June thirty: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June thirtyth.

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Holidays June thirty

Belarus is celebrating the Day of the Economist

The history of the holiday began in 1921, when they were created
Economic meetings are the highest economic body in the republic.
Already at its first meeting, which took place on April 26, were
important decisions were made, one of which is the need to create
in Belarus State Plan. In the shortest possible time were
necessary regulatory documents were developed and as early as June thirty, 1921.
The Economic Meeting ratified the Regulation on “Planned
Commission of the BSSR ”(Gosplan). This date was the day of education in
Belarus State Plan – a new tool
economic management. Planning Commission, under the direction of
its first chairman, Osip Dyly, was engaged in the development
Production programs of individual trusts and commissariats,
preparation of a general business plan, coordination of scientific
research and development. Almost a century of structure
Gosplan of Belarus was transformed several times. At present
while his functions are performed by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic thirty
June 1998 In Belarus, it was decided to formally establish
professional holiday – the Day of the Economist. It is celebrated annually.
workers of economic specialties, teachers, graduate students and
students of economic universities.

thirty июня в народном календаре

Manuel Solstice Day

It was believed that on this day, as on Tikhon, the Sun slows down
your move, i.e. stagnates. Therefore, they gave him such a definition –
�”Sunshine”. Starting with Manuel, all the vegetation was poured
life-giving juice, flourished and went into a violent growth. A young
shoots (recent landings), gaining strength right before your eyes. With this
in the afternoon several will be connected. For example, on Manuel, the peasants
tried not to give anyone the fire from their hearth, otherwise to the home
cattle will attack pestilence. To better chickens rushed, boiled eggs, planting
bonfires along the shores of lakes or rivers. This day was considered not quite
good They believed that any evil spirits come to the surface of the earth,
leads people to the trouble. Different visions are possible, especially feared
peasants see a white cow near their gates. Scum usually
took the form of domestic cattle to be put in a barn to
master animals. And already there you can fool around: put a plague on it or
deprive the cows of milk. In the evenings, to scare away evil spirits and
to ward off the disease, the men must have fired their guns.

Исторические события thirty июня

thirty июня 1898 г. в Витебске вышел на линию
The first tram It all started with the fact that two years earlier, in
February 1896, between the City of Vitebsk and a citizen
France’s Fernan Guillen, a construction contract was concluded
the city of the line with passenger electric transport. According to the contract,
Guillen undertook to build in the city with his own money.
specialized railway and power station to
generate electricity. Guillen fulfilled all the terms of the contract,
и thirty июня на улицы Витебска вышел первый трамвай. After Lower
Novgorod and Kiev, it was the third city in which they began to develop
new type of transport services, making tangible competition
traditional horseback The length of the first line was 5100 meters.
The rolling stock consisted of 18 main and 16 trailed
wagons. It is noteworthy that the first tram on the streets of Moscow went
a year later, in 1899, and in St. Petersburg – in 1907. thirty
июня 1908 года
произошло падение Тунгусского метеоритаПо
according to eyewitnesses, first in the sky over the taiga, in the region of Central
Siberia, a large fireball appeared that exploded nearby
from the river Lower Tungusska. Blast wave of crushing force
dispersed in a radius of forty kilometers, felled trees and sweeping away
obstacles on your way. Wave was recorded by seismic
stations not only in Irkutsk and surrounding areas, but also
Uzbekistan, Georgia, Germany. In the sky above the crash site yet
unexplained light effects and
glowing clouds. The strength of the meteorite explosion was comparable to
the explosion of a very powerful hydrogen bomb. There are about 100 hypotheses
the origin of the explosion – man-made, meteoric, religious,
geophysical and other nature. But to this day remains
the obscure is the only one that could explain
the origin and essential features of such a phenomenon as
Tunguska meteorite. thirty июня 1971г. at
returning to Earth after a three-week flight, the crew died
cosmonauts of the Soyuz-11 June 6, the Soyuz-11 went to flight
right on schedule, exactly 7-55. The task of the crew was –
dock with the Salyut-1 orbital station, create on its
long-term laboratory board and conduct a series of experiments
medical, military and scientific nature. June 29 crew successfully
coped with the tasks and was going to return to
Earth Having undocked from the station, “Soyuz-11” went backwards.
way. Astronauts periodically contacted and reported
the setting. At the expected time the ship made a smooth landing.
When the rescued search engines opened the hatch, it was found that the crew
is dead. At the conclusion of the commission, the death of people occurred due to
depressurization of the descent vehicle. From a sharp drop in pressure,
astronauts lost consciousness and suffocated. Vladislav Volkov,
Georgy Dobrovolsky and Viktor Patsayev were buried near the Kremlin
walls like heroes. Interestingly, the flight should be
another crew – Kubasov, Leonov and Kolodin. But He intervened
Majesty Case: Three days before the start, passing a medical examination,
Kubasov revealed a slight inflammation in the lungs, and from the flight
suspended. According to the rules, the entire crew was replaced.
Therefore, a team of doubles went into space.

thirty июня родились

Инна Ульянова (1934г. — 2005г.), советская
actressInna Ulyanova for a creative career managed to play a lot
roles on stage, in movies, even star in advertising. Where did she go
rather comical to offer cleaning powder “Comet”. Remembering her
advertising tip: “Try Comet, honey”, many smile and
now. Первая известность к Инне Ульяновой atшла не с главной
roles, as usual, but minor. It was not very
a large but characteristic role – a drunken lady with a fox from the picture
�”Seventeen Moments of Spring”. Although the actress starred in other
tapes, on the street, she was recognized exclusively by this episode. Smooth
until such time as the Pokrovsk Gates film was released.
Margarita Pavlovna’s role has become a star for Ulyanova, and in the morning she’s
really woke up famous. Mike Tyson
(род. 1966г.), американский боксер-тяжеловесMike Tyson родился в
one of the poorest neighborhoods of the most criminogenic area
Brooklyn The boy had a gentle nature, so Mike always
subjected to harassment and beating by older guys. But severe
childhood did not break the future champion, but hardened his will. At school,
where Tyson studied, a former boxer was a physical education teacher. He and
смог atвить Майку любовь к спорту. Already in 20 years Tyson becomes
world champions among professionals. �”Iron Mike” for a long time
considered invincible. Нередко только одним atсутствием на ринге
caused panic and fear among his rivals. His last fight he
spent in 2005, after which he ended his career.

Именины thirty июня

Именины в этот день празднуют: Василий, Мануил,
Klim, Cyril, Savely, Joseph, Nikita, Osip, Pelageya, Daria

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