Love enhances the taste

Thu, Nov 10 2016

Scientists at the University of Singapore have come up with a series of experiments
unusual conclusion: love can make a dessert that you
eat, much tastier. Habitual cliché about a direct relationship
love and sweetness, it turns out, has literal meaning: thoughts of
romance can make us perceive what we eat or
drink, sweeter than it really is.

The people who took part in the experiment correlated their emotions with
various flavors – sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Then one
the group was asked to describe a personal romantic experience, and another
– something boring. After which the group members were asked to evaluate
the taste of the food offered to them. As a result, those who wrote about love
the food seemed much sweeter (even plain water “sweetened”),
than those who described boring events, impressions or
negative emotions like jealousy.

Scientists believe that similar taste characteristics have
directly related to the work of the nervous system,
perceiver, perhaps from childhood, sweet as a reward for
anything. Also, studies have shown that a specific area
brain, playing a role in predicting rewards, is activated when
looking at the image of a pair of lovers or tasting

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