June 17: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 17th.

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Holidays June 17

Iceland is celebrating the “Day of the Proclamation of the Republic”

Icelanders suffered their independence. After all, from the end of the 14th century to
nineteenth, the country was a colony then Norway, then Danish
kingdom Only when the ideas of the French reached Denmark
The revolution of freedom and equality, the Icelanders began to fight for
independence, led by Jone Sigurdsson. Defending their
rights, Sigurdsson and his associates succeeded step by step
approach the day when Iceland becomes independent
by the state. In 1918 Iceland received long-awaited sovereignty,
true in union with Denmark, and in 1944 became completely independent.
The day of the proclamation of the sovereignty of Iceland decided to consider June 17 –
the birthday of the leader of the liberation movement Jouna Sigurdsson,
which led the country to victory. This is one of the favorite holidays.
Icelanders. They spend it noisy and fun: in many cities
parade marches, theater performances, everywhere
music sounds, people have fun and dance right in the squares and streets.

June 17 in the national calendar

Mitrofan Invader

Peasants treated manure with great respect. After all,
how well the land will be fertilized by them, and so rich
harvest could wait. Therefore, on Mitrofan’s “Mother Earth” generously
fed by “dung-father”. From this work none of
farmers did not shirk, so that by the fall they would not stay empty
bins. With Mitrofan, one could begin to sow buckwheat. Defining
time for planting, focused on strawberry berries. Once
they began to blush, you could start sowing. Even better,
if the landing day was at full moon.

Historical events June 17

June 17, 1899 was first launched
icebreaker “Baikal” It was not just an icebreaker, it served as a ferry
ferry plying on Baikal. Trans-Siberian Railway still
it was not completed, so from St. Petersburg trains went to Irkutsk,
and from Vladivostok only to Mysovoy. Ferry served as saving
a straw that connected Mysovaya and the port of “Baikal” daily
making two flights. His travel time was 4.5 hours, ferry
was able to break the ice thickness of one and a half. �”Baikal” was
British shipbuilders pride differed large
dimensions and carrying capacity. According to these parameters, he held among
icebreakers second in the world. To deliver “Baikal” to the place
exploitation, it was transported unassembled, and then
on site, reassembled. After completion of the missing area
Transsib, when the need for a ferry has disappeared, it was used as
reserve crossing. In the civil war became available
Red Guards. In August 1918, when the ferry was moored at
станции Мысовая, он был расстрелян белочехами и затонул.17
июня 1939 г.
во Франции последний раз была совершена
public penalty. A means to execute a mortal
the verdict served as the guillotine “lucky” turned out to be serial
killer Eugen Wademan. After all the executions were committed in prison
courtyard without a crowd of onlookers. From the presence of the audience decided to refuse
because they sometimes behaved simply uncontrollably, often scandals with
press, trying to take the best seats. Use guillotine for
head cutoff proposed Constituent Assembly in 1789. doctor
Guillotine. He believed that the execution was faster, and the victim
long does not suffer. And most importantly, now all the “suicide bombers”, regardless
from social origin, had equal rights before the law. how
it is known that guillotine was previously considered the privilege of the nobility. Them
chopped off his head with an ax or sword. And ordinary people more often
executed by hanging or simply burned. Good Offer
doctorа было принято не сразу. It caused a lot of controversy and
demanded lengthy discussions. However, at the end of April 1792.
состоялась первая казнь с использованием гильотины.June 17
1961 года
Рудольф Нуриев, находясь на гастролях в Париже,
asked for political asylumThe Ballet Company of the Mariinsky Theater,
the soloist of which was Rudolf Nureyev, was on tour during
France. The dancer refused to return home and asked
shelter In the Soviet Union, this act was perceived as a slap in the face,
and the name of Nureyev in the USSR for more than thirty years was forbidden. Him
acquitted only in 1995, when the Law was passed,
rehabilitating victims of political repression. Great career
the dancer in the West was very successful: he was a star
The Royal London Theater, toured extensively throughout
light, his name thundered to the whole world. Having completed his career as a dancer, he
put on classic and modern ballets, starred in movies, on
a television. He died in 1993, at the age of 55. June 17
1984 года
, в возрасте 78 лет, скончалась певица Клавдия
Shulzhenko Claudia Shulzhenko was truly a people’s artist,
which earned itself the love and recognition of millions of listeners.
Her songs became especially popular during the Great Patriotic War, when the singer
gave concerts in front of the fighters right on the front. The warmth of her songs
warmed the hearts of the soldiers, reminded them of their home, mothers,
loved ones. A particularly popular song, repeatedly performed for an encore,
was the “Blue Handkerchief”, which became the business card of Claudia
Shulzhenko. At the end of the war, the singer continued her creative
activity – recorded songs, performed concerts
participated in festivals. His last record Shulzhenko
recorded in 1980, and in 1981. her memoirs were published. Claudia
Shulzhenko was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.

June 17 родились

Александра Захарова (род. 1962г.), российская
actress usually say that children of talented people have nature
resting. Themея в виду, что им вряд ли удастся добиться высоких
results, like parents. But sometimes there are exceptions. One thing
of them – Alexander Zakharova, the daughter of a famous screenwriter and
director Mark Zakharov. Thanks to its natural, and maybe
hereditary talent, the girl managed to enter the Schukinskoye
drama school. Alexandra plays in the theater and actively withdraw
to the cinema. One thingй из первых ее «киношных» картин была «Формула любви»,
where she played the eccentric fimka. The spectator saw her completely different.
in the film “Criminal Talent”, where she appeared in the image of Sanka
Rukojatkina, limitchitsa, who came to conquer Moscow. To many viewers
Alexandra opened up as an actress from this role, where she just
played a great duet with Alexei Zharkov, who played the role
investigator Ryabinin. Other equally popular films in which
the actress starred – “Thin Thing”, “The Master and Margarita”, “The Other
жизнь», «Приговор», «Следы на песке» и др.Алан
(род. 1990г.), российский футболистСпортсмены с
The Caucasus is not only unsurpassed wrestlers, but also excellent players.
One of them is young, but talented Ossetian Alan
Dzagoev. Many people remember his bright performance at the European Championship.
2012, where he was recognized as the best scorer of the tournament. Although
the Russian team at this Championship is pathologically unlucky, facilitate
the bitterness of defeat and failure was helped by a beautiful and selfless game
Alana Dzagoeva. Currently, Alan is a CSKA player. This
the football player is still quite young and very promising, therefore not
it is possible that he will leave a mark in the history of world football.

Themенины June 17

Alexander, Valery, Athanasius, Mark, Cyril, Nikolay, Methodius,
Mitrofan, Maria, Marfa

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