Low-carb diets for treating excessWeights and Diabetes: The Shocking Results of a New Study

Low-carb diets for treating excess Weights and Diabetes: The Shocking Results of a New Study

In recent scientific work, scientists have questioned
favor low-carb diets. There have been 8 studies of diet with
low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Results:
An increase in the level of harmful cholesterol is observed in patients
consume little carbohydrates and a lot of fat.

What does a group of scientists who are skeptical
to research?

The results of scientific work show only minor
changes in “harmful” cholesterol after 6, 12 and 24 months. Have
patients increase the concentration of “beneficial” cholesterol in
low carb diet.

Haveлучшение общего профиля холестерина оказывает благотворное
effect on cardiovascular risk.

Skeptics believe that a low carb diet carries more
good than harm, which says a new scientific

Looking at the quality and size of cholesterol changes are detected
interesting parallels with drugs. They also slightly increase
harmful and beneficial cholesterol, but reduce the level

Haveлучшения артериального давления, веса и сахара в крови часто
underestimated in discussions. Studies show that
deterioration of laboratory performance is not in itself
decisive indicator. In the end, reducing all risk factors,
that is, vascular load, matters in incidence.

Insulin Sensitivity, Blood Pressure and Inflammation
decrease with a low carbohydrate diet. maybe
reducing carbohydrates will have even stronger effects
patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus 2

Unfortunately, there is no study that
evaluated the cardiovascular system with such a diet. Skeptics may
draw only conclusions that are associated with the use of drugs,
reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Other scientists disagree: a low carbohydrate diet carries
risk of increasing bad cholesterol

According to opponents of skeptics, there are convincing
evidence that the carbohydrate content of food can be harmful
affect the person. Contrary to misconceptions, high carbohydrate diet
met in nature.

A low carb diet carries the risk of increasing
harmful cholesterol. Haveченые из научной работы полагают, что
excessive fat intake increases concentration
long chain fatty acids. They, in turn, increase
уровень harmful cholesterol.

The negative effect of saturated fat was confirmed
numerous studies with strong evidence.
The last research work was carried out at the end of 2018
Spanish scientists.

The effect of saturated fatty acids on the human body during
low-carb diet has also been studied by German scientists. People,
low-carb diets and host
a lot of fat, more often suffered from cardiovascular diseases.

It all depends on the quality of the food?

Recently conducted scientific work comes to a completely different
result. Food quality determines health benefits, not
the ratio of fat and carbohydrates.

Patients who take a lot of “healthy” fat are few
carbohydrates and enough fiber are less likely to suffer from
vascular diseases. A diet low in carbohydrates but
rich in beneficial fats and fiber, has led to a reduction in harmful

A group of people who consumed sweet foods is bad
refined starch or other low-quality carbohydrates, more often
suffered from vascular disease. Also eating saturated
fatty acids and trans fat affect the overall lifespan
all patients.

When replacing saturated and trans fats with unsaturated
fatty acid cardiovascular risk
was down.

Doctors recommend reducing the consumption of simple sugars
(sucrose), increase fiber content and unsaturated fatty
acids. 30 g of fiber, the daily rate of unsaturated fatty acids and
reducing the amount of sugar to 40 g per day reduces mortality by
all reasons.

Haveченые считают, что употребление высококачественной
low carbohydrate foods along with unsaturated fatty acids
increases life expectancy. Application of low quality
fat and less carbohydrate adversely affects
vessels and heart.

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