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As an element of landscape design juniper bushes
used frequently. This culture looks great over
all year. In addition, this culture is used as
medicinal plants.

Landing dates, location and site preparation for planting

It is customary to plant this plant in early spring, not necessarily
wait for the onset of warm weather. After the snow melts,
it is already possible to land it.

Occasionally, planting is made later, but in this case, the needles can
burn the rays of the sun.

In the fall, planting juniper is undesirable; the root system is not
be able to take root to the cold. But if you purchased a sapling in
pot, it can be planted at any time, only you need to protect
his day from the direct rays of the sun and provide good care.

Juniper grows well in an open area where it is well
illuminated by the sun. Often it depends on the amount of light
decorative qualities (density of the crown and its pomp).

The soil on the site for the plant must be prepared taking into account the purchased
вида juniper. For example, ordinary juniper is better
grows on alkaline soil, it is also suitable for Central Asian and
Cossack variety.

On the acidic soil for these junipers you need to hold
chalking. Other species of this plant prefer sour.
soil (the soil can be acidified by adding a mixture of sand, wood
shavings and peat in a ratio of 1: 1: 1).

Siberian juniper, landing and caring for it is better to produce
in light sandy soil, better for virgin species
clay is suitable for making good compost. Not
forget to create a good drainage layer for the plant. It is made of
rubble, fragments of brick, coarse sand or pebbles,
20-25 cm thick

Выбор саженца juniper

It is best to plant plants purchased in containers.
volume of 5 liters. They are easier to replant and they quickly root on
new place.

The best option for planting in open ground are considered
plants purchased in containers with a capacity of up to 5 liters. Such instances
easier to transplant, besides, they take root faster.

It is possible to use adult plants instead of young plants, their
they dig together with a lump of earth and cover the root system with a film
or burlap.

Very large instances of replanting is undesirable. Have them
long taproot that cannot be extracted from the earth without

Повреждения корней juniper может привести к гибели куста.
Earthen room before the transplant need to soak 2 hours in water.

Ways размножения juniper

Getting a seedling from seed

В основном все сорта juniper размножают с помощью
cuttings, but certain types of this culture can be sown with seeds.

Seed material is obtained from plants older than two years. Collection
seeds produced after the berries on the bushes begin to darken. But
have not yet begun to completely change their color.

After that, the embryos in the seeds go into hibernation, and their
germination will require a lot of time and effort.

Grains are stratified before sowing, for this they are placed in
a box in which a mixture of moss, coarse sand and peat is poured. Him
take out on the street and leave for the winter. В мае семена juniper
removed from the substrate and planted in open ground.

Черенкование juniper

Reproduction of this plant cuttings more efficiently than sowing
seeds. To do this, in the spring, choose a healthy and strong
the plant from which the last year’s sprout is cut off along with a part
parent plant. Cutting size – 10 cm, needles are removed from it
and soaked for a day in a growth stimulator. Occasionally film
open and give the cuttings to “breathe.” Notобходимо постоянно
control the moisture of the substrate, not allowing it to dry out.
After 1-2 months, roots are formed on the cuttings, and then they can
land in a permanent place.

Juniper, planting and plant care, consistency
of works

1. • First of all, on the place where the plant will be planted, dig
hole in which to fit the root system of the plant. For young
seedlings fit a hole 0.5 m deep. Dimensions of planting pits
must be 2-3 times larger than the earthy clod of a plant;

2. • Drainage layer is poured at the bottom, its thickness should be 20-25

3. • Voids are filled with garden soil;

4. • When planting the root gently straighten, leaving no
bent roots and not injuring him. The root neck is placed on
the ground level, in adult plants the neck should be above
поверхности почвы на 7-12 cm;

5. • Having filled a hole and tamped up the soil, the seedlings planted well

6. • After planting the plant is mulched, suitable for this.
cones, pine bark, old sawdust or peat, sawdust.
The mulch layer should be 10 cm thick.

Between small plants the distance should be about 50.
see, between large bushes must be left free
1.5-2 m space

Уход за juniper

Основная масса разновидностей juniper прекрасно tolerate
drought and their long period can not be watered, but in extreme heat
after all, it is necessary to water the plants at least once a
month. Хороши для juniper и опрыскивания из пульверизатора,
This should be done in the morning 1 time per week.

In the spring, the plants are fed with nitroammofoskoy, contribute
per m² 45 g of fertilizer. In the warm season you can feed the bushes
organic or mineral compounds, but this feeding more often 1
once a month is not worth doing.

Juniper transplants are negative, for this reason
This can only be done as a last resort. Adult plants with
great difficulty rooted in a new place, and often after transplantation
perish. But при необходимости пересадить куст выберите удобное
place and prepare nutritious soil.

Juniper do not need regular pruning. But старый сильно
overgrown juniper needs to be renewed by cutting the sick,
broken branches and dry shoots. Thanks to pruning easy to give
the plant has a beautiful shape, just keep in mind that a lot is cut right away
branches is not recommended otherwise the bush can get sick.

In winter, young plants should be covered, so that they do not
damaged low temperatures. Adult plants hide under
they don’t need shelter, they just have branches roped so that they don’t
broken off in heavy snowfall.

В весеннее время большинство разновидностей juniper
burns from aggressive sunlight. Spring sun can
literally burn the crown, sometimes it will not only worsen their appearance,
but can kill individual bushes.

Even if such a plant survives and recovers, its needles
will turn brown or yellow.

For this reason, in February-March the branches of plants need
cover with some kind of opaque material (for example, it is possible for
This use burlap). After the snow melts, shelter
removed, the soil near the plant is cleaned from last year’s mulch and
other garbage, loosened, give a little bit of air and again

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