June 18: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays of 18 June.

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Holidays June 18

Italy was proclaimed a Republic

June 18, 1946 is considered the birthday of the new system
government board. This date was preceded by
nationwide referendum held in Italy on June 2, on
which the majority of citizens wished to eliminate the monarchical
system of government and voted for the Republic. In an election for the first time
Italian women also took part. According to the results
the referendum, Italy June 18 was officially proclaimed
Republic, and from January 1, 1948. started to act new
Constitution. From 2000, June 2 – date
Referendum – officially became a public holiday in the country.

Adherents of Zoroastrianism celebrate the holiday of healers

Haurvat – the patron of healers. It is said that the real healer
he who heals not only the physical body, but also the soul, i.e.
eliminates energy negativity and impurity. Good
restores cell structure and integrity of the body clean
water. It is believed that on this day the water in natural sources has
such cleansing properties. If a в день Haurwat выпить воду
from the spring, you can be cleansed of negative, splits, contradictions
both on the spiritual level and on the physical one, to gain the full
harmony with the world and themselves. Celebrate the holiday with the sunrise
first rays of the sun before its full sunset. Begin the celebration with
the fact that four lights are lit. On this day, everyone can
to unite on the basis of selflessness and mutual aid. For this they
should be drunk from a common cup of milk, juice, or spring water.

June 18 in the national calendar

Dorofeev day. Dorothea accounts for the first of the three shortest
nights of the year. In the people such nights are called “passerines”.
It is believed that on the night of Dorothea you can look into
the future, seeing the prophetic dream. Happiness awaits the one who sees in a dream
young girl or young man. But if you dream of an old woman with a stick,
worth the trouble. On this day, sleep-grass blossomed.
The peasants believed that any evil spirits bypasses its tenth road,
therefore, sleep-grass was taken to carry and have in the house. If a
the hut was only built, the grass was walled up at the corners of the building,
so that life in the new house was calm and in prosperity. It did not
any plant. To sleep-grass possessed miraculous
properties, it was collected by all means with conspiracies, and after,
waiting for the full moon, put in spring water – “correct” grass
must move. On Dorothea tried to weed with
Morning beds from weeds. It was believed that at that place she no longer
will grow up.

Historical events of June 18

June 18 1918 г. в Севастополе был преднамеренно
flooded the Black Sea FleetBrest Treaty signed
the Bolsheviks in 1918, obliged all the ships of the Black Sea Fleet,
located in Sevastopol, pass under the control of Germany. To
save the fleet, the Soviet government decided
relocate ships from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk. Germany
did not like this maneuver, and she demanded in the ultimatum
return ships. Otherwise, threatened to break the Brest
contract and re-start military action against Russia. Before
the Bolsheviks got a dilemma: either get involved in a war, or pass
Черноморский флот Germany. The first item disappeared immediately, because
military power to resist the German troops, Russia has not
It was, but the fleet did not want to give. Therefore, Lenin gave the order to
its flooding. Crews of several battleships decided independently
go to Sevastopol and surrender to the Germans. Most of the ships
remained in Tsemessky bay, where they were flooded on June 18th. Total
14 ships of the Black Sea Fleet were flooded. 18
июня 1932 г.
перестало существовать такое государство, как
Socialist Republic of Chile
Republic short, only 13 days. June 6, as a result
a revolutionary coup, Communists came to power in Chile.
Republic declared socialist, were prepared
relevant decrees. It was planned in addition to private, enter and
collective ownership, nationalize strategic
enterprises, empty land to distribute to peasants, etc. But such
The state of affairs did not suit Britain and the United States, which controlled
Chile’s economy. Therefore, they allocated funds to overthrow the new
government. On June 18, the opposition forces succeeded in staging a mutiny and
seize power. The socialist government was arrested, and
his supporters were persecuted and terrorized. June 18
in direct flight from Moscow to the United States through
The North Pole set off the ANT-25 aircraft. It was the first in the world
Aviation flight over the North Pole. The crew consisted of three
man: the first pilot Chkalov, the second pilot Baidukov and
radio operator navigator Belyakov. Вылет состоялся June 18. After 63.5 hours
flight, June 20, the plane landed at the airport, located
near Vancouver. The flight was not easy. It was passed
about 10 thousand km, most of the way passed blindly, because route
was uncharted, and under the wings of the plane stretched endless
ices. Flew over Canada, the car hit a cyclone and had to
sidestep. Stocks of oxygen were coming to an end, pilots
they were exhausted and they were changing at the helm literally every hour. By
upon arrival they were greeted as heroes both in America and at home, in the Soviet
Union. The names of the Soviet pilots for a long time were at first
strips of world prints.

June 18 родились

Джеймс Byл Маккартни (род. 1942г.), британский
музыкантByл Маккартни рано потерял mother. Engaged in his upbringing
father is a musician, who gave his son a love for music. By вечерам
father and his children often arranged improvised at home
concerts Именно от отца Byл получил в подарок первую в своей жизни
the guitar. Soon McCartney meets John Lennon. Them pretty
quickly made friends music, as well as the fact that both lost early
mother. These two musicians were destined to become founders
team “The Beatles”, which has become a legend of the world scale.
Byсле распада группы, Маккартни основал свой коллектив, а спустя
some time engaged in a solo career. For services to
Britain and the contribution to the development of the music movement in 1997. his
It was granted knighthood. Отныне он именуется как сэр Byл
McCartney. Максим Галкин (род. 1976г.), пародист,
pop artist Maxim from an early age was an artistic child:
His first public performance was held at the matinee in the children’s
the garden, where he appeared before the audience in the form of a chicken. Byзже
participated in school performances, trying on various
acting roles, practiced in a parody, very likely
portraying not only classmates, but also teachers and directors.
Byсле школы поступил в гуманитарный университет, одновременно
visiting the student theater MSU. He invented and showed parodies on
famous politicians of the time – Khasbulatov, Gorbachev, Yeltsin.
I liked the number, and Galkina was included in the concert program
student theater. From this comic number and began
artistic career of a future star. Now Maxim is extremely
popular artist: he is invited to conduct various programs
shows, festivals, he performs solo concerts, is filmed in

Именины June 18

Igor, Victor, Dorofey, Leonid, Konstantin, Fedor, Pavel,
Kondraty, Anastasia, Galina, Vasilisa

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