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Sat, 03 Sep 2016

Kiwi Diet – Description and General Principles

Kiwi – a useful low-calorie product, two or four days
a diet on it allows you to reset from one to several
kilograms. The main secret of effective weight loss with
Kiwi is that this fruit contains a large
the amount of vitamin C and potassium, which in combination is actively derived
fluid from the body, tighten muscles and stimulate the production
collagen, which makes the skin elastic. In addition, the diet on kiwi
involves limiting the use of high-calorie foods.
Such a symbiosis allows you to achieve good results.

It is best to use kiwi before meals or half an hour after
food intake. However, to use an effective Kiwi-diet should only
healthy people, problems with the gastrointestinal tract or
duodenum completely exclude a similar system
power supply.

Kiwi Diet – What Foods Can I Eat?

Kiwi-diet allows the use of the following products: – cottage cheese; –
citrus; – chopped wheat germ: – semolina; – milk; –
yogurt; – diet bread; – boiled chicken breast; – boiled or
steamed fish; – chicken eggs; – herbal solutions or
green tea; – tomato, vegetable and fish soups; – in rare cases
a glass of dry white wine.

Kiwi Diet – what foods can not be consumed

If you decide to “go on” a diet, the main product in which
Kiwi, avoid eating the following foods: – lemonade; –
sweets; – fast food; – smoked products; – semi-finished products with
artificial additives; – coffee; – strong black tea; – alcoholic
the drinks.

Kiwi diet – menu examples

Option number 1 (from 3 to 7 days, weight loss from 3-4 kg)

This diet involves eating 4 to 6 times a day.
day, and specifically those products that are listed in the menu.

First breakfast – fruit salad with oatmeal and
wheat sprouts Salad recipe is extremely simple, for its
preparations require green kiwi, apple, grapefruit, 4 canteens
spoons of oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of wheat sprouts
(chop), 150 grams of yogurt (low-fat). Salad mix and
let it stand 10-15 minutes in the fridge so that it is better
soaked and acquired a pleasant taste.

The second breakfast is a cocktail. Take freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and
orange, 150 grams of mineral water (without gas) and 2 tablespoons
spoons of wheat sprouts (chopped).

Lunch – dumplingsFrom one glass of milk (200 grams) and 30 grams
semolina should be cooked porridge, then add to it? teahouse
spoons of natural honey, a little vanilla, 1 tablespoon of sprouts
wheat (crushed) and 1 yolk (enter gradually). From
the resulting mass is necessary to create small dumplings (pieces
dough), put them on pre-cut kiwi slices.
Bake mini cakes in the oven or microwave, pour
Top with strawberry and yogurt sauce.

Safe, cocktail – 200 grams of kiwi chop, add?
glasses of low-fat natural yogurt and 1 teaspoon of whey,
add some shredded pistachios ..

Dinner – chop 1–2 kiwi sandwich, mix with 50 grams
cottage cheese (low-fat). A bit of dietary bread grease a little
Sprinkle with chopped mint leaves and butter.
top kiwi with cottage cheese. Sandwich is eaten together with 1
a glass of yogurt with wheat germ

Kiwi diet – option number 2 (2 days, weight loss from 1 to 3 kg)

1st day

Breakfast: – 3 kiwis; – a small sandwich with hard sorts of cheese
(oil to avoid); – 1 boiled egg; – 1 cup of tea (without sugar). Lunch: –
5 kiwis; – vegetable salad (not salt); – 250 grams of boiled chicken
Breasts. Dinner: – 2 kiwis; – 250 grams of low-fat cottage cheese; – 1 glass
juice, water or a cup of green (can be herbal) tea. Before bed: – 1
a glass of whey or kefir (low fat).

