March 14: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on March 14th.

Sun, Mar 6, 2016


Holidays March 14

International Day of the Rivers

River Day is annually celebrated by many countries of the world. First
an environmentally significant event began to be celebrated in 1998 and
was referred to as the “International Day against Dams”
(some called it the “Day for the Protection of Water Resources”). So all
It began on March 14, 1998. This very day the organizers
anti-damming movement of dozens of countries held mass actions in
river protection In the first months, thousands of concerned people accepted
participation in demonstrations and river cleaning activities. After another
year, the Companions was about one hundred thousand. Activists
The anti-dam movement has already achieved great results. AT
The United States has dismantled several dams, and Sweden has taken a number
laws according to which it is prohibited to build such
buildings more than 15 meters in height. Russian Federation
cardinal “coups” have not touched.

International Pi Day

The day of the number “Pi” is an unusual holiday, but very relevant. First
the event was marked in 1988 by the largest popular science
a museum located in San Francisco. With a mathematical value
�The “pi” person begins to collide from school, studying
geometric circle. The digital value of the number “Pi” is
3, 14 … and has infinite duration. Amazing that
unusual holiday coincides with the birthday of the legendary scientist
modernity – A. Einstein. For scientists around the world, the day of the number “Pi”
plays a very important role. As a rule, on March 14 they are going for
symbolic round table, baked pies and round cakes
forms, and then, arguing about the mystery of the mathematical constant
and merit of Einstein, drink tea.

Leipzig Book Fair (date for 2013)

The Leipzig Book Fair first opened at the end of the 17th century and
today is the second largest in the world after
Frankfurt book fair. The event usually lasts four days,
presenting the literature of various publishers and types (from school
magazines and calendars to audiobooks). At the exhibition every visitor
can acquire the printed materials he needs, as well as
read the history, attend general education lectures and
personally meet with many outstanding writers of our time.

March 14 in the national calendar

Avdotya Plyuschikha and Evdokia Svistunya

March 14, people remember the holy great martyr Evdokia
Iliopol. AT молодости Евдокия wasа очень красива, и, будучи
a harlot, she earned a considerable fortune. ATсе переменилось,
when on a life path a woman met monk Herman. By
legend, the saint wrapped the harlot in Christianity. Byсле этого
Evdokia distributed wealth and took the veil. ATскоре преподобная
became abbess in the convent. ATосхищенный ее красотой
the governor tried to seize the girl, but Evdokia remained
true to this promise. In Russia, Evdokia was called Whistler, and is connected
This is because, on her day, as the peasants noticed, they “whistled”
strong winds. This day was also called Avdotya Plyushchikha, because
spring begins to “flatten” the ice and snow, tearing them to shreds. People
believed that the snow melted on March 14 has healing powers.
There was also a lot of weather for this day.
omens. For example, if warm winds blow on Evdokia,
then summer will be raw. Warm day testified to the serene
spring, sunny summer and notable harvest.

Historical events of March 14

14 марта 1797 год — Американец Эли Уитни
patented the cotton separation machine he invented
fiber from debris, seeds and husks. Fiber Processing Apparatus
was a wooden drum, equipped with many
metal hooks. ATращался он с помощью рук или посредством
�”Horse artillery.” Before that, people cleaned the cotton by hand, which
took too much time. Byэтому хлопчатобумажные изделия
were considered luxury at the time. 14 марта 1875 год
Italian circus Ciniselli first introduced the children’s pantomime
�”Cinderella, or the Crystal Slipper.” The participants of the performance were
children, the youngest of whom was about three years old. Premiere
was a stunning success and for a couple of decades was played five hundred
раз во многих странах мира, включая Россию.14 марта 1939
— Немцы начали оккупацию Чехословакии. Byдкарпатская
Russia and Slovakia were formally proclaimed independent. AT городе
Mistek flared up under the command of Captain Pavlik
– his army entered the battle with the Nazis, which was the only
case of organized resistance against invasion
немцев.14 марта 1953 год — Никита Хрущев добился
separation of powers: the state and party. George
Malenkov left the post of Secretary of the Central Committee, and the leadership passed into the hands
Khrushchev. Byзднее стало ясно, что свершившееся wasо большой ошибкой
Beria and Malenkov, who considered it more important to keep
контроль над государственной властью.14 марта 1956
— Американской компанией «Ампекс» was
demonstrated the first video recorder designed
exclusively for professional television needs. Ordinary people
could not afford such an expensive pleasure, and the size
equipment left much to be desired, and more precisely – less.
Ampex products enjoyed unbelievable success. By the way through
For two years, the Soviet company “Cadre” has released its own VCR,
characterized by smaller size and more comfortable “style”
of use. 14 марта 2004 год — Byвторное
избрание AT. Путина на должность президента. Candidate for
the post of President of the Russian Federation was nominated: Sergey
Глазьев, ATладимир Путин, Олег Малышкин, Ирина Хакамада, Иван Рыбкин
and Nikolai Kharitonov. Already the first round gave the expected results:
более 71% голосов wasо отдано за ATладимира Путина. Recall that
ATладимир ATладимирович впервые стал Президентом в результате
national elections held in 2000.

Born on March 14

– March 14, 1879 was born in a small German town
Альберт Эйнштейн — легенда мировой науки. Regardless
на любовь к науке, Эйнштейн was глубоко религиозным человеком. Still
in childhood he became interested in scientific work and reading the relevant
literature. Research and hypotheses of the theoretical physicist turned
the scientific world upside down. By сути, Альберт Эйнштейн стал «отцом»
theoretical physics in its modern variations. Friends described
him as extremely modest, friendly, kind and sympathetic
person He never put himself above other scientists and willingly, with
юмором, признавал свои ошибки.- Майкл Кейн
(born in 1933) – a talented British actor, two-time
Oscar winner. He played roles in such famous paintings as “Eagle
sat down “,” Detective “,” Dirty swindlers “,” The man who wanted to be
королем» и др.- Николай Королев (1917-1974 гг.) —
soviet boxer, trainer. Honored Master of Sports. With his name
связана целая эпоха российского бокса.- ATасилий
(родился в 1930 году) — советский, а также
Russian writer, traveler, journalist and TV presenter.
Particularly remembered by the country as the leading documentary
телепередачи «AT мире животных».

Name Day March 14

Denis, Peter, Matilda, Agapiy, Daria, Antonina, Alexander, Alexey,
Анатолий, Анна, Донат, ATениамин, ATасилий, Домна, Евдокия, Матрона,
Ivan, Nestor, Michael, Nadezhda, Olga, Nikifor, Sofroniy and

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