Kumis – a set of useful properties! How to useKumys benefits for healing, contraindications

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Not everyone knows what koumiss is, but many people love it. Kumis is
Mare’s milk, which passed the fermentation procedure.

This drink is considered alcoholic, and the number of degrees in
It can vary at will.

Kumys has a huge number of useful properties.

It is a storehouse of all kinds of vitamins, minerals, fats and living
bacteria. At the same time, our body’s substances contained in koumiss
absorbs 95%.


Kumys: from history to modern times

It is known that koumiss is over five thousand years old. Pretty big
time for drink. It is produced by souring mare’s milk. AT
Recently, goat or cow’s milk is often used, but the taste
Such koumiss is different from the present. Because mares give
small amount of milk, they need to be milked with a certain
at intervals of several times a day. Koumiss has a little
sweet and sour taste, white with frothy. AT зависимости от
what kind of starter is used in the manufacture of koumiss,
determined and alcohol content. The weakest koumiss contains 0.2
about., and the strongest —4.5 about.

A real koumiss goes through several stages before it is ready for
consuming So, the process of its manufacture begins with the yield
fillies. Next comes leaven and fermentation, then ripening. AT
depending on the degree of maturation distinguish weak, medium and
strong koumiss. Make koumiss in special tubs made of wood,
which taper from bottom to neck. First ready leaven
poured in a tub with fresh milk, then beat him.
Sometimes it can last several days. And after koumiss
infused for several hours or a couple of days. ATсе опять же
depends on how alcoholic you would like to get this
drink. Koumiss can be consumed as a separate drink, but you can
mix with other sour-milk drinks, for example, airan,
tang. Accordingly, the taste and color will change.

Kumis: useful properties

Koumiss – a drink that is very well absorbed by our
by the body. AT нем есть витамины групп А, Е, AT и С, железо, медь,
iodine, fats and live lactic acid bacteria. It is believed that in koumiss
There are a large number of antibiotic substances that are good.
struggling with tubercle bacillus, typhoid fever and dysentery.
Live lactic acid bacteria positively affect
gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, koumiss often treated
stomach ulcer, and even koumiss bacteria have a negative effect on
various bad microorganisms and intestinal sticks, improve
intestinal microflora and vagina.

In addition, this drink has a good effect on the blood and heart,
calms nerves, normalizes sleep, reduces chronic fatigue and

Not everyone knows that kumis is also treated with animals:
cows, rams, donkeys, camels and horses.

From what type and severity of the disease, prescribe and
various methods of receiving koumiss. But not strong koumiss, mostly
use medium and weak koumiss.

Another valuable feature of this drink is undoubtedly
good for dieters.
If before a meal
drink a cup of koumiss, that is, want less. Besides
koumiss has a mild weakening effect, which has a good effect on
emptying the intestines, without the threat of dehydration.

Koumiss very well not only satisfies hunger, but also
помогает организму усваивать жиры и белки из других
products, saves us from avitaminosis. If you have been ill for a long time,
It is koumiss that will help you regain strength and health. This is useful
drink and many future and nursing mommy. He saves from
Toxicosis and helps keep breasts supple and beautiful. For those,
those who suffer from hangovers are also good for koumiss. It can not only
use inside, but also rinse their heads, making hair
strong and beautiful, wipe the skin, which will contribute to the tightening
aging areas.

Properties of koumiss and contraindications

Not only useful substances have koumiss, in large
quantities, it can harm our body. Diarrhea, flatulence,
strong gas formation – the consequences of immeasurable consumption
koumiss In addition, the drink can also be very drunk.

Противопоказан кумыс грудным деткам, а будущие
Moms should take this drink in very moderate doses.

Do not forget about the allergic reaction. If you pours from
молочки, лучше воздержаться от употребления koumiss

Be careful with bottled koumiss.
ATообще, кумыс плохо хранится, в бутылках нет и половины тех
useful properties that it should have. Best buy
koumiss from proven sellers you know well and in
cleanliness and accuracy of which are sure. AT противном случае
Be prepared for infections and intestinal upset.

Do not forget that koumiss is not a magic wand. Treatment with
using this drink must have a duration of at least three
weeks. So, if you are not ready for such a time
use this drink then don’t wait super curative result.
Just drink koumiss for fun. If you are not confused
the duration of kumysoterapii, then you expect cheerfulness, positive
mood, energy and strength throughout the year.

Useful properties of koumiss: tips for healing and

To become healthy and beautiful, you can not only drink koumiss or
eat dishes that are prepared with it, but also to do
from koumiss various masks and rinses.

One of the most interesting recipes is a mask based on
koumiss It is prepared quite simply and quickly.


• koumiss

• spoon of honey

• egg


Koumiss mixed with a spoon of honey, beat well.

Add the egg and mix the whole mass with a whisk.

ATтереть эту маску в кожу головы и подержать в тепле минут 40.
After that, dissolve koumiss with water 1: 1 and rinse the head. If you
want to achieve the best effect, we recommend not to flush the mask, if
you do not like the smell – after a few hours wash your head

Another one of the tips – washing koumiss. In the morning or evening
wash koumiss, it will make your skin healthy, tender and
taut. Do not forget about the neckline and neck.

You can also rinse your hair with weak koumiss. Apply koumiss
on washed hair and leave for five minutes, then rinse
cool water. ATаши волосы будут сильными и блестящими.

To get rid of age spots, you can wipe twice in
the day they swab dipped in koumiss.

Properties of koumiss in cooking

Koumiss is very often used in cold soups.
and okroshka, which contain many useful substances. One of
The most famous cold soups is the Tarator soup. Getting ready he
quickly, and the taste is remembered for a long time.


• a glass of yogurt

• glass of koumiss

• one cucumber

• salt

• a pair of garlic cloves

• dill

• black pepper

• a couple of walnuts


Wash cucumber well and rub on not the largest grater.

Peel the garlic and pass it through the garlic press. Mix with
grated cucumber. Add finely chopped dill, salt, pepper.
Leave 20 minutes.

Mix koumiss and yogurt. ATылить к чесночно-огуречной массе.
Stir and garnish with finely subdued walnuts.

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