March 11: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on March 11th.

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Holidays March 11

Start of Pancake Week (date for 2013)

Maslenitsa … the holiday is very bright, kind and cheerful. The whole week
the people of March 11, escorted by the order of winter. Caring
housewives bake rosy pancakes and treat them to households and guests.
Maslenitsa is an ancient festival, which absorbed a lot of traditions and
customs. This is one of the few events that “survived”
regardless of the centuries. Time has changed, views and laws have changed, but
Maslenitsa continues to exist. Her still with trepidation
meet and see off, as in the old pagan times. By the way,
some rulers in Russia sought to eradicate Shrovetide. But neither
threats, nor admonitions could not calm down the clearing
people. Every day of the Pancake Week was famous for certain
rite of passage. For example, on Monday she was met, on Wednesday – mother-in-law
they invited sons-in-law to pancakes, and on Thursday it was decided to ride
sledding. Sunday was called (and to this day) forgiven. AT
this day of the week people visited friends, relatives, neighbors – all
asked each other for forgiveness, exchanged hugs, kisses.
It was so accepted. Many traditions of the Maslenitsa week are respected until
so far.

Day of the drug control officers

A presidential decree in 2008 issued a law introducing
professional holiday – the day of the employees of drug control authorities,
organized in 2003. ATремя доказало правильность принятого
Decisions are the creation of an authorized department whose goal was to
stop drug sales and develop an effective strategy to combat
with the drug business. Over the past five years, about 400 have been identified in the Russian Federation.
000 crimes, as well as over 2 000 criminal
groups, cleaned about 15,000 hangouts. Conducted
anti-drug stocks lead to a gradual reduction in the level
anesthesia mainly among the young population of the country.

Day of employees of private security agencies

The Law “On Private Security and Detective Activities” was established
March 11, 1992. Since then, this date is celebrated by employees.
private detective and security agencies. It is interesting to indicate that
The fact that in the directory of professions the position of “guard” appeared
only in 2009. According to statistics, most representatives
данной профессии являются бывшими сотрудниками ОATД и отставными
by military personnel. �”Private” this event is considered and private detectives –
people registered as individual entrepreneurs and having received special
license to permit detective work. For the holiday boldly
can be attributed to bodyguards. Although this profession does not have
official status in our country, but in fact it exists with
old times.

March 11 in the national calendar

Porphyry Late

March 11, people commemorate St. Porphyry – the archbishop
Gazsky, who lived in the fifth century. Wise people in Russia said
that early spring is worth nothing – it is deceptive, and with the onset
Heat freezing is sure to return. Therefore, they did not hurry
браться за полевую работу, чтобы не загубить урожай.AT этот день
peasants watched the behavior of birds. It was believed if migratory
By March 11, the birds have already returned from warm lands, so the harvest will be
rich. They also paid attention to how the birds made their nests. If a
they build a house on the sunny side – the summer will be cool.
Construction work in the shade or north side
testified about the arrival of spring and the warm summer.

Historical events of March 11

11 марта 1669 год — ANDзвержение вулкана Этна в
Italy According to some reports, the eruption of a large volcano in Italy
It began on March 11 and lasted until July. Languages
molten lava demolished dozens of cities and villages,
killed about a hundred thousand people. ATулкан Этна, возвышающийся на
Sicily, is stunning in its size. Locals call it
Mongibello, which means “mountain of mountains.” Area “mountains”
is more than 120 square kilometers, its diameter is 200
kilometers, and height – 3.3 km. ATулкан Этна занимает первое место по
the number of powerful eruptions. In the entire history of existence
человечества они происходили минимум 150-200 раз.11 марта
1791 год
— Некий изобретатель Сэмуэль Мулликен,
living in the state of philadelphia, became the first person to whom
One day it was possible to patent several inventions at once.
The American came up with a sophisticated design for threshing corn and
cereals, equipment for splitting hemp, and
машинку для нарезания мрамора.11 марта 1985 год
Mikhail Gorbachev was elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU. ATскоре
Gorbachev put forward the slogan of acceleration; after that, he planned restructuring, and
The third component of the triad was publicity. Naturally many
agreed that these three concepts are simply incompatible,
especially in the conditions of adjustment and simultaneous acceleration.
11 марта 1998 год — AT ANDндии нашли самый огромный
a cactus towering nearly nineteen meters, weighing two with
half a large elephant. To date, florists total
about three thousand species of cacti, but they have not had such a miracle yet
see. After the event, scientists seriously thought that on Earth
there may well be other, previously undiscovered species,
cacti. Now it remains only to find them. March 11, 2004
— AT ANDспании произошел крупный теракт — один из самых
cruel in the history of Western Europe: ten bombs were blown up in
Madrid electric trains. AT результате — погибло порядка 200 человек,
over two thousand received medium and heavy wounds. According to the message
The international terrorist organization investigating the case,
the planned action was revenge for Spain’s participation in the military
US operations against Afghanistan and Iraq.

March 11 were born

– AT 1811 году родился Урбен Жан Леверье — ученый,
engaged in the field of physics and mathematics. Showed interest and to
astronomy, first expressed the theory of the existence of the planet Neptune.
By mathematical calculations, Le Verrier managed to calculate earlier
unknown orbit and exact distance to the supposed planet. AND
Only half a century later, Neptune was discovered thanks to telescopes.
Расчеты Леверье оказались верными.- AT 1890 году в США появился на
свет ATэнивар Буш — инженер, разработчик
analog computer. Один из создателей ядерного оружия.- AT 1544
году началась история Торквато Тассо — автора
бессмертного произведения «Освобожденный ANDерусалим». but
writing a poem greatly influenced his mental health: Tasso
He began to hear the apocalyptic trumpets, the voices of angels and God. To that
моменту, когда «Освобожденный ANDерусалим» стал известен на весь мир,
Торквато уже находился в психиатрической больнице.- Мариус
. Born in 1818. Was brilliant
choreographer, dancer and teacher. His main merit
lies in the fact that thanks to him the ballet has become what it is
there is now. – AT 1962 году в Германии родился Ленни
— вокалист популярной американской группы «Киндом

ANDменины 11 марта

�“Angel Day” on March 11 will be able to celebrate the representatives of the names:
Альберта, Софроний, Анна, Энгус, ANDван, Асфея, Порфирий, Николай,
Sergey, Peter, Sebastian.


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