June 21: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 21.

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Holidays 21 June

International Day of Skateboarding

There is such a holiday in the calendar. It all began in 2004 in
California when local skateboarders driving under
prohibition signs, tired of fighting for the right to ride freely
the streets of the city. As you know, skaters pointedly fixed
inscriptions on signs from “No Skateboarding” to “Go Skateboarding” and
continued skating on the boards. Young extreme supported
International Skate Company Association, and petitioned in
US Congress. The application was granted, skaters received
the right to travel freely through the streets, and June 21, the day when
Congress approved its decision, was declared the Day of Skateboarding.
Russian extremals joined the celebration in 2006. WITH
every year more and more people participate in the celebration
wanting. They take to the streets, have fun, organize collective
skating and demonstration performances.

France is celebrating the Day of Music

On the day of the summer solstice, the whole of France is buried in the sounds of music. AT
This day is difficult to find a quiet corner. Music flows from everywhere: from
windows of houses, concert halls, salons of vehicles,
improvised playgrounds. Street performers
musicians, professional singers, sometimes you can hear real
French stars, and completely free. The holiday begins
from early morning and continues until dawn, but its apogee falls
on the evening when the working day ends. The streets becomes
especially crowded. Everyone who can sing a little,
sings, who does not know how – dancing or just enjoying the skill
performers. People’s faces never leave a smile, but their hearts are joyful and
good mood. This beautiful holiday established in 1982
the then Minister of Culture, Jacques Langreau, for which the French still
a day overly grateful.

June 21 in the national calendar

Fedor Summer

Еще его называли WITHтратилат или Колодезник. AT этот день было
taken to dig wells. To choose a good place for the night, on
different tracts of land, laid upturned frying pans. In the morning
watched – what pan more than all sweated, has water
drips, in this place and it is worth digging a well. Then he will
full of water and inexhaustible. Fedor Summer is the beginning
astronomical summer, from that day came the sultry heat. WITH Федора
they began to take manure into the fields. So that the earth was fertile and
gave a rich harvest, it was necessary to fertilize it well. AT «навознице»
the whole village took part together, less often the neighbors were grouped between
by myself. And then alternately, treated areas of each owner.
Moreover, the duties were strictly distributed: “koptsy” – young
guys – dug manure, “robbers” – young girls – smashed
manure, the men loaded him in carts, and the children were transported. In places
the women unloaded the manure from the carts and distributed it across the field.

Historical events June 21

June 21, 1893 first appeared in the world
attraction – “Ferris Wheel” The wheel was installed in Chicago,
где проходила в то время ATсемирная колумбовская выставка,
dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America. Wheel weight was about 2
tons, and diameter – 75 meters. On its circumference were attached 36
about the size of a bus. AT каждой кабинке было 60 мест
– 20 seated and 40 standing. One turn was made in 20 minutes. AT
the movement of the wheel led two steam engines, each 1000l.s.
21 июня 1913 года в Лос-Анджелесе прыжок с
a parachute was first carried out by a woman. It was a young American woman –
Georgia Broadwick from California, who was only 18 years old.
�“Baby,” that is what they called Georgia, jumped with a parachute with
aircraft, and landed safely at the site of the airfield. ATысота
jump was 305 meters. And the very first jump in the world from
the cabin of the aircraft made a year earlier Albert Berry, captain
american army. AT марте 1912 года он прыгнул с высоты 450
meters, flying in free fall about 120 meters. 21
June 1925
in Moscow, the first taxisMuscovites reached the line
immediately appreciated the new service. ATо-первых, езда была более
comfortable than with a cab driver, and secondly, the trip was cheaper.
ATсе авто были иностранного производства. First Taxi Park
consisted of 16 cars “Renault”, then added to them “Fiats” and
Fords. Как только автомобильная промышленность в WITHWITHWITHР набрала
force, taxis were replaced by domestically produced cars
– “Emki” – M1 and “GAZ-A”. June 21, 2008
Russian football team reached the semifinals of Europe
championship This is the first great success of the Russian team after the collapse
WITHоветского WITHоюза. June 21 in Basel was a match for the exit in
semifinal between the national teams of the Netherlands and Russia. Russian
the football players had a pretty confident meeting and won with a score
3: 1. Goals scored Pavlyuchenko, Arshavin and Torbinsky. AT полуфинале
Russia has got a strong rival – Spain national team. Howsoever
great was the desire of Russian footballers to achieve victory in this
the game but fortune was on the side of the Spaniards. They won with a dry
score – 3: 0. By the way, they became European champions. And our
the team got an honorable third place.

Born on June 21

Мишель Платини (род. 1955г.), французский
football player, trainer Illustrious french soccer player with the world
by name. His sports career accounted for 80-90 years of the past
century. Он начинал в «Нанси», играл в «WITHент-Этьене» и «Ювентусе»,
He played for the French team. Michel Platini – European Champion
winner of multiple football cups, best french
Footballer of the 20th century, the best foreign player (in the history of Italian
football). He is the only one who won the Golden Ball Award.
three years in a row – from 1983 to 1985 AT 1987г. finished career with
1988года на тренерской работе.ATиктор Цой (1962г. —
1990г.), советский рок-певец, лидер группы «Кино»ATиктор Цой никогда
was not meek. He was always a rebel, but creative and
multi-talented personality. ATначале он учился в
art school. After the exception for failure, went
study woodcarver, seriously fond of music and
martial arts. He founded the legendary rock band “Kino”,
where he was a soloist, guitarist, author of poems and music performed
songs. Tragically died in August 1990, hitting a car accident.
ATиктор Цой еще при жизни стал культовым певцом для молодежи, его
popularity after death increased even more. William
(род. 1982г.) британский принц William Уэльский —
Duke of Cambridge, grandson of Elizabeth II, the eldest son of Princess Diana
and prince charles. He is the first of the hereditary princes of Britain, who
родился не в королевских покоях, а госпитале WITHвятой Марии в
London He grew up to be a curious child and very restless. WITHтав
старше, William остепенился. He studied at the boarding school, where
obeyed the general rules by which the rest lived
pupils. He did not have special privileges, a separate room,
4 pupils were his neighbors. After boarding graduated from Eton
college. The prince has not only a notable origin, but
beautiful external data. Therefore, for a long time was considered
an enviable groom. But he gave his heart to the representative not
royal bloodies, and an ordinary girl – Kate Middleton. Their wedding
was held in April 2011, and in July 2013. young family with
impatiently waiting for replenishment – the appearance of his first

Name Day June 21

Федор, Павел, ATасилий, Константин, Ефрем

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