Kid got hurt: first aid measures

Sun, Sep 21, 2014

After approximately 8 months of age, babies become
extremely active. Doctors recommend in no case
limit the child in his desire to know the world,
as this can greatly inhibit his psycho-physical
development. However, in some cases, such activity is unsafe for
baby Its harder and harder to shield from possible herbs,
despite all the efforts of parents. Here, first of all, there is a speech
about various minor cuts, scratches, abrasions, bruises,
small hematomas, etc.

To get such injuries a child has a lot of chances: he ran –
fell, reached for a kitten – got a scratch, jumped from a ladder –
a bruise was formed. Such cases are pretty often and parents should
to be not only ready for them, but also to know how to properly handle
injury, the severity of which will determine whether
seek further help from a doctor or not.

So, some tips for parents on how to provide
first aid to a child injured at home or in

Scratches, abrasions, cuts. First need
process the wound in order to avoid possible falling into it
infections. Pressing a piece of gauze or a cotton pad dipped in
peroxide, you need some time to hold it on the wound, a little
pushing. As soon as the blood stops, you need to apply the existing
bactericidal action.

Doctors do not recommend using “Zelenka”, which has
strongly drying action, thereby breaking the skin
children. Do not use antibiotic ointments, because
they are used exclusively for injuries that have complications. how
Generally, doctors recommend using silver ointments,
excellent absorbing activity.

Severe bruises quickly form a hematoma. To prevent
possible complications, it is urgent to apply a cold to the bruise.
Everything will do: a towel soaked in ice water, ice,
frozen products. All this is held on the bruise of 10-15 minutes.
Then, with a certain periodicity, apply further for
a few hours. If the injury is minor, then after 3-4 hours you can
lubricate the bruise with some absorbable ointment, like

Child emergency room need to call in cases where:

  • despite all efforts, blood does not stop and has
    bright scarlet (possibly damaged artery),
  • if the cut is located close to the wrist (
    damage to nerves and tendons),
  • if foreigners got into the received wound (and, possibly,
    infected) bodies. In this case, in the future it is possible
  • the child taught a strong blow with his head, the consequence of which may
    be a concussion (symptoms: dizziness, nausea, vomiting and
  • if the wound is located in the mouth.

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