June 5: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 5th.

Thu, 12 May 2016


Holidays June 5

World Environment Day

At the UN General Assembly, which was held on December 16, 1972
years, decided to celebrate around the world on June 5 as the day surrounding
environment to draw attention to the problems that have accumulated in
areas of environmental protection and protection. This holiday is annually
celebrated in many countries. In Russia, Ukraine, it is better known as
Ecologist Day. On this day, scheduled and spend various
environmental improvement measures that
Encourage every citizen to take action
relation to nature and environmental protection. June 5th are held
rallies, processions, “green” parades, bike rides, themed
contests, competitions, harvesting of forest plantations,
coastal river and sea areas, tree planting.

June 5 in the national calendar

Leonty Borage, Hemp

June 5 peasants completed planting cucumbers. The seeds were planted in
the last time, otherwise they would not have had time to mature over the summer. In the same
day first started sowing hemp. Noticed – if on
rowan is a magnificent color, which means sown cannabis will be fruitful. Of
Cannabis villagers made butter, which often rescued them.
They were flavored with porridge, black bread was dipped into it. Of конопляных
fibers made a rough canvas, which went on economic needs.
They hid pledged for storage in the cellar of potatoes and vegetables. what
protected them from freezing or rotting. A cereal, covered
hemp canvas, better stored, not subjected to damage and
to corruption.

Historical events of June 5

5 июня 1968 г. совершено покушение на сенатора
Roberta Kennedy, US Presidential CandidateRobert Kennedy, Jr.
brother of the previously assassinated US President John F. Kennedy, on June 5 in
Los Angeles hotel “Ambassador”, delivered a speech. She was
devoted to his victory, which Robert won on the primary
presidential election in california. After the performance there were
shots were fired, one of which, in the back of the head, was fatal.
June 6th Robert Kennedy passed away. According to the official version, in it 2
times, almost point-blank, shot from a distance of 1.5 meters Palestinian
Serhan Serhan, who was charged with murder and arrested. But
pathologist who performed the autopsy, showed that in the body of Kennedy
there were not 2 but 4 bullets, and the fatal shot was fired not
in front as Serhan shot, and behind. Therefore, the name of the real killer
never been established. And Serhan was sentenced to death
казни, затем ее заменили пожизненным заключением.5 июня
1983 г.
произошла катастрофа пассажирского теплохода
�”Alexander Suvorov” The ship performed the next cruise on the route
�”Rostov-on-Don – Moscow”. June 5, 22-45 minutes, passing along the Volga
not far from the city of Ulyanovsk, the motor ship flew at full speed onto the bridge.
As a result of the accident, the ship’s upper deck was completely demolished,
including the cinema, which was filled to capacity with people.
The catastrophe was complicated by the fact that at the same moment the bridge passed
loaded freight train consisting of 53 cars. 11 cars got off
from rails and overturned, and part of the cargo – logs, coal, grain
hit the ship. Total killed 176 people. After disaster
the ship was restored, it continued to make cruise flights. One
of which in 2008 again ended in disaster, but without
human victims. 5 июня 1988 г. был поставлен
the original record, which was recorded in the book of records
Guinness Champagne Cork by American Emeritus
Medicus, flew away to a distance of 54 meters 18 centimeters. No record
still beaten. So having fun and relaxing, you can immortalize
your name in the famous book. Such fancy competitions
they spend not only merrymakers and balagurs, but also quite serious
people. By the way, Medicus himself is a professor at one of
American universities. 5 июня 2004 г. на 94
Ronald Reagan, former US president, died of life
pneumonia. The last 10 years of life, Ronald Reagan suffered
Alzheimer’s disease and almost never appeared in public. By
the death of the former president, in the United States was declared a national
mourning. Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States, a representative from
Republican Party. The years of his reign were in 1981-1989,
when he was elected for two terms in a row. In his youth, from 1937 to
1960, Reagan was a radio host and was an actor in Hollywood.

Were born on June 5

Барбара Брыльска (род. 1941 г.), польская
actressWould be, Barbara Brylska would not have stayed at all
famous for the Soviet viewer actress, if not starred in
the popular picture of Eldar Ryazanov “The irony of fate ..”. Where is she
played a major role – charming Nadia Sheveleva. On
many actresses tried this role, but Ryazanov stubbornly defended
Brylskuyu, and not lost. January 1, 1976, just then the film
first appeared on television, Barbara conquered her game in a jiffy
hearts of millions of viewers. Since the main character was played by polka
voiced her role Soviet actress Valentina Talyzina, and the songs
вместо Брыльской исполняла Алла Пугачева.Валдис
(род. 1967г.), российский телеведущий, шоумен,
singer In many viewers, the image of Valdis Pelsh entrenched in the role
the inimitable master of the musical show program “Guess the melody.”
But творческий путь Пельша начинался не с нее, а намного раньше. WITH
1983 to 1987 Valdis was a member and one of the founders of the group
�”Accident”. And only in 1987 came to work on
a television. Participated in KVN, as a player in the team of Moscow State University,
then some time worked as a director of individual programs. And with
1995 became the presenter of the program “Guess the melody.” This broadcast
brought him not only popularity. Together with her he in 1995
hit the Guinness Book of Records when the transfer looked
at the same time more than 132 million people. Byмимо «Haveгадай мелодию»,
Valdis Pelsh led television programs such as “The Rally”,
�”Russian Roulette”, Lord of Taste “award ceremony” Golden
gramophone “and many others. Елена Воробей (род.
1967), Russian pop actress, parodist Eccentric,
charming and very talented Elena Vorobey (Elena Lebenbaum), with
the very first of his speech fell in love with the audience.
This happened in 1993. at the competition of young performers in Yalta. There
Elena received two prizes at once – Grand Prix and audience sympathy. Have
It produces an unparalleled parody of many Russian stars –
Машу Распутину, Ирину Аллегрову, Лайму Вайкуле, Любу Haveспенскую,
Валерия Леонтьева, Onдежду Кадышеву и других. WITHамая первая
the parody performed by her was still a child, on Alla Pugacheva, when
The audience was only relatives and relatives. In 2002 she repeated
parody of Pugachev already from the big stage, on the anniversary of Eldar
Ryazanov. Yes, it is plausible that Boris Yeltsin, who is present at
concert, did not notice the difference and took the number Sparrow for the performance
This Alla Pugacheva. Just noticed that “Allochka is a young man, as
lost weight. Byмимо выступлений на сцене, Елена Воробей снимается в
cinema, plays in performances, participates in musicals – “Carefully,
Задов», «WITHтрасти по Анжелике», «Золотая рыбка», «Морозко», «Первый
дома», «Butвые приключения Алладина» и других.

Name Day June 5

Alexander, Vasily, Andrey, Daniil, Gennady, Ivan, Konstantin,
Michael, Dmitry, Nikita, Fedor, Roman, Peter, Leonty.

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