Lose weight in the summer without diets

�”The sun, the sea and the water are our best friends,” says fervently,
life-affirming Soviet slogan. However, do gifts rejoice?
the nature of each of us, finding extra centimeters at the waist? Spring
прошла незамеченной для веса – стабильная зимняя отметка не
changed herself and in June remained at the same stage of losing weight. Is it worth
desperately adjoin the army tormenting themselves with diets?

Lose weight in the summer without diets


  • So, where to start the non-diet?
  • Rule number 1: do not combine vegetables with side dishes.
  • Rule number 2: Colored water – remain on the shelves.
  • Rule number 3: Sweets are rarely shown, but with a huge

And is it possible in July or even August to get in shape, avoiding
an unpleasant feeling of hunger and psychological discomfort,
generated by constant constraints? It is the summer months – that
heavenly period in the life of any woman, when to give up diets do not
just stands, but should.

Почему? With their help, you can certainly
lose weight, but the long-awaited effect in a couple of months will be
�“Eaten” by the storage organism reasonably preparing for the cold. AND
even if you keep in check treacherous appetite, body fat
all the same, will inexorably increase.

That is our nature! But in the winter we will not freeze. But a little
transforming the principle of nutrition, replacing some “heavy” products
более «легкими», ATы ровным счетом ничего не
, кроме, несомненно, килограммов.

So, where to start the non-diet?

отличный супчик, который поможет вам похудеть к летуATо-первых,
from the first course, or rather, one dish – vegetable soup. Him
Ingredients – all the vegetables that you like, except potatoes. The foundation –
broth, ideally, chicken.

ATот один из возможных рецептов: репчатый лук,
Peppers, carrots, cabbage, celery are cut and cooked in chicken
broth. Such a dish should be eaten when there is hunger.
Nutritionists say the more lean on the soup, the sooner
manage to lose weight.

Between meals vegetable potions, we recommend with impunity
get carried away with vegetables and fruits. Among them it is worth choosing not red by
color and not enriched with heavy carbohydrates. ANDдеальны для лета:
cucumbers, zucchini, yellow unsweetened tomatoes (moderately), pepper,
carrots, greens, cherries, watermelons, and, of course, melons. Vegetables can
eat raw, and you can bake them or cook on the grill.

Rule number 1: do not combine vegetables with side dishes.

вот так делать не стоит, это не поможет вам похудетьDesirable
eat without meat and sauces. As you know, practicing separate meals,
You provide your body an invaluable service.

Let’s talk separately about drinks. Remember how they responded
незабвенные ANDлья ANDльф и Евгений Петров? Not. Then let me remind you:
�”Beer-water promises us carbohydrates.” Writers though were passionate
supporters of humor and satire, but in this case they are not at all
not joking.

A traditional summer frothy drink should fall out of your
ration forever, with rare, very rare exceptions. what
As for the waters, you should only give up sweets.

Rule number 2: Colored water – remain on the shelves.

сок апельсина и грейпфрута поможет вам на пути похудения к летуJuices
You can indulge rarely. To lean better towards freshly squeezed. Compotes –
our salvation, especially in the summer, but they must be welded without
add sugar.

Для усиления эффекта специалисты рекомендуют
resort to grapefruit juice. According to recent research
American scientists, the juice of this particular citrus reduces
weight, if you follow one rule – drink it before meals. After two
weeks, researchers promise, you will notice positive results. AT
Overall, weight loss reaches about 7%.

Black and green tea, coffee, cocoa are permitted drinks, but
the sugar restriction is in effect again. AND если американцы
prefer to fight for the power of grapefruit or pineapple juice in
business of losing weight, the Japanese take the side, of course,

зеленый чай отлично поможет похудеть летомScientists from China
утверждают, что именно их национальный напиток
able to enhance the process of burning fat. However, they are strictly
recommend drinking it without milk. No advice on reception features.
tea, nor its daily amount, unfortunately, the Japanese are not

AT целом же, питаться здорово и правильно сложнее
сладкоежкам. Therefore, do not leave them in trouble and
show some products that are not very helpful
weight gain, but are among the five most delicious delicacies.
Ice cream, yogurt and smoothies based on skimmed milk,
fruit, some chocolate, honey – these are the sweets that will brighten
months of non-diet summer.

Rule number 3: Sweets are rarely shown, but with a huge

вывод третий и заключениеIf you follow the correct principle
power up with sports or at least physical
activity (hiking, swimming in the sea or river),
the result is not long in coming.

AND помните: быстрое похудение скорее должно ATас насторожить,
than to please. Better slower, but more. Худейте с
к себе.

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