June 20: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays of June 20th.

Sun, 05 Jun 2016


Holidays June 20

World Day celebrates the protection of elephants in captivity

The annual calendar already has one date – September 20, when
Celebrate Elephant Protection Day. He is dedicated to protecting all elephants — like
both in captivity and in their natural habitat. So
Here is June 20 – the day when they pay attention to elephants in
captivity – zoos, circuses, etc. It was first celebrated in 2009.
Then the organizers of the movement in defense of these animals decided that
henceforth their main task will be the release of all the elephants,
being in captivity. After all, elephants are the largest mammals.
animals that need large for a comfortable life
territory. In captivity, they are deprived of free movement, and
forced many years to exist in close and limited
space. Their whole life passes in agony and hardship. But only
so that people can personally admire these land
giants. A separate topic is the issue of ill-treatment
elephants, in particular not humane methods of training. When in order
to subdue the will of animals, use painful methods, applying
iron spears and hooks. June 20, activists of the movement hold
educational conversations with visitors and employees of zoos,
just people on the streets. Tell them about these amazing
animals, their lifestyles, habits, how hard they live
captive. Soие лекции приносят первые плоды: в США некоторые
zoos have transferred elephants to nature reserves, where they are located
as close to the natural environment. Until this day
attributed to the official holidays, but activists
UN petitioned for June 20 to be entered in the calendar
official dates

June 20 in the national calendar

Fedot the Harvest

On this day, the peasants waited for warm, sunny weather. Then
The rye harvest must certainly be rich, and each rye spikelet
– poured. Otherwise, if it was raining, according to all signs
should have been preparing for crop failure and an abundance of lean and empty
spikelets. Therefore, on the eve and on Fedot, the peasants prayed that
God on this day gave sunny weather and saved from rain. By
Legends Fedot guarded swimmers and frightened mermaids. Byэтому в
this day could safely go into the water. The peasants believed that Fedot
with a sharp sickle walked along the river bank, and as soon as the mermaid
tried to drag someone to the bottom, in one fell swoop cut off the mermaid
hair in which all the magical power of these
insidious undine. Fedot accounted for mezhduparye. This is the gap
when the sowing campaigns have ended, and the haymaking has not yet begun. Have
the peasants had some free time that was spent not in
idle talk, and used for business. Usually peasant
women started a big wash – buchenie. In huge tubs and tanks
laid a large batch of clothes for washing, most often bedding
and underwear, they poured it with liquor (homemade detergent from
ash) and put the vats to heat-boil on the fire. Then on
carts brought boiled linen rinse. Outerwear is not buchili.
She was cleaned, knocked out, dried in the sun.

Historical events of June 20

June 20, 1803 for the first time in Russia soared into the sky
a balloon with passengers aboard the Daredevil turned out to be
French aeronaut Jacques Garnerin, but not one. With him
his wife, Eliza, rose into the air. They arrived in Russia by
special invitation to show circus
attractions – climbing a balloon in the air, entertain
metropolitan public. June 20 in St. Petersburg was given the first
performance and the ball, in front of the amazed crowd, among which
was the emperor himself, rose to the sky. After two months
Garnerin took with him the flight of General Lvov, and in May 1804, in
the sky with the French aeronaut rose first Russian
женщина-воздухоплаватель Тушенинова.20 июня 1840г.
Samuel Morse patented the telegraph. It was a special
electromagnetic design to transmit messages by
wires. The electromagnetic telegraph was first invented in 1832.
Russian scientist Pavel Schilling. In 1833 similar telegraphs were
built by Wilhelm Weber and Klaus Gauss. But ahead of all and
The American Samuel Morse guessed to patent the device. Difference
his telegraph from the previously created was that his design
was electromechanical, and the telegraphs of Schilling and Gauss –
switch type. Additionally, the merit of the American inventor
is considered a code invented by him for transmitting information – alphabet
Morse. When ordinary letters were replaced by combinations consisting
из точек и тире.20 июня 1934г. in london were
parts of the historic Waterloo Bridge at the end
1923, London Waterloo Bridge, built in 1817, for the first time
began to deform and sag. Inspection commission
decided that the bridge needed reconstruction. And
it was suggested that at the same time the bridge should be expanded,
caused a squall of letters and calls disgruntled British. England
divided into two parts: half of the inhabitants were in favor of preserving
constructions of the old type, the other – for the expansion of the bridge.
The confrontation of the camps lasted as much as 10 years, and in 1934 it was decided
improve the bridge and start dismantling it. Londoners love to
the old bridge was so great that many residents wished
This piece of history to keep in his memory. Byэтому 1300
granite fragments of the bridge were exhibited not selling for a pound for
brick Currently, fragments are scattered around the world –
they are kept in museums, private collections or, as a talisman,
laid during the construction of various structures.

Born on June 20

Вячеслав Котеночкин ( 1927г. — 2000г.),
Soviet animator, director Vyacheslav Kotenochkin,
famous Soviet multiplier to become an animator was
written on the race. How else to explain two cases, one of which
left a mark in his memory for life, as if gave impetus
subconscious, in which direction to move. And the second brought with
a man after meeting with whom the fate of the future was determined
multiplier. The first moment is a memory from his childhood about
Christmas tree in the Hall of Columns, where little Slava saw the first
in his life cartoon. And the second is a meeting with a famous animator.
Boris Dezhkin. It was he who advised Kotenochkin to try
enroll in courses of artists-animators, organized with
Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. Vyacheslav entered and received a rare
profession, and with it the world fame. After all
Vyacheslav Kotenochkin is the author of the popular Soviet
animated series – “Well, wait!”. Николь Кидман (род.
1967г.), австралийская, американская актрисаHaveмная, красивая,
talented, sexy – with no epithets
Nicole True film critics did not immediately recognize her acting
abilities. Изменить решение им пришлось после картин «Byртрет
леди» и «Haveмереть за…», где актриса справилась с ролями просто
sumptuously. Well, after the movie-musical “Moulin Rouge” completely
surrendered. Here she showed herself also as a singer, having performed all
their own party. Nicole Kidman is still in demand
and highly paid actress. She is invited to act in films,
commercials called on television. She is a participant of many
charity events, leads an active social life.

Name Day June 20

Fedot, Anton, Artem, Ivan, Stepan, Sevastyan, Taras, Maria,
Valeria, Zinaida

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