June 16: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June 16th.

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Holidays June 16

June 16, 1963 the first woman astronaut flew into space

Early in the morning of June 16, 1963. spacecraft “Vostok-6” soared with
Baikonur cosmodrome, carrying Valentina to the endless sky
Tereshkova – the world’s first female astronaut. She was in space
three days, making the ship 48 turns around the Earth. Tereshkova
completed the assignment for “excellent”, proving that women can
cope with space overloads, weightlessness, without losing
this performance. Despite the successful flight, female
cosmonautics in the USSR was not developed. After Tereshkova of
Soviet and Russian women astronauts in space just visited
Svetlana Savitskaya (in 1982 and 1984) and Elena Kondakova (in 1994 and

Father’s Day (date for 2013)

This holiday has no fixed date, it is celebrated on the third
Sunday June. Initially, it began to celebrate in America, then
picked up other countries – France, Japan, UK, China,
Netherlands. It all began back in 1910 when the church was
service dedicated to the celebration of “Mother’s Day”. And one woman
her name was Sonora Smart (Dodd), she thought, and why, in fact, no
similar holiday for fathers. After all, there are men who
independently raising children. Here is her father, after death
mother, he raised to the feet of six children. Sonora wanted to
her father William knew how she appreciates him, loves and is grateful to him for
kindness, sacrifice, for being honorably performed by the parent
debt. Sonora has asked the local authorities to designate
officially one day a year when children can express their love
and thanks to the father. Her offer was met with understanding and
approved, and in America there was a new holiday – “Father’s Day”. Him
It was planned to celebrate June 5, the birthday of Sonora’s father. But not
there was enough time to organize and prepare the celebration. therefore
noted the 19th number, which had to be in 1910. on the third
Sunday June. It has already become a tradition on this day to give gifts
fathers flowers, most often roses. Alive parents wear red
flowers, and the grave – white.

June 16 in the national calendar

Lukyan Windmill. To determine the weather for the coming summer, as well
find out what to expect the harvest, the peasants on this day watched
every breath of breeze. And it was necessary to do it late
in the evening, so they did not go to bed early that day. By that with
which side the wind would blow could they predict
diseases or epidemics. therefore к определению направления ветра
treated very carefully, it was important not to make a mistake. If the wind
was from the south – this foreshadowed the rapid growth of the spring crops and their rich harvest,
from the east – to diseases, pestilence and fad, northwest wind
He promised a raw summer, and the north-east torrential rains,
which could ruin the rye harvest. If on Luka Wind, it’s still
one name of this day, thunder rattles, it means haymaking this year
will be unsuccessful, and hay rotten. But if it rained, then rejoiced
– summer and autumn will be especially mushroom.

Historical events June 16

June 16, 1633 trial took place over Galileo Galilei
The Inquisition, accusing him of heresy, Galileo was the first astronomer
who watched the starry sky with improvised
optic tubes. This prototype of the modern telescope gave 32
multiple increase that for those measures was fantastic. Via
magnifying design Galileo managed to make a lot
discoveries. They discovered the satellites of Jupiter, depressions and
heights on the moon, and most importantly, he considered that the milky way
consists of individual stars. This confirmed the earlier assumption.
Giordano Bruno that the universe is limitless. Him открытия
provoked the anger and outrage of church representatives, because
struck at religious fiction. The Inquisition arranged over
an astronomer court and forced to renounce the doctrine. Last years of his
жизни Галилей жил под домашним арестом, умер в 1642г.16
июня 1925 г.
впервые открылся лагерь «Артек»Здравница
�Artek was intended for children infected with tuberculosis, where
they could improve their health and strengthen their body. Originally
the camp consisted of several canvas tents set up
right by the sea. June 16, 1925 the sanatorium took the first
visitors in the amount of eighty people. These were Soviet
pioneers, who came on a voucher from the Crimea, Moscow and
Ivano-Voznesensk. Gradually the camp grew, canvas
the tents were replaced by plywood houses and then by brick
enclosures. The camp began to accept students not only from the USSR, but also
foreign countries. There were many who wished, but the number of places
limited, no more than 27,000 people a year. therefore попасть в Артек
it was not easy, only the most worthy ones were rewarded
pioneers. After the collapse of the USSR, Artek withdrew to the Crimea
Украине.16 июня 1959 г. впервые распахнула двери
VDNHVDNH – Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy – was conceived
as a demonstration the highest achievements of the Soviet republics in the region
science, culture, national economy. On the territory of the complex,
larger than 200 hectares, there were numerous pavilions with
exhibits. At thematic exhibitions and seminars,
which were held annually on the territory of VDNH, not only
record achievements were demonstrated, but training was also provided
New production methods, seminars, courses,
scientific and technical conferences, where innovators, innovators,
scientists, experts shared best practices. Later on site
the exhibition complex were held not only All-Union, but also
international inserts on which samples of the best were exhibited
achievements of the national economy of Bulgaria, Hungary, the CMEA member countries
and etc.

Were born on June 16

Анатолий Чубайс (род. 1955г.), российский
politician Anatoly Chubais was born in Borisov, in a military family. But
to continue the dynasty of the military did not, and entered in
Engineering and Economics Institute in Leningrad, which in 1977.
successfully graduated. Him всегда тянуло к торговле и экономике. He even
at one time was selling tulips. As he himself was joking, he got acquainted with
basics of a market economy. In 1983 he became an economics candidate
Sciences, defended his thesis. In the 90s. was an adviser to the mayor of Leningrad
on economic issues. Chubais is one of the most
unpopular Russian statesmen who cannot
forget privatization when state property is not entirely
justly passed into the hands of a certain group of people.
Максим Покровский (род. 1968г.), российский
музыкантМаксим Покровский — бессменный лидер группы «Butгу свело»,
which he and his friend founded in 1988. Collective fast
became popular first in narrow circles, and then among listeners throughout
country. Almost all the songs for the group Maxim writes himself. He’s writing
music to many films, and his song “Go East” has become
official soundtrack to the famous painting “Turkish Gambit”.
Maxim Pokrovsky can be seen not only on the music scene.
He acts in films, plays in the theater, takes part in the reality
and TV shows. In addition to music, Max Pokrovsky has two more
Hobbies – car racing and horse riding, which he devotes
free time.

Name Day June 16

Denis, Afanasy, Lawrence, Dmitry, Pavel, Semyon, Julian, Lukyan,
Sophia, Polina, Uliana

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