Kombucha: useful properties of “jellyfish”,application in traditional medicine. Kombucha: contraindications

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Kombucha, whose beneficial properties have not been used for a long time
were a secret, often called a loud name – “elixir

The fact is that it is much better than antibiotics to cope with
many diseases.

Kombucha has very few contraindications, therefore
use it for culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes
absolutely everyone can afford.

Excellent taste of the drink has not yet disappointed
no one.

Kombucha perfectly refreshes in the hottest weather.


What is included in the Kombucha

What does Kombucha look like and what is it? To explain simply is
a layered thick film consisting of a yeast-like fungus and
acetic bacteria. It looks not very good, but the composition contains all
necessary for the body to function normally.

The structure includes:

• vitamins of group B, PP, D;

• vitamin C;

• acids of organic origin – oxalic, citric,
apple, acetic, milky;

• organic substances catalysts (protease, amylase).

The components of the composition of the product saturate every cell of the body.
nutritional components, support normal operation
internal organs and all systems strengthen the immune system that
enhances a person’s ability to withstand infectious

Kombucha: beneficial properties for the body

It has been proven that when a person takes pharmaceutical preparations,
his body is not able to fully assimilate them. It means that
sometimes the sense of them is simply no. More effective to use in healing
Kombucha, for which there are practically no contraindications,
but it has a beneficial effect on the body and
quickly cures ailments.

Kombucha: useful properties

1. Normalizes the acidity of the stomach.

2. Maintains blood pressure within normal limits.

3. Allows you to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

4. Effectively cleanses the human body from toxins, slags,
heavy metal salts that accumulate over time.

5. It supports the intestinal microflora, normalizes the work of all
digestive tract organs.

6. Cures dysentery, regular use of unique
product will allow you to forget about constipation.

7. Removes kidney stones faster and safer than pharmacies

8. Helps effectively deal with pain in the temporal region and

9. Strengthens the immune system, promotes healing

10. Calms the nervous system.

11. It has anti-inflammatory properties, cures
tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis.

Kombucha drink, whose beneficial properties were
listed, truly unique. If you cook it for everyone
rules and drink the required portions, you can satiate your body
beneficial vitamins and strengthen its protective function.

Daily recipes of traditional medicine

And alternative medicine, the healing properties of Kombucha are very
are appreciated. Not many know that it can be cured as
serious ailments, so and headache, insomnia, relieve stress.
It is useful to have in your notebook several entries with everyday
alternative medicine recipes with kombucha.

1. A means to relieve stress and chronic fatigue.
Everyday fuss sometimes “eats” so much strength that in the evening
man falls down. You can correct the situation. Need in 100 ml
honey add 3 tablespoons of infusion based on Kombucha.
The mixture is thoroughly mixed. It is recommended to use it before
sleep 1 spoon. The tool will not only relieve stress, but also cope with

2. With pain and eye inflammation, tea infusion should be diluted.
mushroom with warm boiled water in the same proportion. Received
the problem area is washed with liquid.

3. Few people know that Kombucha helps the body better.
recycle fats. It means that снижается риск образования
subcutaneous fat. To support the digestive tract is recommended
regularly, 30 minutes before meals, drink 1 glass of tea kvass.

4. Infusion tea kvass effectively fights toothache,
relieves inflammation of the gums. With this problem you need to rinse
drink mouth cavity 4-5 times a day.

5. For burns, cuts or wounds to the damaged area.
a cotton swab moistened in tea kvass is applied, on top of it
fixed with adhesive plaster. These gadgets speed up the process.
skin cell regeneration.

There are practically no contraindications for Kombucha, its healing
Both adults and children can test properties on themselves.

Use in cooking

Demand is not the healing properties of Kombucha, but also
culinary recipes based on it.

1. Refreshing cocktail. In the mixer, you need to pour tea infusion
mushroom, add honey there (2 tablespoons, can be less),
a little lemon juice, 50 grams of fresh carrot juice. Everything
the ingredients mix well. Cocktail turns out not only
tasty and refreshing, but also vitamin.

2. Vinegar, which can then be used to refuel any
dishes. Pre need to put the mushroom in the tea solution with
sugar and leave there for at least 3 months. Then liquid
poured into an enamel pan, boil over medium heat 40
minutes Ready vinegar is filtered and poured over glass
containers. It should be noted that it is fragrant, tastier and healthier,
than any other vinegar.

Ways of use in cooking Kombucha, beneficial
whose properties are not counted, really a lot. It is added to
tea and punch, vinegar is used for meat marinade.

Cosmetic use

Kombucha in a few days improves the overall condition of the skin, hair
and even strengthens the nail plate, thanks to its unique
composition. In cosmetology, he is incredibly appreciated.

Homemade beauty secrets using tea

1. If you want to get rid of acne and acne,
to prevent their further occurrence, you need to make it a rule
ежедневно протирать лицо настоем чайного mushroom.

2. Если женщина протрет ногтевую пластину настоем чайного mushroom,
and then it will polish, it will last much longer, it will fall

3. Настоем чайного mushroom рекомендуется ополаскивать волосы
each time after using the shampoo. After the first procedure
Curls will acquire life shine and volume.

Kombucha: contraindications

Несмотря на огромное количество у чайного mushroom полезных
properties with some precautions before
use should be read.

Kombucha: contraindications

1. The drink is not recommended for people with high acidity.
stomach and diabetes.

2. It is forbidden to consume more than 1 liter of drink per day.

3. Motorists before getting behind the wheel, drink on
основе чайного mushroom не рекомендован.

4. To eliminate the risk of stomach irritation, when applying
чайного mushroom в целебных целях нужно регулярно делать перерыв в
few weeks.

Kombucha, beneficial properties and contraindications to use
which were considered, you can keep at home.
However, you must first consult with more experienced
a person in this business to take into account all the rules and nuances of care.

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