an outstanding aircraft designer of the Soviet Union, Thrice
Hero of Socialist Labor, seven times awarded the Stalin Prize for special
services to the homeland. One of разработчиков проекта
fighter aircraft, the creator of the bomber DB-3. Since 1943
приступил к проектированию пассажирских самолетов.- Артур
(родился в 1922 году) — американский
theoretical physicist. In quantum physics, he developed the Wightman theorem.
Серхио Рамос (родился в 1986 году) — испанский
football player, defender of the popular Real Madrid club, and
Spain national team. – Иван II Красный(родился в 1326
year) – Grand Prince of Moscow and Prince Vladimir, the parent
Dmitry Donskoy. According to historical sources, the nickname
�”Red” prince received thanks to an attractive appearance, Ivan
The second was very handsome in appearance. During his reign, the prince
directed efforts to strengthen the princely power in Russia and
Association of Russian lands. However, during his rule historians
Considered a period of weakening of Moscow and strengthening of neighboring opponents.

Name Day March 30

Name Day March 30 отпразднуют представители имен: Ирина, Иван, Тола,
Alexey, Anton, Alexander, Gabriel, Victor, Olga, Makariy, Makar,
Pavel, Marin, Oleg, Yaroslav, Amadeus.

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