June 26: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 26th.

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Holidays June 26

Day to combat the use and trafficking

Set June 26 as a day to combat the spread and
употреблением drug и приравненных к ним средств, было решено
at the UN General Assembly in December 1987. His goal is
the formation of a public negative attitude towards drugs,
rehabilitation and assistance to drug addicts, combating
наркоторговлей и создание общества, свободного от drug.
This problem is not new. First steps to combat proliferation
stupefying potions were undertaken over a hundred years ago. Also in
1909 participants in the Shanghai Opium Commission, which included and
Russia, looking for ways to prevent the importation of a narcotic potion from
Asian countries. Unfortunately, in 100 years to get rid of this
problems failed: to this day, Asia and the East are the main
drug suppliers in the world.

June 26 in the national calendar

Akulina Grechishnitsa

When planting buckwheat focused on the day Akulina. Most
A good landing time was considered a week before the onset of Akulina and
a week later. In cloudy weather and in the rain, they did not practice sowing.
A sunny day was chosen, the grains were sown in a dry sandy
or dusty soil. To buckwheat gave a good harvest, on Akulina not
conducted no field work. Often peasants called this
Day of Akulin-byz, because by this time there was a big
the number of insects – gadflies, gadflies, flies and other nests.
They took out the cattle so that they ran across the field like mad,
could not resist on the spot. The animals ate poorly, the cows fell
milk yield

Historical events of June 26

June 26 1941 г. советский летчик Николай
Gastello accomplished the feat by sending the wounded aircraft to the column
enemy tanks on June 26 the crew of the aircraft, at the helm of which
was captain Gastello, received a combat mission. Was required
bomb the enemy convoy of tanks and vehicles stuck on one of the
roads leading to Radoshkovichi (Belarus). Dropping bombs on
German tanks, which were at the gas station, the plane began to leave, but
was hit and caught fire. Realizing that the airport can not reach,
the courageous pilot decided to send a burning
fighter in the convoy of the surviving enemy vehicles with tanks.
Having made a fire ram, Gastello dealt serious damage to the enemy: there was
destroyed a significant number of units of military equipment
the adversary. The feat of Nikolai Gastello became a symbol of fearlessness and
the heroism of the Soviet people, raising the morale of servicemen in
the hardest period – the beginning of the war. Posthumously fearless pilot
was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Gold Star Medal, awarded
звания Героя Советского Союза.June 26 1977 г.
Elvis Presley gave the last concert in his life American singer
Elvis Presley – one of the most successful and salable performers
twentieth century pop music. His name is so popular that
it does not have to add a surname. To understand who we are talking about
suffice it to say simply “Elvis”, in America it was often called
�“The King” because he was the recognized king of rock and roll. Him
the records went millions of copies, and performances always
collected full halls. Elvis was not just adored by the public, she was his
idolized He had a beautiful voice and talent, magnetism.
and charm, unique style and unusual manner of performance that in
the combination made Elvis a bright and charismatic person. He often
toured, in America alone, from 1969 to 1977, he gave more
1000 concerts, all the songs that they performed live. June 26
in Indianapolis, his usual performance took place. But for some reason
before performing the final song, Elvis unexpectedly began
thank for the help of all the people working with him in the team, what
never did before. Perhaps it was a sign that no one
then did not pay attention. One way or another, but the next concert,
scheduled for August 17, has not taken place. August 16, 1977
Elvis Presley died from an overdose of drugs.
June 26 2002 г. в Москве родился обычный мальчик,
которому родители дали необычное имяJune 26 в одном из рядовых
maternity hospitals of Moscow was born a healthy and quite ordinary boy.
If he was called Peter or, for example, Andrew, he would hardly have become
as famous as it is now. About this boy at least once, but heard
each. Because his name is Biological Object of Man,
abbreviated DRAW Date of birth and first letters are added to the name.
surnames of parents. BOB RVF 260602 – this is how it sounds full
name. Parents of the boy are creative people, maybe it affected
originality of choosing a name for a son. But they do not make their decision
changed even when the registrar refused
register a child with that name. Boch’s father even sued
in the Strasbourg court, but the court refused to consider this case.
So does the boy BOCH 260602 live without Russian citizenship and
birth certificates. So Tractors and Avant-gardes are still
not the worst option. At least they have

June 26 родились

Геннадий Зюганов (род. 1944г.), российский
политикJune 26 день своего рождения отмечает доктор философских
Sciences and the leader of the Russian Communists – Gennady Zyuganov. He is
constant member of the Communist Party since 1966, and since 1995. – chair
Central Committee. Zyuganov participated four times
presidential elections and all four times ranked second. is he
is the initiator of the cancellation of the Bialowieza Agreement, the creation
Union Russian-Belarusian State, the creator
socio-economic programs that take into account the interests of simple
citizens – increase in minimum pensions, salaries, return
pre-reform savings, the nationalization of important sectors of the economy,
return to the people of natural wealth. Jaak yoala
(genus. 1950), Estonian, Soviet singer: This singer with a beautiful
strong voice and bright external data was very popular in
Estonia and the Soviet Union in the 70’s and 80’s. of the last century.
Masterful possession of his voice and personal charm helped him
it is easy to win song contests and win the hearts of listeners
especially female audience. He performed such hits
as “I draw you”, “Sundial”, “Hello”, “Lavender”.
In addition to singing, Jaak Yoala played beautifully many musical
instruments: flute, guitar, piano, drums. And also was
famous racer in Estonia – he devoted all his free time
kart racing After completing a solo career, he taught in the musical
College in Tallinn, guitar and vocals, was engaged in producing
novice singers. Михаил Ходорковский (род.
1963), Russian entrepreneurEtot known disgraced oligarch before
2003 was one of the richest people in the world. is he руководил нефтяной
the Yukos company and at the same time was its co-owner. In 2003
on suspicion of fraud and tax evasion Khodorkovsky was
arrested, and in 2005. convicted by the court. World and some
by Russian associations, his arrest was perceived ambiguously:
someone considered the punishment fair, some consider
oligarch prisoner of conscience who suffered for the truth, according to political
motives. In 2011, on the surface of the new
circumstances, the sentence of Mikhail Khodorkovsky was extended
until October 2014.

Именины June 26

Именины в этот день празднуют: Андрей, Иван,
Alexander, Sawa, Jacob, Daniel, Anna, Akulina, Pelageya,

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