Maple syrup – overseas delight. Doubtfulbenefits and harms of maple syrup: maybe it’s PR fromcanadians?

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Maple syrup is used in North America already on
over hundreds of years. This traditional delicacy is one of
most popular sweeteners. According to some of the claims
Maple syrup is more nutritious and healthy than sugar or honey.
Is it so? Or just a PR move of companies producing their own


Maple syrup – what is it?

First, remember birch sap. In the spring, many residents
villages are drilled a hole in birch trees and extract this valuable
liquid. American Indians have long been engaged in similar
activities, but with maple, or rather “sugar” maple, which
grows in Canada and the United States from Nova Scotia to North Texas.
And even called the gathering season (4-6 weeks) Sugar Moon. In addition,
they were not limited to extraction of juice, but tried to cook
liquid. After evaporation approximately 40 liters of maple juice,
maple syrup is obtained, which is then filtered to remove
impurities. To make such manipulations with birch sap will not work,
as the sugar in it is 10-12 times less than in the juice of sugar

In short, maple syrup is a concentrate of maple sap.
It is a viscous liquid from light to dark amber.
colors. According to these signs, it is divided into several classes.

Classification of maple syrup

Class A:

– Light amber, has a delicate and soft aroma;

– Medium amber, produced in the middle of the season;

Class B:

– Dark amber, has a richer taste.

Class C:

– The darkest color has molasses taste.

The distinction between the two is that dark syrups
made from juice that is harvested later in the picking season

Dark syrups are distinguished by the most intense maple aroma and
traditionally used in cooking, baking, and
the production of sweets and candies by the type of our cockerels. Bright
varieties are used as ordinary syrups, for example, for
seasoning pancakes, waffles and even ice cream.

The darkest syrup contains minerals and is rich in sugar. Common and
the main difference from the usual, pure sugar is the presence
some minerals and antioxidants.

Tip! If you are thinking about purchasing a portion
maple syrup, be sure to make sure that it is
real maple syrup, not just a syrup with maple flavor,
which may contain refined sugar or corn
syrup. Store syrup in open containers only
the fridge.

Composition of maple syrup

100 grams of syrup contains:

– Calcium: 7% of the recommended daily intake;

– Potassium: 6%;

– Iron: 7%;

– Zinc: 28%;

– Manganese: 165%.

As you can see, the maple syrup contains a decent number
minerals, especially zinc and manganese. But keep in mind that in him
also a lot of sugar. Approximately 2/3 it consists of sucrose.
Therefore, in 100 grams of maple syrup – 67 grams

Sugar in turn can cause serious harm. If he
consumed in excess, it can be one of the causes of obesity,
type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Maple Syrup: Pros and Cons

The fact that the syrup contains some minerals is
not the best argument for its use because
повышенного содержания Sahara. Much more healthy and healthy
for the body, the option will be to eat other foods,
which contain the listed minerals. If a person leads
balanced diet, then the chance to get a shortage of any
minerals are extremely low.

The glycemic index of maple syrup is about 54,
compared to regular sugar, which has a glycemic index
about 65. And if a person still eats
sugar-based sweeteners, then sugar substitute, in the same
amount of maple syrup will reduce the total sugar intake by
1/3. This is good from the point that maple syrup increases
blood sugar is slower than regular sugar.

As already noted, maple syrup contains some
the amount of minerals as well as at least 24 different
antioxidant. It is known that oxidative processes and effects in
cells lead to their more rapid aging, and, consequently, to
the earlier aging of the organism as a whole, as well as a number of different
diseases. The bottom line is that oxidation is an undesirable chemical
a reaction that includes free radicals – molecules with
unstable electrons. Antioxidants neutralize free
radicals, thereby reducing oxidation and damage, as well as reduce
potential risk of certain diseases.

Important! Dark marks maple syrups (class B,
C) contain a greater amount of antioxidants than light.

However, the amount of antioxidants is still small,
сравнению с количеством Sahara.

According to research, replacing whole refined sugar in
average diet “alternative” sweeteners, such as
maple syrup increases overall antioxidant support. But
if a person needs to lose weight or tighten health, then it is better
generally refuse high-calorie sweeteners, and not to stuff yourself
облегчённой версией Sahara.

Curiously, some of the beneficial substances are not contained in
maple, and formed during boiling and evaporation of juice. One of
Quebecol is a unique, phenolic compound,
named after the Canadian province of Quebec, which produces
A large amount of maple syrup. Studies have proven that
the active ingredients that come in maple syrup help
reduce the growth of cancer cells and slow down the breakdown of carbon in
digestive tract. Quebecol is similar to tamoxifen, a medicine
which is used to prevent and treat certain types of
breast cancer. Like all pharmaceuticals,
tamoxifen carries the risk of serious side effects. Natural
Quebecol excludes them, or acts with a smaller amount
side effects.

But, в принципе, следует понимать, что исследования остаются лишь
studies and do not show what is happening with living
by man. In addition, most studies are sponsored
maple syrup manufacturers.

It is also believed that maple syrup may be useful for
lush head of hair and male health. Ingestion improves
structure and density of the hair, and external application can
have a positive effect on dry and split ends, especially
curly hair. For men, increased zinc levels in syrup
means less risk of prostate cancer and reducing the size of this
significant gland.

In general, though, maple syrup contains some
nutrients and antioxidants, it also contains many
Sahara. In terms of healthy eating, it is bad
source of beneficial nutrients compared to
«реальными», продуктами, такие as овощи и фрукты. Replacement
refined sugar of pure, high-quality maple syrup,
likely to bring greater health benefits. Although more accurate
there will be an expression “less harm than sugar”, or a comparison with
honey That does not make the syrup completely healthy. Use in

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