Kiwi slimming or exotic solutionProblems

kivi-dlya-pohudeniya-instruktsiya-po-primeneniyuIn pursuit
get charming forms girls often experience for themselves
various diets, techniques and drugs, but, fortunately, reset
overweight is possible only by eating those foods that
bring you taste delight, and your body incredible

To one of these unique products today you can
with confidence attributed kiwi.

And if you are fully satisfied with his delicious flavors.
quality, then you should definitely get to know him better.

A bit of a story about kiwi …

Kiwi is an extraordinary fruit that has more than 50 of its
varieties, but only a few are edible. His story
emergence begins several thousand years ago however
the modern and most common variety of kiwi was bred in
last century, the famous breeder and experimenter
By Alexander Ellison.

Despite the fact that the birthplace of “modern kiwi” is considered
Celestial, but its triumphal procession on this planet
lovely fruit started from New Zealand.

Initially wild-growing liana gave small fruits of kiwi,
which the Chinese then called “actinidia.” In 1906,
traveling around China in the Yangtse valley, J. McGregor turned his
attention to this extraordinary plant that locals
called “Minhautau”, which translated means “monkey peach.”
Having tasted its fruits, the traveler found that they have a bright
similarity in taste with gooseberry, and took with it the seeds of this
wonderful fruit, which later fell to A. Allison.

By the way, the name “Kiwi” itself arose due to a small
wingless bird that lives on the islands of New Zealand. She is
has a brown color of feathers that reminded the inhabitants of the island color

The benefits of kiwi for weight loss and the whole body

Kiwi is a real “vitamin bomb” including such
vitamins like A, B (B1, B2, B6), C, E, PP, K, and minerals: potassium,
magnesium (useful for the heart and under pressure), manganese, calcium (for
bone strengthening), iron (important for anemia), phosphorus
(improves tooth enamel), zinc (positive effect on the condition
skin, nails and hair), as well as fructose, organic and fruit
acids, amino acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, starch and
fiber (to normalize intestinal motility).

Folic acid in the composition of kiwi can have a beneficial effect on
cell division and blood formation processes, and also useful for
proper brain function.

Very often, this fruit is included in your diet.
athletes and people who get intense exercise. BUT
due to the vitamin E contained in kiwi, it is not recommended
only losing weight, but also expectant mothers. Regular use
Kiwi can strengthen the nervous system, increase hemoglobin and
immunity defenses greatly reduce the risk
the formation of blood clots, normalize metabolism, withdraw from
organism cholesterol, toxins and slags. Plus all this burn
body fat due to the large amount in the composition
ascorbic acid, so many nutritionists recommend after
nourishing lunch instead of dessert eat kiwi, which will protect people from
the appearance of excessive heaviness in the stomach, and the food will be faster

The energy value of the fruit is not more than 40 kcal per
100 gr., And the amount of carbohydrates does not exceed 9%. I would also like
note that its fruits contain a unique enzyme –
actinidin, which is able to promote protein breakdown and improve
digestive processes.

That is why Kiwi is recommended to use as a product,
able to deal with extra pounds. What is needed
eat 1 to 2 pcs. half an hour before every serious meal.
Also, this fruit is perfect for small snacks.

If you seriously decide to go on a diet with kiwi, then first
the queue should be examined by your doctor, because
for this period, your stomach should work without interruption. You can still
use day fasting days. To host it
It will take 1 kg of fruit, which will need to be eaten for
days for 5 – 6 approaches.