2nd day

Breakfast: – 3 kiwis; – scrambled eggs, cooked from 2 chicken eggs; –
a slice of rye bread; – 1 glass of juice. Lunch: – 4 kiwis; – 300 grams
boiled fish (low-fat); – 3 ripe tomatoes; – small dry toast; –
A cup of green or herbal tea. Dinner: – Salad from 2 kiwi and others
fruits (choose your own), use as a dressing
natural orange juice and natural yogurt; – 200 grams
boiled chicken breast; – 1 boiled egg; Before bedtime: – 1 kiwi; – 50
grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

Kiwi Diet – option number 3 (the number of days depends on
human well-being, weight loss from 1 to 4 kg)

Завтрак:- 1 киви;- 200 grams нежирного творога.

Second breakfast: – 1 kiwi; – 1 cup of herbal tea.

Snack (at your discretion); – 1 cup of broth

Snack: – Jelly on fructose with the addition of kiwi; – 1 cup
herbal infusion.

Bedtime: – 1 cup of chamomile tea.

Kiwi diet – option number 4 (several days, from 1 to 3 kg)

The menu is approximate, for one day, further variations are possible, to
For example, stew can be replaced with boiled chicken
(preferred breast), vegetable soup – fish, allowed
vary the composition of the fruit cocktail.

Breakfast: – salad of kiwi, apple, yogurt and honey, you can add

The second breakfast: – 2 kiwis; – 1 glass of natural juice.

Lunch: – 2 kiwis; – a cup of vegetable soup; – a little stew; –
fresh vegetable salad; – a cup of green tea.

Lunch: – cocktail from kiwi (variations are possible – juice or

Dinner: – 2-3 kiwi; – 250 grams of low-fat fresh cottage cheese.

People who want their body to always be in
tonus, can not practice the application of a diet, but just once in
a week to arrange fasting days with the use of such a product,
like kiwi. This approach to nutrition will allow you to clean the body
get rid of edema, make the skin more elastic, and the muscles

The diet of the unloading day 1 kilogram of kiwi. Grass decoction or
green tea without sugar. Mineral water without gas.

Kiwi Diet – useful tips and reviews

When choosing a kiwi diet, you should eat 4 to 7 times a day.

Diet is strictly contraindicated for people with medical conditions.
gastrointestinal and duodenal ulcers.

In days that are not on the terms of the diet can be eaten
Kiwi juice, it is very useful and burns fat well.

The effect of the kiwi diet will be better if its use
combine with physical exertion.


Stroynyashka 03/21/2016 The fourth version of the diet, generally cool! Yes
I, with such a set of products, generally live my entire adult life)))
And neither of which, I feel great. Kiwi, really
wonderful fruit And after different holidays of the abdomen (days
birth, etc.), I eat a lot of citrus and kiwi, since long ago
I know about their impact on weight. Olga 03/21/2016 Unfortunately, with the stomach
I’m not all right, so I will not try this diet.
By the way, she ruined the stomach with various diets, long and
short And always, gaining weight again. Although this option with
Kiwi, most likely effective. But health is more expensive. I will advise
sister, she generally loves kiwi. Svetlana 03/21/2016 By the way, diet
well balanced. And dairy products, and meat, and vitamins.
Full diet. Especially the second option, well, very
attractive)) And bans on fast food and coffee are natural for everyone
diets Yes и вообще для правильного power supply. About coffee – pity of course
since i just adore him. Yanochka 03/21/2016 And I sat on this
diet! It helps 100% True, I and throw off something, it was necessary a little …
In general, I ate on a diet for 4 days, and never once did not break anything. AT
sense – not too much to eat. Although, usually, in the evening is always very
I want something (especially sweet))). So if you want
quickly throw a couple of kilos – this diet is perfect. Anika
03/21/2016 Oh! A very attractive diet. AT ней столько
products allowed to use – to starve, just do not have to!
And it is also pleasant that the contained vitamins and potassium tighten the skin.
Agree, it’s just a godsend. Two in one, so to speak. About kiwi
generally heard a lot of positive, although she herself to this fruit
indifferent. You can try, especially since not long

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