June 7: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June 7th.

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Holidays June 7

Norway celebrates Independence Day

After Denmark lost the war to England in 1814, she had to
donate your province – Norway, which was transferred to Sweden.
The act of transfer was documented by the Swedish-Norwegian Union.
As a matter of fact, Norway did not specifically ask for consent.
Although officially she submitted to the Swedish king, but in order
to use the Norwegian military outside of their home country,
dispose of state treasury or resolve issues with
citizenship, it was necessary to enlist the support of the Norwegian
Storting (Parliament). The Storting gradually turned into a center.
the struggle of the Norwegians against the bondage union, and on June 7, 1905. accepted
resolution proposing this very union to terminate. Norway and
Sweden was one step away from the war, but subsequent negotiations led
parties to a peaceful resolution of the conflict, and the dissolution of the union between
Norway and Sweden have been recognized and formalized.

June 7 in the national calendar

On June 7, the people dubbed it like Honey Dew. From that day
peasants began to examine the plants for the appearance of them
sweet sticky liquid (honeydew), which is left after
pests themselves, feeding on plant sap. Was considered if
the cattle will eat grass with such a “dew”, it will begin to wither and
to hurt Therefore, for domestic animals conducted various rites,
they made charms, started talking about damage. If on leaves and stalks
plants on this day was not honey, but the real dew, then
it foretold a rich harvest. And it was considered the more abundant
dew will fall, the harvest will be more abundant. June 7 paid attention and
on mountain ash. If this day it has not yet blossomed, then expect late
of autumn. If the tree was in bloom, and even lush, then it was worth
to wait for a good harvest of oats, with tight ears.

Historical events of June 7

7 июня 1654 г. состоялась корshe isция французского
King Louis XIVLyudovik XIV ascended to the French throne in
age of 5 years. But since he was still a child, actually managed
the state of his mother is Anna of Austria, who rules in tandem with
Cardinal Mazarin. Independently govern France the future
�”Sun King” began only after the death of Cardinal, in 1661. June 7
1654, at the age of 11, Louis was crowned in the Cathedral of Reims.
During the anointing of the king to the throne, his head touched
sacred sword, ring and oil, preserved in the holy ampoule. By
ancient beliefs, after the ceremony the anointed was considered united
with God and endowed with the gift of healing, and had to help
suffering The people knew about it, so after 2 days of Louis
waited about two thousand sick and infirm. The king touched
each by casting a magic spell. Although it was not easy
a duty for the French kings, they never refused
asking. 7 июня 1883 г. освятили храм Христа
СпасителяBy окончании отечественной войны 1812г. ended
the victory of the Russian people, it was planned to build a temple of Christ
Savior. This monument was supposed to be rebuilt in honor of
glorious fame of the fighters, the memory of the fallen soldiers and gratitude for
victory But as the victory was not easy, and the construction of the temple
it was hard: for various reasons it was repeatedly postponed or
broke loose. The building of the cathedral for almost two centuries
it was laid three times, and the first stone was consecrated the same time.
The first time the church was founded in 1817, but in 7 years it never
shifted from the zero cycle. All construction funds
were wasted and left in an unknown direction. Successful
It turned out the temple was laid only in 1839, when the next
the erection of the monument. After 44 years of construction of the temple of Christ
Savior was completed and June 7, 1883. It was consecrated.
In 1931 the temple was blown up and destroyed, by decision of the CEC meeting
USSR, because it was necessary to make room for construction
Palace of the Soviets. Only in 1994 recovery began
long-suffering temple in the same place. In 1997 building
It was successfully completed. June 7, 1967
Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall came under Israeli control The Wall
Weeping is for the Jews the holiest place, the object
pilgrimage, a symbol of hope and faith. This is the only surviving
part left over from the ancient wall of the Second Temple which was
destroyed by the Romans almost 2000 years ago (in 70g.). During the war for
Israeli independence in 1948, Old Town, where the Wall is located
crying, was captured by the Palestinians. Byчти 40 лет ни израильские арабы
or the Jews were not allowed to pray to this holy place.
Palestinians made an exception only for Christians
Christmas ceremonies in Bethlehem. And the Jews for pilgrimage on
this time they have chosen the highest point on Mount Zion, from which you can
was to see at least from afar its shrine. Only 7 June 1967, in
the time of the Six Day War, Israeli troops managed to repel
Palestinians Old Town, and the prayers of the Jews at the Wailing Wall

Born on June 7

Анна Курникова (род. 1981г.), российская
Tennis player, model 7 June marks the former star’s birthday
Russian tennis, the youngest (in the history of Russia) participant
Olympic Games. From the age of 14 she began to professionally practice
tennis, and in 1996, at the age of 15, spoke for Russia at
Olympic Games in Atlanta. Let her first place then not take
succeeded, but it was from that time that sports took off
Career Kournikova. She managed to win the Open Championship two times.
Australia and the final WTA doubles tournament (with partner
Martina Hingis), with her, in 2001. Anna wins the Kremlin Cup.
It is not known how the future of sports
talented and persistent tennis player, if not for injuries that
pursued athlete almost every year. And in 2003. after
receiving another injury, Anna had to leave the big sport.
By завершении теннисной карьеры, Курникова попробовала себя в роли
fashion models. She repeatedly starred in commercials, her
could also be seen in the clips of world stars. Currently
Anna Kournikova lives in the USA, which is a citizen of
2010 Together with former tennis stars, she participates in
charity events and demonstration tournaments, leads active
social activities. Natalya Ionova
/ Glucose / (born in 1986), Russian singer Since childhood, Natalia was
an inquisitive child, she was fascinated by everything new and unknown. She is
I had time to enter a music school and one year later quit it,
visit a lot of circles of interest, work out ballet,
chess, and even starred in the film magazine “Jumble”, clip Yuri
Shatunova and the film “Triumph”. Due to the large employment and active
creative activity, she had to go from the usual Moscow
school in the evening, where she completed the 10th and 11th grades. In 2002 she is
met Max Fadeev and became the soloist of his new
project. But Max Fadeev would not have been himself if he hadn’t come up with
something original and unusual. Byэтому долгое время
Nobody saw the newly-made popular singer alive on the stage. AT
clips flashed only cartoon girl with a big dog on
leash Natalia herself came up with the stage image. Her songs
occupied the top lines of the charts, and the singer herself more than once
honored with high-profile awards. AT ее репертуаре были такие хиты как
�”The Bride”, “Shuga”, “Snow is coming”, “Schweyne”, “Butterflies” and others.

Name Day June 7

Ivan, Fedor, Innocent

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