June 9: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June 9th.

Sun, 22 May 2016


Holidays 9 June

International Friends Day

Friendship is more than a pleasant society or similar interests.
These are selfless relationships that are based on spiritual intimacy and
mutual affection. To friends you can always not only for help
turn, but also to share the joy. Friendship among all nations has long been
considered a great value. Unfortunately, recently
true friendship is replaced more often by a business relationship or by
mutual benefit. Therefore, real friends need to appreciate, and friendship
cherish. International Friends Day как раз и был создан для того,
so that you can remind your friends how they are dear
for you. Perhaps for someone this holiday will be an occasion to
call your old friends you haven’t met
years, and even better to get together, as before a fun company,
exchange news and indulge in pleasant memories.

June 9 in the national calendar

Fedorin day. Fedor is considered “barbed” on the tongue, so the peasants
on Fedor behaved very carefully. Tried once again not
talk, so as not to cause trouble or to not quarrel.
It was believed that Fedor learned about what was going on in the hut, then
troubles can not be avoided. To talk-gossip,
Neighbor-gossips chose another day. Fedor was not taken
revenge in the hut, so as not to take out of the abyss, otherwise it will lead to
frustration and quarrels in the family. And also it was possible by chance together with
to sweep away the brownie, who on this day climbed under the broom.
And without a brownie, as you know, peace and harmony in the house for a long time
hold on. Peasants who were associated with trade, on Fedor
appeased the brownie: they boiled a pot of porridge, put it in the oven, did not
forgetting to throw a few coins. According to beliefs, it brought
extra profit, good luck in trading and promised to attract a lot

Historical events of June 9

the 9th of June 1898 года Англия на 99 лет арендовала у
China Hong Kong After the victory of England in the First Opium War with China,
Hong Kong Island, under the terms of the post-war treaty, in 1842
moved from China to Britain. A 1860., after the completion of the Second
of the Opium War, of England, the islands of the Stone-cutters were given. In 1898
Britain leased from China and the rest adjacent to the island
territory for a period of 99 years. Hong Kong was declared a free port
(a place for duty-free export and import of goods), and served for
Britain in Southeast Asia the role of cargo handling base. Term
The lease expired in June 1997. Hong Kong was returned to China with
the condition that over fifty years there will remain its own monetary
unit, own governing bodies and laws. the 9th of June
1931 года
начал впервые курсировать поезд «Красная
arrow “It was the first company train in the USSR. He went to
first flight on the night of June 9-10. Its average speed on that
moment was only 70 km / h. The train went on the route
�”Moscow-Leningrad” and back. Initially, the cars were painted blue.
color, but since 1962, to this day, the train has a dark red
coloring. It was the composition of the “Red Arrow” for the first time in the Soviet Union.
wagons of increased comfort were introduced. Express “Red
Arrow “has another tradition: when departing from Moscow, according to
To the station radio, Oleg Gazmanov’s song “Moscow” sounds, while
Departure from St. Petersburg – the composition of Glier “The Hymn to the Great
city. ” The length of the route is 650 km. Originally
composition overcome this distance in 12 hours, modern
express trains – for eight. the 9th of June 1935 года за побег
the death penalty was introduced in the USSR in many regions
The USSR at that time was rampant. The country’s leadership, wanting
to be safe, I decided to introduce such a tough law to
eliminate massive illegal emigration. Not only
deserters, but also their relatives, who were declared
by criminals. Only after the death of Stalin, the punishment in the form
the execution was canceled. the 9th of June 1967 года Советский
The Union and Israel severed diplomatic relationsAfter
Israel during the Six Day War in the Middle East destroyed
Arab Air Force and broke the army of Egypt, Jordan and Syria, Soviet
The Union condemned Israel’s aggressor policies and expressed support for
Arab countries. The USSR government has repeatedly appealed to
Israeli leaders demanding an end to hostilities and withdrawing
troops. The UN Security Council, at the suggestion of the Soviet side,
adopted a resolution ordering warring parties to cease
bloody action and go to the negotiations. But israel
continued the offensive. the 9th of June СССР в ультимативной форме еще раз
reminded Israel that if the aggressive actions did not stop,
the Soviet Union will break off diplomatic relations with Israel and
will move to tougher measures to stop the aggressor. June 10th
Israel, considering that its mission is completed and the strategic objectives
resolved, the war stopped. But by this time diplomatic
relations with the USSR have already been severed. Restored again they were
only 24 years later, in the early nineties, with the coming to power
Gorbachev and declaring them in the country a great restructuring.

the 9th of June родились

Петр I «Великий» (1672г. — 1725г.), русский царь,
The first Russian emperorFor his father, Tsar Alexei
Mikhailovich, Peter became the fourteenth child, but the first common
son with his second wife Natalia Naryshkina. Despite the fact that
in childhood the boy did not receive a proper education until the end of his days
he wrote his own mistakes, he was known as a great reformer and very
I managed to do a lot for Russia. He built a fleet, strengthened the military
the power of the state, creating a strong regular army, began
construction of St. Petersburg, which was erected on a swampy
terrain In consequence, this city became the first seaport.
of the Russian state through which ships could go directly
to the Baltic Sea. It was under Peter that schools began to open and
gymnasiums, develop industry, expand trade, began
large-scale development of Siberia, there was a reunion with Ukraine. is he
held a reform of public administration, dividing Russia into
provinces, provinces and counties and created regulatory authorities as well
Church reform, after which the clergy was subordinated
secular authorities, and the church could no longer conduct
spiritual politics. Натали Портман (род. 1981г.),
Israeli, American actressNatali Portman (Hershlag) was born
in Jerusalem, in a family of Moldovan émigrés. In 1984 family
Hershlag from Israel moved to the United States. Natalie from four
For years, she has been dancing and participating in concerts. is heа с детства
was purposeful and ambitious, metal to become only an actress.
Therefore, when the representative of the company “Revlon” offered her 11 years
do modeling business, Natalie refused. In 1994 she
successfully passed the casting for the film Luke Besson “Leon”, and was
approved for one of the main roles. It was at this time that she changed
his last name on Portman, although in the director’s version of the painting Natalie
also referred to as Hershlag. After “Leon” she became quite
sought-after actress, despite the young age. Starred in
films like “Beautiful Girls”, “Mars Attacks”, “Fight”,
�”Star Wars”. Filming in the movies, Natalie did not forget about
learning is heа окончила гарвардский университет, и стала бакалавром в
areas of psychology.

Именины the 9th of June

Ivan, Fedor, Leonid, Peter, Anastasia

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