Low-growing varieties of tomatoes – varieties, featurescultivation. What are good undersized tomatoes, what sort is betterchoose?

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Tomatoes – vegetables that are loved and used for food.
In all countries. They are healthy and they taste great, besides
their composition can compensate for all the missing elements in a person.
Growing undersized varieties of tomatoes is simple, but sometimes difficult quickly
get the desired result.

You need to follow the agrotechnical rules, and choose the most
suitable varieties for your region.

Low-growing varieties of tomatoes

The main plus of low-growing varieties – friendly and early ripening
fruits. Varieties of low height are well suited for growing
on a simple bed flowed and for planting in the greenhouse. They are not afraid of sharp
changes in humidity and temperature. Seeds are selected for sowing
varieties adapted in a particular part of the country, so you can
to grow a decent crop. From ordinary, undersized tomatoes
differ in that they do not need to stepchild, since they do not have
grow side shoots.

Low-growing tomatoes ripen almost simultaneously. Harvest
Most varieties can be harvested as early as 80-120 days after
sowing seeds. The mass of fruits of low tomatoes is different from 30 gr.
up to a kilo.

Frost-resistant varieties can be sown directly on the flower bed under the film
shelter Sown in late March, early April, and the harvest
clean in the middle of summer. This makes it possible to avoid unnecessary
concerns associated with transplanting seedlings to a permanent place. Plants
open air tempered, for this reason it is better able to withstand
unfavourable conditions.

Features of such sowing:

• The wells before planting seeds are fed with rotted manure,
add wood ash and good compost;

• Leave free space between plants.
at least 40 cm;

• Plants на грядке поливают обильно — выливают 5—7 литров в
each well, but this can be done a maximum of once a week. AT
the dry season, you can water a little more often, focusing on
soil condition;

• The soil must be carefully loosened, it is impossible to injure the roots

Bushes of low-growing varieties of tomatoes do not need to be removed.
stepsons, but in order to get large fruit separate
side shoots are selectively removed.

Sowing seeds

Experienced garden owners give several sowing recommendations.
seeds, which will make it possible to prevent serious mistakes and
significantly increase the yield of tomatoes:

• ATысевать семена в ящички нужно не гуще чем через 2—3 см. это
allows you to grow healthy and strong seedlings;

• After the young plants rise 7-9 cm,
it is necessary to feed them for the first time with complex compounds;

• After watering the stalks need to be podgresti to the ground. it
simplify further picking of seedlings;

• Before transplantation, seedlings must be hardened, and two weeks
hold in a greenhouse for acclimatization;

• Growing seedlings need to feed at least 3 before transplantation
once with a solution of superphosphate, potassium sulphate and urea, or
use for this nitroammofosku.

The beds need to be prepared for transplanting.
Tomato seedlings:

• Fertilize the site with organic and mineral fertilizers;

• ATскопать грунт на штык лопаты;

• Make holes for planting seedlings, 15-25 cm in diameter after 40

• After landing every 4 rows, make a passage 0.5 meters wide,
that it was convenient to care for plants;

• When the seedlings are planted, it should be watered well.

The soil in the beds after planting must always be maintained.
wet, you just need to water it a little
water. When the plants recover the roots and start growing normally,
the intervals between irrigation increase, but at the same time watered,
pouring out more water than before. One month after landing you can
feed the plants again.

What are good undersized varieties

The main advantage of stunted tomatoes are several important

• Easy plant care – no need to use
special devices for planting and caring for them,
enough to loosen the soil, water on time and feed set

• No need to waste time on removing stepsons and
plant formation;

• Harvest созревает рано и практически одновременно;

• Plants не заболевают фитофторозом. The reason for this is early
fruit ripening, for this reason the phytophtora does not have time to develop
on the bushes of tomatoes.

A gardener can decide on his own which ones to grow
in the garden.

They are divided into 3 types:

1. • Determinant varieties. Grow successfully both in the greenhouse and on
ordinary bed The rapid growth of lateral shoots accelerates and improves
the formation of the plant, for this reason they do not need to stepchild and
tie up;

2. • Semideterminant. It is best to grow in the open
the sky. When the plants rise to 70-90 cm, they pinch
the upper part of the shoots, otherwise they will grow above 1.3 m and their
will require to mount shoots to the supports. They don’t need to be bitched, but for
increase the mass of fruits and accelerate ripening, part shoots

3. • Super determinant. Mature in the early or medium terms,
very fruitful varieties, tomatoes spice up together. These tomatoes need
stepson, and you need to properly form a plant.

Seeds need to buy in specialized places, because the sowing season
material may be pereopyl other varieties, as a result they
lose their varietal characteristics, and instead of a compact bush
undersized varieties of tomatoes you get giant thickets similar to

The most common varieties

Breeders have created a huge number of undersized varieties
Tomatoes, and vegetable producers have chosen the best forms among them.

Невский. Determinant variety ripens early
Good against most diseases. First harvest possible
get from plants aged 65-95 days. Created for
greenhouses, but successfully developed on the usual garden, plants
reach 35-50 cm

With proper care, one bush “Nevsky” is able to grow
up to 1.5 kg of vegetables. Tomatoes are medium in size, their weight reaches 60
gram. Can be planted on 1 m2 for 5 plants, for this reason, this
A variety like owners of small plots.

The main disadvantage of this variety – the requirements for additional
nutrition and yield of medium size.

Подснежник. Semi-determinant, precocious,
cold-resistant variety, intended for cultivation in the northern
regions on a normal bed, can develop normally on poor

itт сорт нетребователен в уходе и способен давать стабильные
harvests, dense tomatoes every year. Fruits are collected in brushes, on
которых растут 6—8 плодов, среднего размера весом около 150 gram.
It is noteworthy that large tomatoes grow mainly on
lower branches. Bushes can grow to 130 cm, but with
своевременной пинцировке верхушек shoots, они не вырастут больше
60-80 cm. Can be collected from each plant for 1.5-2 kilograms

It must be borne in mind; for this variety, frequent and abundant
top dressing.

Low top very early. Harvest поспевает в сверхранние сроки,
you can cut the first tomatoes in a salad in July, fruits
ripens amicably. Bushes can rise to 60 cm, plants
stepson is not necessary. Tomatoes grow medium size
массой около 100 gram. The grade is intended for cultivation in the greenhouse
и на ordinary bed

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