Lily transplantation in autumn: when and how to conduct.Detailed instructions on transplanting, caring for lilies

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Lilies – beautiful perennial flowers, but without a long transplant
grow them in one place is impossible.

Plants lose their attractiveness, flowering becomes
scanty. When and how to transplant lilies depends on the varietal
flower accessories.

Some hybrids require an annual transplant, whereas
there are varieties that can be planted once in ten
years old. How to understand the needs of the plant? All wrong

Terms of lily transplantation in autumn

Often gardeners wonder when the transplant should be done.
bulbs? There are two options – in the fall and spring. Spring
transplantation is more troublesome, in the autumn it is easier to carry out the procedure, so
as the bulbs are at rest. Experienced Gardeners
prefer autumn transplant of lilies.

When to spend it? There is no definite answer, it all depends on
weather conditions, varieties of lilies and climatic zone of cultivation.
The main thing you need to learn gardener – the plant must have time
take root before the onset of frost.

If the bulbs are planted too early, they will break in growth, and
This will lead to death. Delayed planting lilies is also harmful
affects the plant. It is important to consider the ambient temperature,
it should not exceed 10 degrees. At higher temperatures
transplant need to be postponed.

Terms of transplantation depend on the climatic zone of cultivation:

• in the north, transplants are performed at the end of September or at the very
early October;

• In the middle lane the transfer can be postponed until the middle.

• In the southern regions you need to be guided by the weather. Transplant
Lilies spend the whole of October. Under favorable conditions, you can
postpone the procedure until the beginning of November.

Important! After transplanting onion need to cover well. it
help them settle down well in a new place.

Basic rules for transplanting lilies in the fall

Lilies – one of the most beautiful flowers. With their help, create
exquisite flower beds, but the cultivation of lilies requires special knowledge.
How to properly transplant lilies, so that plants do not
experienced stress?

We select a place for planting lilies

The plant is very demanding on the composition of the soil. For
growing lilies need to pick up a light, moisture-permeable ground.
Heavy clay soils are not suitable for these flowers. Water stagnation
near the bulb detrimental effect on the state of the plant.

The area under the lily should be moderately dry so that the melt water does not
led to flooding landings. At the bottom of the holes must do
good drainage layer. For этого хорошо использовать речной

Important! Flooding of the bulbs leads to decay of the roots.

How to prepare the soil before planting

Lilies prefer nutritious land. Beds in advance
dug to a depth of at least 30 cm. If required, then under
Digging make sand and peat. If the earth is loose, then you can
limit only the addition of peat.

When growing Asian varieties and LA hybrids in the soil need
add the following fertilizers:

• humus – 10 kg;

• potassium sulfate – 50 g;

• superphosphate – 100 gr.

The amount of nutrients is calculated per 1 square. m

When planting tubular hybrids make wood ash, at the rate of
250-500 grams per 1 square. m

Selection of planting material

How to transplant lilies in the fall? For начала растение
carefully dig up, free from the ground and dead roots,
scales. Next, the bulbs are washed under running water.

The prepared material is sorted and disinfected. Select all
damaged and diseased bulbs, they are not used for further
cultivation. Disinfection of bulbs – a very important event,
которое проводится по особым требованияm For протравливания
seedlings use konfizol, karbofos or ordinary
potassium permanganate. In the prepared solution, the onions are not kept
less than 30 minutes.

After processing, lilies need to be dried. Do it better in the shadows,
so that the bulbs are not shrunk. After several days of airing
start landing. If it is not possible to plant the bulbs, then
placed in storage in the barn.

Important! For дальнейшего выращивания отбирают средние по размеру
bulbs. Plants from small babies will not bloom next season,
therefore, they are planted separately.

Planting pattern and embedment depth

The depth of embedding of the bulbs depends on several factors that
need to consider when landing:

• bulb size;

• soil composition;

• features of the variety.

To accurately determine the depth of embedding the bulb will help its size and
height of the flower itself. The more these indicators, the deeper
planted onion. Stalkberry varieties of lilies deepened
на 25 сm Средние по размеру луковицы высаживают на глубину до 12

Late-blooming hybrids also need in-depth planting.
With this method of growing soil temperature in the spring is slow
rises, lilies start off later, risk decreases
frost frostbite. Comfortable temperature in
the summer period allows the bulb to mature in time and lay
flower bud.

Scheme Planting bulbs looks like a “layer cake”. To the bottom
the wells lay a layer of river sand drainage onto which
set the onion. Sand is poured over it, only
after this nutritious soil. This method of landing will help to take
excess moisture from the bulb itself and the roots of the plant.

Расстояние между лунками на грядке составляет до 25 сm После
planting the beds should be well zamulchirovat. Can be used
sawdust, humus or peat. Mulch will help maintain the desired level
soil moisture, and will also serve as a shelter in snowless winters.

Useful tips gardener

1. How to plant lily bulbs in the fall, if they are

If the planting material was purchased with sprouts, then
it is impossible to plant such bulbs in the fall. Need to wait until
sprout reaches 15-20 cm in height, then gently remove it.
After this procedure, the bulb can be planted in a permanent place,
but this must be done no later than the end of September.

2. How to transplant late flowering bulbs?

Autumn transplantation of medium and late lilies is carried out in
mid autumn. At the same time from the moment of withering flower arrows to
digging bulbs should take at least 1.5 months. During this period
the bulb will fully recover, which will help it faster
take root and well endure winter.

3. Conducting a transplant of lilies, it is convenient to put the signs with the name

it послужит своеобразным маркером, при перекопке почвы грядки с
lilies remain whole.

4. Lily bulbs are convenient to dig forks, which reduces the risk
damage to the root system.

5. How often do lily transplants?

Fast-growing hybrids that form large nests are needed
Replace once every three years. American species
plants that are distinguished by their slow growth are grown on
одном месте до 10 years old.

6. How to propagate lilies?

Очень удобно совмещать пересадку лилий с их размножениеm Everything
varieties of lilies can be propagated flakes. After digging from the bulb
scales are separated, washed with disinfecting solutions and
landed on a separate garden bed. This breeding method
is the easiest and brings good results.

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