March 27: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on March 27th.

Mon, Mar 21, 2016


Holidays March 27

International Theater Day

At the mention of the word “theater”, “stage”, involuntarily remember the names
bright artists, believable decorations, foyer and lively
the audience eagerly awaiting the beginning of the presentation. Opera, drama,
comedy, ballet and other genres – in theatrical art there
everything. Imagine that once theaters did not exist. But
there were special rituals and ceremonies that were held at the very dawn
of humanity, and they resembled modern theaters. Only task
ceremonies consisted in another. The purpose of the people was not to inspire
the public, and appease the gods, earn their respect and
patronage. So in ancient Egypt, “presentation”, arranged
in the temple in honor of Osiris – the god of craft and agriculture, began
perform annually from the third century BC. Similar
ritual acts and gave impetus to the development of modern
театров.International Theater Day отмечается всей планетой,
annually on March 27th. And this holiday was established in 1961 on
Eleventh Congress of the International Theater Institute Vienna
(abbreviated MIT) with the consent of UNESCO. According to the charter of the cultural
organization, its activities are aimed at strengthening peace,
friendship between countries and nations, regardless of skin color and incision
eye. The Russian Federation is also a member of MIT since 1959, and
since 1961 – a permanent member of the executive committee of MIT.

Day of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

It is hard to imagine that before the 19th century special
armed formations guarding order, providing
safety of the population and those rushing to help in emergency situations,
simply did not exist. In place of them acted perfectly
unprepared for combat service soldiers. Modern interior
the troops do not know any breaks – they are tensely and efficiently fighting for
public safety. Today, internal troops
constitute the most important security network of the Russian Federation. His
activities they protect the homeland and every citizen
living in it, stand guard over the order, protect the rights and
freedom of ordinary people. Motherland has placed on them a very responsible
mission to curb and punish criminal activities and
manifestations of terrorism. We wish all employees of the Interior Ministry troops
RF successes and patience in their hard work, well-being, happiness and
good health.

March 27 in the national calendar

Benedict Day (Cattle)

On March 27, people commemorate the memory of Saint Benedict (or
Benedict). Benedict of Nursia became the founder of the western
monastic movement. Orthodox tradition is revered as
Rev. In Venediktov the day in Russia was supposed to be pushed
cattle and other domestic animals, since it was during this period
bothered spring moult. Cattle are usually taken out to the yard
and combed with small scallops, saying: “Do not be lazy at the cattle and
bow to the brute. ” Today pigs were also cared for, washing them.
warm water. March 27 attention was focused
on signs. It was believed that the frost on this day foreshadows exactly
the same weather in a week, but the thunderstorm was good
foreshadowing, promising warm, fertile and moderately moist
summer. The strong drops together with the fog testified to
rainy summer. According to legend, in Venediktov day it was impossible to go to
hunting, fishing, chopping wood and sharpening knives in the house.

Historical events of March 27

27 марта 1330 год — Основан Ипатьевский
MonasteryFamited Ipatiev Monastery is located at the intersection
rivers Kostroma and Volga. And he became famous for the fact that within its walls Michael
Fedorovich Romanov – the first king of the dynasty, received a blessing on
reign. Ipatiev Monastery – the oldest architectural
a structure that has survived to the present day. Foundation of the monastery
started from the beginning of the year 1330. Legend dating from the sixteenth
century, states that the founder of the Ipatiev Monastery became
a native of the Golden Horde – Tatar Murza named Chet. Once he
badly wounded, floating down the river Volga, saw before my eyes
facility and decided to rest there. At night, Chet had a dream where he
the Mother of God appeared and promised to heal him if the young man was at this place
will erect a holy cloister in honor of Saint Hypatius. Chet obeyed
получил благословение и выздоровел.27 марта 1841
— Опробовали первую паровую пожарную машинуВ этот день
the world first tried out a steam engine to put out fires
designed by the inventor Hoge. The first steam fire
the unit consisted of a 14 foot and 8 ton colossus, which
moved with the help of two horses. After several tests
The car was considered too heavy and inconvenient to use. WITH
the emergence of a steam engine and its use in fire pumps
managed to increase the efficiency of fire extinguishing. At the end of the 19th century
The Russian fire system first acquired several cars on
steam engine based. Long time to put out the fire
used water, but when burning some substances (oil,
gasoline), it did not give the proper result, therefore, later
few years, alternative and more efficient
средство тушения пожаров — огнегасительная пена.27 марта
1968 год
— Погиб легенда советской космонавтики, Юрий
Gagarin. The first cosmonaut of the Earth barely turned 34 years old,
when he was overtaken by a tragic accident. Everything happened during
тренировочного полета, совершаемого совместно с летчиком WITHерегиным.
Both heroes died in a plane crash. The circumstances of their death for a long time
hid, and now in what happened there are a number of inconsistencies and
riddles, which scientists do not destined to solve. WITHамолет МиГ-15
was thoroughly tested before takeoff, exactly as well as
the physical health of both pilots – everything was normal, nothing
foreshadowed tragedy. At the conclusion of a government commission,
working at the scene of the accident, the plane in the air fell into a corkscrew and,
Having twisted several times, I crashed into the ground. But for what
The reason for the MiG-15 could fall into a tailspin – it is not at all clear.

March 27 were born

Квентин Тарантино (родился в 1963 году) —
American film director, actor, screenwriter, producer and
cameraman. At the age of 20, Tarantino wrote his first
script, and after began shooting an amateur film called
�“My best friend’s birthday,” but this picture was never
out. It was during this period that Tarantino realized that he wanted to work in
Hollywood. Inspired by the goal, he settled there … janitor.
However, soon his bright talent was noticed and appreciated.
Мстислав Ростропович (родился в 1927 году) —
Soviet, Russian cellist, conductor and talented pianist,
Народный артист WITHWITHWITHР, общественный деятель в сфере защиты прав и
freedom (including spiritual) person. – Вильгельм
(родился в 1845 году) — выдающийся физик, Первый в
history of physics Nobel Prize winner. Scientific activities in
mainly directed to experimental physics. His research
belonged to electromagnetism, crystals, optics, molecular
structures. In 1895, Roentgen managed to discover a specific
radiation, later called X-ray. For the discovery of the rays
The scientist received the Nobel Prize in 1901.

Name Day March 27

March 27 will celebrate the name day: Alexander, Augusta, Lazar, Ivan,
Philet, Benedict (Benedict), Michael, Theodosius.

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