Kefir diet for weight loss of 10 kg pera week

  • 1 Description of the diet
    • 1.1 Menus for 7 days for women
    • 1.2 Recommendations for men
  • 2 Contraindications
    • 2.1 Results

Kefir diet is recognized as one of the most popular and effective.
for weight loss, it is not in vain that it is observed at regular intervals
For many years now, many celebrities, for example, Larisa
Valley, Yana Rudkovskaya. Kefir diet can lose up to 10 kg
всего за a week. In addition to the stunning result, it helps
enrich the body with calcium and vitamins of groups A and B, clear
intestines, normalize its microflora and remove toxins.

Diet description

Kefir diet is one of the most popular monodiets.
Complied with from 3 to 14 days and allows you to reset from 3 to 15 extra
kilograms, cleanse the body, relieve constipation, replenish
calcium deficiency.

Hard kefir diets last 3-7 days and allow you to lose weight on
3-10 kg. You must first cleanse the body of toxins,
normalize intestinal microflora. In the menu of kefir diet
includes: kefir, fresh and boiled vegetables, boiled chicken breast
no salt, dried fruit (except raisins), water. За a week до
the beginning of the kefir diet the body should be prepared by reducing
daily calorie. The output should also be gradual.

Gentle kefir diets last from 10 to 14 days, during
In addition to kefir, buckwheat porridge, fresh and
boiled vegetables, dried fruits, boiled beef, fish, chicken
brisket It is necessary to adhere to the following

  • do not eat after 18:00;
  • eat at least 6 times a day;
  • use no more than 0.5 liters of fluid per day (soup, water,
  • fasting drink herbal infusions;
  • reduce salt intake (salting can be exclusively prepared
  • eliminate from your diet bread, pastries, sweets.

List of permitted products in

  • kefir 2.5%;
  • boiled chicken breast;
  • boiled beef;
  • lean fish (boiled or steamed);
  • boiled, baked and fresh vegetables (potatoes, carrots,
  • fresh fruit (apples, pears, quince);
  • dried fruits (figs, prunes, dried apricots, dates);
  • cooked on the water without salt porridge (buckwheat, rice,

List of banned products in

  • fatty meats and fish;
  • fried, smoked, canned food;
  • spicy, pepper, spicy spices and sauces;
  • bread and bakery products, pasta;
  • pastries, sweet desserts (jellies, mousses, marmalade);
  • carbonated drinks, alcohol.

Menu for 7 days for women

The menu of kefir diet for 7 days for women suggests
daily use of 1.5 liters of kefir (2.5% fat), in
combination with other approved products. Daily menu
distributed over five meals. Additionally recommended
drink at least 1.5 liters of purified, non-carbonated water in

Понедельник: кефир + 4-6 картофелен среднего
size (boiled in uniform);

Вторник: кефир + 05 кг отварной куриной
brisket (without salt);

Среда: кефир + 200 граммов обезжиренного
cottage cheese;

Четверг: кефир + 200 граммов нежирной рыбы
(hake, sturgeon);

Пятница: кефир + 1 кг яблок + 300 граммов
dried fruits (dried apricots, figs);

Суббота: кефир + вода (не менее 2 литров);

Воскресенье: кефир + вода.

За a week до начала кефирной диеты необходимо сократить суточную
calorie menu to prepare your body to
stress. The last meal should be no later than 18:00. Exit from
strict weekly diet should be gradual, little by little
increasing the daily menu.

Recommendations for men

Overweight in men is mainly deposited in the upper
parts of the abdomen, which is very dangerous, because it is in this place that the fat
located between the internal organs (heart, pancreas
gland, liver), affecting their obesity. Thanks to the fast exchange
substances, men lose weight much faster than women.
Keeping a kefir diet for seven days, you can easily reset to
10 kg. At the same time, men need to consume more
calories than women due to higher physical activity
and loads, as well as great muscle mass.

Menus menu with a seven-day kefir diet
отличается от женщин тем, что допускается ежедневное
употребление нежирных сортов мяса
в вареном, запеченном
as well as steamed (beef, rabbit,
turkey, chicken fillet). Можно употреблять в меню нежирную
fish, boiled and fresh vegetables, rich in fiber, porridge on the water without
(преимущественно гречневую или овсяную). Worth
drink on an empty stomach infusions of herbs (linden, hypericum), and during the day
drink at least 1.5 liters of purified water without gas. On the menu
the last meal is expected no later than 4 hours before bedtime. With
a strong feeling of hunger is allowed to drink 1 cup of kefir (1-1.5%)
2 hours before bedtime.

To contraindications for keeping kefir diet for men
include any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis,
ulcer, increased acidity of the stomach, pancreatitis).


Kefir diet is contraindicated for people suffering from:

  • gastric diseases (gastritis, ulcers, elevated
  • pancreatitis;
  • diarrhea;
  • flatulence;
  • rickets;
  • renal disease;
  • cholecystitis;

It is forbidden to adhere to this menu in adolescence, and
also during pregnancy and lactation.


Благодаря кефирной диете можно сбросить за a week от 5 до 10 кг
overweight. Strict seven-day menu contributes to both weight loss,
and a complete cleansing of the body. Kefir contains in its composition
potassium, calcium, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins of groups A and B,
which are easily absorbed by the body. On kefir menu lost and
acquired a luxurious figure a considerable number of people, including
pop stars and cinema, politicians, sportsmen. Some results
losing weight is really amazing:

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