June 24: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June 24th.

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Holidays June 24

Indian Day is celebrated in Peru

In eastern Peru, indigenous Indian tribes have survived,
who still live isolated, speak local
adverbs, and livelihood themselves mined by doing farming,
hunting or fishing. The holiday begins with the fact that the Indians,
dressed in national clothes – colorful ponchos and knitted
chullo caps coming out of their settlements – coastal areas
Titicaca, Puno Plateau, small mountain and forest towns. They
walk to Cusco – the main city for them, which is considered
center of the universe. Here they honor their spirits, ask the gods
mercy, purify the soul and perform the main ritual – worship
The sun, which is considered their supreme deity. Thank him for
generosity and pray for the gift of a rich harvest.

Quebec National Day

This day is considered an official holiday in Quebec. Among his people
called the day Jean-Baptiste (John the Baptist) or just the day
Quebec. It has ancient roots. In catholic and protestant
countries widely celebrated religious holiday – Christmas of John
Baptist, who came immediately after the summer solstice. is he
was very popular in monarchical France. Quebec – province,
where the vast majority of residents have French roots. Exactly
their ancestors, being French colonists, were brought to Canada and
their traditions. These days on the streets of this Canadian province
noisy and crowded: dancing is held, folk are held
festivities, funny processions. The celebration ends the evening colorful

June 27 in the national calendar

Barnabas-Zemlyanichnik. Barnabas Day.

According to legends, at noon, the whole was going to Barnabas
evil – demons, witches, devils, ghouls in order to divide
among themselves the land and inheritance. They решали, кто из них будет людей пугать,
who to send them diseases, who to pet tails, manes and
wool tangle. By agreeing among themselves and sharing responsibilities
evil began to ride on the ground and the grass. Therefore, the grass in this
the day was not mowed down and not torn, the peasants believed that it was possible
grab evil spirits, and with them all the misfortunes. Not collected and
medicinal herbs because they were considered poisonous that day. From 24
June, the day began to shorten, the “mermaid” week began. On
Barnabas-Zemlyanichnik went to the forest to see if they were ripe
strawberry: if it was ripe and red, then this summer you can
it was expected a good harvest of berries.

Historical events of June 24

June 24, 1934 from Kharkov the capital of Ukraine was
moved to KievAfter the accomplishment of the October Revolution, the troops
The Red Army for a long time could not gain a foothold in Kiev. City then
turned out to be in the hands of red, then Petliurists beat him back or
Polish Army. Therefore, the Bolsheviks decided that the main city
Ukraine, its capital, will be Kharkov, because Kiev was under
контролем Украинской Onродной Республики. A little later, in
thirties in the higher echelons of the leadership of the USSR began to talk about
returning to Kiev the status of the capital. And at the next plenum
Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, held in January
1934, it was officially announced that the capital of Ukraine is considered
city ​​of Kiev. And on June 24, a ceremonial transfer of organs took place.
metropolitan government. 24 июня 1945 г. на Красной
Square parade was held VictoryParad marked the victory of the Soviet
people over the Nazi invaders. First on the pavement Red
the square passed young drummers, Suvorov, then followed
consolidated regiments of fronts, for each of which a military band
performed a special march. The parade was directed by Sergey Gerasimov,
who was the director of the Documentary Film Studio, and filmed
Legendary Victory Parade for newsreel. One of the best
directing his plots – the plot, when the Soviet soldiers
overthrow the fascist banners. To emphasize aversion to
to the defeated enemy, the hands of the soldiers were wearing gloves
which, after the parade was over, were symbolically burned.
Command of the Victory Parade was entrusted to Marshal Rokossovsky.
Marshal Zhukov took the parade. While there was a parade of victory, without stopping
it poured rain, as if mourning all those who perished in this merciless war.
Because of the rain, the solemn processions of civilians and
air part of the parade. June 24, 1959 Nikita
Khrushchev promised to show Richard Nixon, the American president,
�”Kuz’kinu mother” Getting acquainted with the achievements of the American economy,
которые США демонстрировали на выставке в Сокольниках, Nikita
Khrushchev told Richard Nixon, who was nearby, that the USSR had
secret weapon, so we will show you another “fucking mother”. is he
He meant that the Soviet Union also has something to surprise America.
Видимо Nikita Сергеевич, находясь под впечатлением от увиденного,
I wanted to give my “answer to Chamberlain”. On выставке можно было
see firsthand how ordinary Americans live were
demonstrated in the context of the layout of the American home, household
equipment and other benefits then civilization. Naturally that
the interest of visitors to the show was heightened, because a lot of
what was seen for the Soviet people was a wonder. Khrushchev was this
offended and said that our people do not need bourgeois subjects
luxury. Then he turned the conversation to another topic and threatened
Americans famous “kuzka’s mother.”

Born on June 24

Лена Перова (род. 1976г.), российская певицаЕлена
From the age of 10, Perova was engaged in singing and choreography. is heа обучалась в
group “Children’s World”, where her mother led. Later group
renamed the children’s variety theater. In 1990 to this team
пришли еще две новенькие девочки – Изольда Ишханишвили и Onстя
Makarevich. Exactly они вместе с Леной составили костяк вновь
created by the group “Lyceum”, the debut performance of which took place in
1991 in the transfer of “Morning Star”. And in 1992 they have already been shown in
the youth program “Muzoboz”, where they performed the song “Saturday
evening”. In 1997 Lena Perova leaves the group for some time she
was a soloist of the team “A-Mega”. Since 2000 she has been engaged in solo
career. The singer was co-host of several TV shows
(“Girls”, “Life is Beautiful”), starred in movies, participated in
TV show “The Last Hero”, “Violent Games”. Lionel
(род. 1987г.), аргентинский футболистLionel Месси —
football player from God, one of the best and technical players
modernity. is he обладает бесстрашным хладнокровием и мгновенной
speed in making decisions, feels confident on any
plot of the football field. is he виртуозно выполняет штрафные удары и
100 percent implements a penalty. First person who
saw a star in a little boy, and the only one from the family who
I wanted to see him as a football player, was his grandmother, who drove
Lionel for the first workout. Messi plays for spanish
�Barcelona is the captain of the Argentine national team (the youngest
captain in the history of the national team of Argentina). In 2010
he was recognized as the best footballer in the world. is he единственный игрок в
the world having four Golden Balls. Until January 2013 record
belonged to Michel Platini, Marco van Basten and Johan Cruyff,
who had three Golden Balls. The press dubbed him “new
Maradona “, he really is, even better.

Name Day June 24

Именины в этот день празднуют: Ефрем, Варнава,
Bartholomew, Maria

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