Kiwi diet for weight loss

This food program on this fun fruit will appeal to everyone.
without exception, because the variety of choice of dishes tempts even the most
whimsical losing weight. The taste of kiwi is a bit like summer
an unforgettable taste of strawberries, and its interesting color in any
period of the year will be able to cheer you up. But there are
the nuances, like with any other diet – you should give up
sweets, flour products, alcohol, coffee and carbonated

Also do not forget that kiwi is an exotic fruit rich in
enzymes that can provoke a strong allergic reaction.
BUT значит, прежде чем приступать к проведению диеты, необходимо
make sure that there are no allergies to it (using special

Do not use kiwi, as a means for losing weight, and
тем �”юдям, которые имеют Problems с же�”удком, печенью и почками, а
also suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

So, the first version of the diet is designed for 4 days:

  • Breakfast: fruit salad from kiwi, green apples, grapefruit,
    five tablespoons of oatmeal and a couple of spoons of sprouted wheat,
    which are filled with natural yoghurt or fat free
  • The second breakfast: a cocktail of kiwi for weight loss – very light,
    tasty and nutritious. For its preparation you will need: one
    peeled kiwi, lemon juice, one spoon of sprouted wheat,
    sprig of mint and nonfat kefir. All this is mixed and whipped.
    with a mixer or blender, and then decorate with crushed
  • Lunch: semolina porridge with a spoon of honey. It is very easy to prepare it:
    dilute the desired amount of semolina in half with water and skim
    milk Just do not try to sugar, instead, in the cold porridge
    put some honey. Cut the kiwi into small pieces on top and
    strawberries, add a tablespoon of yogurt. Porridge is ready!
  • Supper: from low-fat cottage cheese, glasses of kefir and kiwi
    Prepare a cocktail with a mixer.

All four days the menu is unchanged. During the diet you must not drink
less than 1.5 liters of pure water per day!

The second version of the diet is designed for 10 days:

  • The first day. Breakfast: 3 ripe kiwi, cheese sandwich, boiled
    egg, tea without sugar. Lunch: 5 fruits of kiwi and kiwi vegetable salad
    and avocado (cut them into cubes, add a little cilantro, green
    onions and season with olive oil), 200 gr. boiled chicken breast
    and a glass of pure water. Dinner: 2 kiwi, 150 gr. low fat cottage cheese,
    tea without sugar or a glass of kefir.
  • Second day. Breakfast: again 3 ripe kiwis, scrambled eggs from one
    eggs, a slice of black bread, tea without sugar or juice. Lunch: 5
    Kiwi fruit, boiled fish 200 gr. and a few ripe tomatoes,
    a glass of pure water or green tea. Dinner: Kiwi Fruit Salad
    grapefruit and green apple, one boiled egg, 100 gr. chicken
    boiled meat.

For the entire period of the diet, you must constantly alternate the first day.
with the second. If you want to eat very much before bedtime,
you can additionally eat some hard cheese or drink a glass

Reader reviews about the effectiveness of kiwi slimming

Zhenya: “… A few weeks ago I tried a mono-diet on
Kiwi, when you need to eat two things before each meal in
for 3 days. In the end, I lost more than 2 kilos, but the truth is then
relaxed, and 1 kg came back. Tomorrow I’m starting again! By the way, still
I really liked the cocktail of kiwi, I also want to include it in
this diet … “

Liza: “… Once I wanted to lose weight very much, but not one
diet did not help me. Then came across a diet with kiwi, and I
I decided to try, because I adore this fruit, which means
to comply with it I will not be the slightest difficulty! Ten days my
plummet 5 kg !!! I’m not going to stop there. Plus for
this period I also saturated my body with all the necessary
with vitamins! … “

Mariana: “… I eat kiwi not only for weight loss, but simply
for pleasure! I use various diets based on it,
and yet not one failed. Since I was a little overweight,
now I just go to the gym and eat normally. I have enough! …

Ками�”�”а: « … Ем киви до и пос�”е еды по 1 – 2 штучке. Gradually
моя привычная порция пищи ста�”а уменьшаться, а внешний вид наоборот
у�”учшаться!!! Но де�”аю это я периодически, чтобы не перегружать
же�”удок… “

Лиана: « … Я просто обожаю киви, поэтому часто провожу
fasting days. И ки�”ограммы уходят и здоровье поправ�”яется! …

Интересно узнать: «Как похудеть с помощью обычной соды?�” и
«Особенности разгрузочных дней д�”я беременных�”.

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