Kombucha for weight loss – how to take tolose weight?

  • 1 How to drink tea for slimming?
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Today there are many diets for weight loss,
many of which are so tough that not everyone has the strength
will to observe them. What to do if it is difficult to strictly limit yourself
in nutrition, and really want to lose weight? Try the original way
getting rid of excess weight with the help of Kombucha or how else
called, kombucha or meduzomitset. This unique product helps
lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. In addition, it contributes
strengthening the immune system, treatment and prevention of various
заболеваний,  избавлению от вредных токсинов и шлаков.

How to drink tea for slimming?

It should properly drink Kombucha for weight loss. Recommended
drink 6 glasses a day of 6-day infusion. Should drink one
a glass of kombuchi an hour before meals and two hours after eating.
The course for losing weight lasts three months. After each month
need to arrange weekly breaks. To enhance the effect
shows the use of fees for weight loss, decoctions and herbal
tea, with the addition of a 9-day infusion medusomitseta. Magic
drink helps break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, accelerates
metabolic process. Some managed to lose weight by 5-7
kilograms for three months, using medusomitset.

However, you should not expect to lose weight without
revising your diet. Should be excluded from the menu
fried, fatty, smoked and flour dishes, reduce consumption
sugar and salt. In the diet should prevail vegetables, savory.
fruits, boiled, stewed, baked dishes. In addition to Kombucha
It is necessary to drink 1.5 liters of purified water per day. For
effective result should pay attention not only to its
daily calorie content, but also on physical activity. Classes
sports, exercise, long walks help to reduce

Beneficial features

What is useful kombucha for weight loss? Contained in his
probiotics accelerate the digestion of proteins, fats and
carbohydrate, contributing to weight loss. Due to the amylase content
intestines are cleaned, toxins and slags are excreted from the body.
Normalizes pH levels, beneficially affecting normal
the functioning of all organs and the body as a whole. With regular
The use of kombuchi strengthens the immune system, improves health and
night sleep.

Beneficial features чайного гриба для

  • Antibacterial. Is natural
    antibiotic. It helps with various infections, disinfection of wounds.
    When used, it helps to normalize the natural flora.
  • Restorative. Strengthens immunity, especially
    indicated for colds.
  • Cleansing. Excretes toxins and
    slags, cleans blood vessels from cholesterol plaques.
  • Therapeutic. Helps in the treatment of hypertension,
    colitis, hemorrhoids, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cosmetic. Used to care for
    hair, skin of hands, feet, with acne and getting rid of acne,
    for the prevention and reduction of mimic wrinkles.
  • Acceleration of metabolism. Normalizes
    digestive system, improves metabolism. Indicated for weight loss
    and in the treatment of obesity.


Despite many useful properties, like any other
product, Kombucha has a number of contraindications. The specialists
warn that the drink reduces the pressure, therefore
hypotensive (people with low blood pressure) should
refuse to use it.

Kombucha for weight loss –

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The period of acute gastritis and ulcers;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Diabetes;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Intolerance, allergic reactions;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.


Kombucha for weight loss – recipe number 1:

Tea mushroom


  • Tea (herbal, black or green) 2 teaspoons;
  • Sugar 5 tablespoons;
  • Water 1 liter;

In a separate container brew tea. Dilute the resulting brew
boiled water, add sugar and stir it until
absolute dissolution. Cool the solution to 25 degrees,
strain. Put the mushroom in a jar, pour the resulting liquid.
Cover the neck of the jar with gauze so that the solution can breathe. Jar
put in a dark place. For настаивания напитка достаточно
temperature 25-30 degrees. It is important to remember that even
малейших солнечных лучей на банку, медузомицет может
perish. After 8-15 days, you can drink the drink.

Kombucha for weight loss – recipe number 2:

Tea mushroom


  • Collect herbs (mint, lemon balm, bergamot) 2 teaspoons;
  • Water 1 liter;
  • Honey 3 tablespoons.

Brew herbs. Dilute tea leaves with cold boiled water,
add honey, stir until dissolved. Give insist
filter through gauze. Put the mushroom in the jar, pour the resulting
liquid, cover with gauze. Insist drink 1-2 weeks in the warm
(25 degrees) dark place.

Opinion of doctors

Many domestic and foreign doctors perceive
Medusomitset, as a useful product for the body. Tea mushroom
for weight loss – a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. According to doctors,
it helps cleanse the body, improves stomach function,
regulates metabolism, speeding up metabolism, normalizes the level
blood sugar, strengthens the immune system. In addition, the drink is useful
with headaches, heartburn, during the rehabilitation period after

However, it is recommended not to exceed the daily allowance.
kombuchi for weight loss in order to avoid complications (diseases of the liver and
kidney).  Drink should be strictly before and after meals. If a
wash them food, the effect will be the opposite, the weight can only
to increase. Deciding to start using medusomitset for weight loss,
you must consult a doctor for chronic
diseases or during the passage of drug treatment.

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