June 27: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June 27th.

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Holidays June 27

World Fisheries Day

This holiday has been officially celebrated by fishermen all over the world since 1985.
It covers a wide audience – from amateur fishermen sitting with
a pair of fishing poles by the reservoir, to professionals who are engaged in fishing in
industrial scale. In many countries on this day are held
educational and training seminars, organized competitions for
fishing. Everyone come to participate – like fishermen with
great experience, and beginners angler. Fishing since ancient times
It is considered not only the method of catching food for food, but also
an exciting experience. This is a great way to spend time on
nature, chat with like-minded people, take a break from urban
hustle and bustle. Among the fishermen there are not only men. More often
On the shore with a fishing rod can be found and women. From the fish
catching may seem rather boring – is it interesting?
just sit by the pond and look at the float? But for many who
at least once out of curiosity, he held a fishing pole in his hands and caught his first
fish, this occupation often develops into a fascinating hobby or
all-consuming passion. These fishermen do not scare rain
neither cold nor annoying mosquitoes. They are ready in any weather on
several hours to sit motionless on the bank of the river, getting from it
incredible pleasure.

Russia celebrates Youth Day

Youth is not only a wonderful time in a person’s life, it’s
also purposefulness, energy, movement, a special state of mind.
The younger generation is the hope and support of any state
which is to determine future prospects and ways of development
your country. This holiday is relatively young, like the culprits
celebrations that celebrate it. It was officially established
Presidential Decree in 1993. In the Soviet Union too
celebrated this day, only the date of the celebration fell on 7
February At the initiative of the Committee on Youth Affairs, in Russia
decided to move the holiday to a more comfortable, summer time. In that
day, countrywide meetings are held, concerts are organized and
performances of youth groups. Young people are going
fun companies, attend discos, open dance,
concert venues, go out of town for picnics. And although age
youth is determined in the range from 14 to 30, to the celebration often
people of older age who feel themselves are joining
young at heart, and therefore consider the holiday as their own.

June 27 in the national calendar

Elisha Grechkosey

On Elisha continued planting buckwheat. It was necessary to sow grain
only in sunny weather, so that the earth was dry and dusty.
The peasants were sentenced – if there is dust on the harrow, then on the sieve
pancake. But after planting it was desirable to rain the seeds
sprouted faster. Therefore, in order to go the long-awaited rain,
wedged and sliced ​​nettle, until it seemed burning juice. It was believed
that it will burn the heavens and a shower will pour from the sky. Buckwheat was significant
culture, so when planting it always comply with the necessary
rituals to be with the harvest. Although some thought that without
buckwheat can and do, it is better to sow more rye.

Historical events June 27

June 27, 1936 in the Soviet Union issued a decree
prohibiting unwanted interruption operations
pregnancyThe abortion ban lasted from 1936 to
1955 By making this decision, the state was going to decide
several problems at the same time. First, save women’s
health. After all, such an operation caused significant damage to health.
women, many of them after abortion
fruitless. Especially given the lack of qualified
profile medical staff. Secondly, by this method they wanted to increase
sexual cultural level among women. Indeed, for many of them
abortions at that time were the only means of contraception. AND
thirdly, the state decided in this way to correct the country
demographic situation – to ensure population growth. 27
июня 1964 года
в Вашингтоне, столице Соединенных Штатов,
The monument to Taras Shevchenko was unveiled. It was built and erected on
funds raised by the Ukrainian diaspora living in the North
America The opening ceremony of the monument was held in a big way. To the Capital
The United States gathered about one hundred thousand Ukrainians from around the world,
Representatives from the US administration and delegates attended
other foreign countries. In the streets of the city parade went,
which was attended by over 35 thousand Ukrainians. 27th of June
the first in world practice was established in England
cash dispenser ATMThe ATM was installed in Enfield,
one of the districts of London, in the branch office of Barclay`s. To
it was necessary to have a cashing operation
nominal card with a four-digit code. At ATM
it was necessary to enter this code and then get cash.
27th of June 1988г. in French Lyon at train station
collided two suburban electric trainsThe tragedy occurred at hour
peak. Commuter train approaching the station could not
brake, and at high speed crashed into another passenger
composition, standing at the platform. The collision suffered
113 people: 56 people died and 57 were injured. It was
the biggest accident in the history of the french national
railway company since its inception. The reason
disaster was the unauthorized disruption of one of the passengers of the stop-crane,
who blocked the brakes, and the confluence of other adverse

27th of June родились

Борис Хмельницкий (1940г. — 2008г.), советский,
since childhood, the Russian actor Boris dreamed of becoming an artist, but learning
I went not to theatrical, but to the musical school, since future actor
stuttered badly. But the dream of an acting career did not leave him. AND
he decided to take a chance. Во ВГANDКе он провалился, а вот в Щукинское
entered and in 1966. graduated from it. All-Union popularity to the artist
came after the picture “Arrows of Robin Hood”, where he played the main
Hero – Robin Hood. In 1982 Boris Khmelnitsky visited Hollywood.
There he was offered to play in the movie “Rock Climber” with a guaranteed
a million dollar fee. But the Soviet leadership did not give
actor on shooting permission. In the biography of Boris Khmelnitsky there
Another interesting fact: he was fond of playing billiards and was
master of sports. It was the only master of sports among artists.
on billiards. Алсу (род. 1983г.), российская
singer For the first time, viewers could get acquainted with the work of Alsou in
1998 When the video for the song “Winter Dream” was broadcast,
performed by an unknown young singer. At that time she was only 15
years, and it was her creative debut. He was quite successful.
Поэтому следом вышли еще две песни певицы — «ANDногда» и «Весна»,
who only strengthened the success of the young talent. A year later, Alsou
released her first music collection, more than half a million copies
which were sold out within six months. Two years later
after the start of her musical career, in 2000, the singer represented
Russia at the popular Eurovision Song Contest, where it took second place.
The peak activity of creative activity Alsou accounted for
1999-2005 In 2006 певица вышла замуж и стала основную hourть
time to devote to the family and raising daughters.

ANDменины 27th of June

ANDменины в этот день празднуют: Елисей, Георгий,
Yuri, Methodius

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