June 25: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 25th.

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Holidays June 25

Mariner’s Day (Sailor)

The decision to institute the celebration of the Day of the Seaman on June 25th was taken
in 2010 in Manila, at a conference organized there
International Maritime Organization. State representatives
members of this organization have decided that such a holiday is important and
necessary for all marine workers. After all, the contribution
seafarers in the development of world trade, economy, society,
extensive and invaluable. The first holiday was established for 1.5
million maritime workers who, unlike
military sailors, professional holiday until that time
have had. And after all, it is they who carry out more than 80% of the entire world.
trading activities. On this day, not only congratulate, express
gratitude and honor the most worthy representatives of marine
professions, but also talk about the problems that worry modern
seafarers. One of the most pressing and burning issues on
The agenda has been the problem of piracy for years. If earlier
Traditionally, water areas have always been considered dangerous areas.
Southeast Asia and Latin America, now – the coast
Africa, especially the water space near the state of Somalia.

Day of friendship and unity of the Slavs

In the world there are about three hundred million Slavic people
nationality. They make up the majority of the population of the whole of Europe.
Most of them are settled in the southern and eastern areas of this part.
Sveta. These are Bulgarians, Serbs, Macedonians, Slovenes, Belarusians, Ukrainians,
Russians In the central region of Europe live Czechs, Poles,
Slovaks, Kashubians. Slavs – peace-loving people who are always friendly
got along with each other and people of other nationalities and faith. TO
Unfortunately, in any family, especially large and international,
sometimes there are disagreements and disagreements on these or
other moments. At the end of the twentieth century, some
multinational states such as Czechoslovakia, USSR,
Yugoslavia. As a result, more individual
Slavic states, and it became necessary to establish new
friendships. Therefore, this holiday was established, which
would help the Slavs forget the old grievances, and establish between again
good neighborly relations between educated states. And
to remind you of common historical roots, to preserve a rich common
heritage, culture and centuries-old fraternal relations.
The most massively celebrated celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and
Belarus The heads of these states congratulate
their citizens, are reminded of the Slavic traditions, customs, want
peace, harmony and kindness. This holiday is more popular than
state, because it comes from common Slavic roots, customs,
cultural heritage that is passed on to new generations.

June 25 in the national calendar

Peter Solstice. Петр-TOапустник. Petr-fisher.

With Peter, the summer began to turn for the heat, and the Sun for the winter.
The heat began, which usually stood for forty days. The peasants had
this day is a long tradition – they climbed the mountain and met on
morning dawn sunrise. The last seedlings were planted on Peter
cabbage, cucumber, sowed cereals. Wheat or oats – white grain –
it was customary to sow before dinner, and buckwheat – black grain – in
afternoon. For planting late buckwheat this day
considered the most favorable. TOрестьяне даже приговаривали, если
sow on Greek “Peter”, then in the winter it will be possible to blink oven. On Peter
must go fishing, cooked fish dishes, especially
was honored ear.

Historical events June 25

25 июня 1961 г. в Бийске произошли массовые
The unrest that went down in history as the “Biysk pogrom”. It all started with
drinking alcohol in a public place by two friends,
came to Biysk to buy a car. Maybe all and
would end with a regular drive to the police, a fine and determination in
sobering up station if the woman had not intervened in the matter. Wife one
of her buddies, seeing her husband and companion leading her outfit
the police began to shout that they were being abducted. A crowd gathered around
onlookers and sympathizers. They turned over a police car and beat off
arrested. This was not enough in the direction of the police
Threats rained down, then stones flew and a fight ensued.
The situation has become unmanageable. Stop the riots could only
military personnel who were summoned to the rescue. For the incident
got to everyone: the police authorities received a strict
reprimanded, and the instigators and participants of the fight were deprived of their liberty for the terms
от 10 до 15 лет.25 июня 1999 г. в Москве скончался
popular actor Yevgeny Morgunov Eugene Morgunov starred in more,
than fifty pictures. But viewers still remember him more often.
Leonid Gaidai’s comedies that brought the folk actor
popularity. Together with Yuri Nikulin and George Vicin, he played
the comic trinity of Coward, Balbes and Experienced. Yevgeny Morgunov was
lover of jokes, great prankster and a joker. In his life
always surrounded by a cheerful company of friends and acquaintances. Eugene died
Morgunov at the age of 72 from a stroke. His grave is on
TOунцевском кладбище. 25 июня 2009 г. не стало
legends of pop music of the twentieth century, American singer Michael
Jackson Michael Jackson – an ordinary child from a Negro with many children
family, their hard work, dedication and perseverance could
achieve worldwide fame by becoming not only famous
pop performer, but also making a significant contribution to the development of the world
popular music. In 2009 he was officially recognized by the American
Legend and Icon of music. He won the Grammy Award 15 times and
hundreds of other equally important awards, his name fit 25 times
в TOнигу рекордов Гиннесса, а общее число копий проданных его
albums exceeded one billion. The day when the news came
The death of a pop idol has become a black date for many of his fans. His
was only 50 years old. The official version of the death of the singer – an overdose

Born on June 25

Тимур Бекмамбетов (род. 1961г.), казахский,
Russian director, music video directorFirst known to Timur
Bekmambetov came in 1992 when the country appeared on the screens
commercials bank advertising Imperial. Even then, they stood out from the background
other advertising plots with their creativity, “hooking” the viewer with
the very first seconds. It was the kind of advertisement you wanted.
watch, not click the remote to switch the channel. Him
�World History from Imperial Bank has become a classic of Russian
advertising. Later Timur tried his hand at directing artistic
films that the audience also took “with a bang.” He took off such
paintings as “Night Watch”, “Wanted”, Day Watch “,” The irony
of fate. Continued, Peshawar Waltz. Vladimir
(род. 1975г.), российский шахматистПостигать
стратегию и тактику шахматной игры Vladimir TOрамник начал в 11 лет,
visiting the school of Mikhail Botvinnik. At the age of 16 became
international grandmaster. And at 18 – one of the participants of the tournament.
contenders for the chess crown. After 7 years, in 2000 in
Лондоне он побеждает самого Гарри TOаспарова и становится Чемпионом
of the world. Через 4 года в Бриссаго, Vladimir подтверждает титул, сыграв
tied with Peter Leko. In 2006 in Elista, he wins
Веселином Топаловым и становится абсолютным чемпионом of the world.

Name Day June 25

Именины в этот день празднуют: Арсений, Андрей,
Ivan, Onufry, Peter, Timofey, Stepan, Anna, Euphrosyne

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