June 28: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays of 28 June.

Sat, 18 Jun 2016


Holidays 28 June

Ukraine celebrates Constitution Day

Ukraine became an independent state in 1991, after
the collapse of the USSR. And for five years she lived without a new Constitution. She was
adopted by the Verkhovna Rada only 28 June 1996. This day has become
annually celebrated as a public holiday. Constitution
is the highest legislative act of the Ukrainian state. AT
it stipulates the totality of social values, relationships
states and citizens, their mutual duties and rights, defined
border state intervention in the life of both society and
individual citizen. Adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine allowed
delimit by law the rights and duties of political
parties, branches of government, public organizations. To fasten
territorial integrity, state sovereignty and elevate
international authority of the country.

June 28 in the national calendar

Day fita. Modest Animal Defender.

With the onset of Fit, all the grain crops were stopped. It was believed
that the bread does not have time to ripen and the harvest will not be. But to this
of time, oats were well raised. Therefore, we tried to protect the juicy
greens and not allowed on the fields of livestock. But not only fields
protected from animals, but also saved the beast from grain shoots.
Therefore, the cattle very closely watched. AT противном случае можно
it was to lose the nurse. Usually overeaten grain cow in the evening
bloated, she could not stand on her feet. Save the animal was
almost impossible. AT большинстве случаев оно погибало. therefore
peasants prayed to saint modest to save livestock from
pestilence, disease and death.

Historical events of June 28

June 28, 1933 a large-scale operation began
deportation from Moscow of persons of Gypsy nationality Shel hungry
1933 People in remote areas left their homes and
moved to major cities, especially Moscow, trying there
to consolidate. There were no exceptions and Roma, who simply
flooded the capital. Some of them managed to get on
Metro construction. The bulk was engaged
begging, street fortune telling or theft. Become frequent
attacks on honest citizens who had their bags pulled out of their hands
with food and bread. Discontent of Muscovites with Unsolicited
guests accrued. Yes, and the streets of the city with vagrants strongly
spoiled the general background of a frustrating and renewing Moscow. Quite
the other was to see the capital coming to her foreigners.
therefore Сталиным издается Распоряжение, предписывающее очистить
city ​​from asocial elements. AT стране ввели паспортную систему,
and those who did not have documents, they were mostly gypsies,
deported from Moscow and other major cities. June 28
1941 года
на Белорусском вокзале была впервые исполнена
the famous song “Holy War” Three days after the start of the war,
poems “Holy War” by Lebedev-Kumach, were printed on the first
page of the newspaper “Izvestia” and “Red Star”. Just seeing the text
printed poetry, composer Aleksandrov literally on the go
picked up a melody for them. To save time, he wrote notes in chalk.
right on the blackboard, and the musicians were already copying them into their notebooks. AND
уже June 28 эта патриотическая композиция была исполнена одной из
groups of the Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble right in Belorussky
train station. The song was repeated five times in a row. Until mid october
1941, this song on the radio sounded not so often that
aggravate the already alarming situation. But as soon as the fascists
seized near Moscow city of Rzhev, Kaluga and Kalinin, “Sacred
War “began to sound daily, immediately after the morning chime of the chimes.
The song quickly became popular. �”Holy War” was unofficial
an anthem to protect the homeland, helping to maintain the fighting spirit of the warriors that
It was especially important before heavy battles. June 28 1997
Майк Тайсон, боксируя с Эвандером Холифилдом, откусил
rival part of the ear This was the second fight between the famous
heavyweights. AT первом бою, который проходил в ноябре 1996 года,
conquered Holyfield. therefore было понятно желание Майка Тайсона взять
revenge and recoup. The first round was an equal fight, the second
ended by a margin in favor of Evander Holyfield. Behavior
Tyson in the third round from the very beginning was rather aggressive:
he threw himself at an opponent, showered him with a series of powerful blows, big
some of which hit the target. But by the end of the round Evander could
break down Tyson’s fierce attack and fully took control of the situation on
ring Out of desperation, Mike clutched his opponent’s right ear.
After examining the bite, the doctor gave the go-ahead to continue the fight. Behind
half a minute before the end of the third round of Holyfield hits Tyson
head brow. Behind что получает еще один укус в левое ухо. Fight not
stopped and the boxers were able to exchange blows several times.
The next round of Holyfield refused to go out. But Tyson demanded
continue the fight. He became uncontrollable, threw himself at the guards and beat
everyone who tried to calm him down. The judges was taken decision
disqualify raging Mike Tyson, and winning
to award to Evander Holyfield.

June 28 родились

BUTлександр Панкратов-Черный (род. 1949г.),
Soviet, Russian actor The Future People’s Artist of Russia in childhood
I wanted to be a clown to amuse people. And mother dreamed to see
son of the military. AT итоге он не стал ни клоуном, ни военным, а пошел в
the artists. The real name of Alexander is Pankratov. But I learned
так, что учась во ATГANDКе, с ним на курсе обучался еще один студент
Alexander Pankratov. To avoid confusion, the future actor and
came up with the prefix “Black” because was a burning brunette.
Alexander is more of an comedy actor, but also easy
copes with serious, dramatic roles. AT каких бы ролях
the actor didn’t act either main or secondary, his heroes
always creates images vivid and memorable. Alexander possesses
brilliant sense of humor, a sea of ​​charm and immense charisma.
therefore нет ничего удивительного, что на протяжении многих лет
is the constant favorite of the audience. Pankratov-Black starred
more than fifty pictures, many of which have become film hits.
The most famous are “Master and Margarita”, “We are from jazz”, “Womanizer”,
�”Promised Heaven”, “Shirley Myrli”. Yana
(род. 1967г.), советская, российская актриса,
теле- и радиоведущаяJune 28 отмечает свой день рождения Красная
Шапочка всея страны — Yana Поплавская. Родилась Yana в творческой
family – her dad was a journalist, and her mother was an actress. ATпервые девочка
got on the set in 4 years, where her mother led.
She categorically refused to act in films, asked to withdraw
her in the rhythmic gymnastics section. Even reached certain
results – she is a candidate for the master of sports. But to the stage
Yana все-таки вышла, с легкой руки известного режиссера Юрия
Lyubimova, where she played one of the roles in the play “Crossroads”. BUT
at the age of 10 she starred in a film that made her famous in the whole country.
�”About Little Red Riding Hood”. She coped so well with the role that she was
awarded the State Prize of the USSR. In addition to the “Little Red Riding Hood”
зрители ее могли видеть в картинах «Фантазии ATеснухина»,
�”Transitional age”, “Glyanets”, the Snow Queen “,” Bachelors “,
�”Proposed Circumstances” and many others. AT настоящее время
Yana Поплавская преподает в МГУ, ведет передачи на телевидение,
radio and continues to act in movies.

ANDменины June 28

ANDменины в этот день празднуют: Михаил, Ефрем,
Григорий, Федор, Модест, ATит (Фит)

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