Liberty Ross flashed on the podium wounded hisrival kristen stewart

Fri 09 Sep 2016

Looking good is the best revenge, then Liberty Ross is just
succeeded in this.

Rupert Sanders’ cheated wife caught the eye
with its amazing appearance on Saturday at Fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and showed the world that she,
despite her husband’s recent romance with actress Kristen Stewart,
defiles (literally) forward through life.

33-year-old actress walked the catwalk at a fashion show designer
Alexander Wang in Midtown, adding to the spectacular
a collection of a creative designer with its beauty
and provoking enthusiastic cheers from fashion fans.

Her dark hair was brushed to the middle and her angular
sports ascetic face was practically no makeup. Ross
walked quickly down the runway in stunning Alexander dresses
Wong, who impressed the crowd with their futuristic silhouettes and
skillful work.

How stunning were the dresses? Try to imagine: in
finale Wong turned off the lighting to show that some
The dresses really glow in the dark!

Конечно, эффектная Либерти Ross не нуждалась в светящихся в
dark dresses to show off your brilliant
beauty She did not hide in the shadows these days after the scandal.

As soon as Kristen Stewart’s confessions were made public
Интернете, Ross громко заявила о себе в нескольких кинопремьерах,
thus preventing too subtle hints of the newfound
independence, appeared in public in great shape – and without
wedding ring.

Now she can also add to this list of her victories.
�”Passionate catwalk on the catwalk.” Ah, sweet revenge! She will always be in

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