June 15: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays June 15th.

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Holidays June 15

Armenia celebrates National Flag Day

The red-blue-orange tricolor was adopted by the Supreme Council.
Armenian Republic in 1990., as the state symbol of the country.
It was based on the historical flag of the Democratic Republic
Armenia 1918goda. The cloth which consists of three equal bands.
Upper red denotes the blood of Armenian sons who died in
fight for independence. The middle blue is peaceful and clean.
the sky under which every citizen dreams to live, and the lower
Orange symbolizes the fertile lands of Armenia and hardworking
the people who handle them. After adoption by the National
The Republican Assembly on June 15, 2006 Law “On State
flag “, was simultaneously approved and a public holiday –
�”Flag Day”, which was decided to celebrate June 15.

June 15 in the national calendar

Nikifor Duboder

With Nikifor, they began to harvest oak bark, scraping it with
trees. Tanning of animal skin did not do without oak bark.
To make the skin more qualitative, the bark of old and
young trunks, it was collected from oak trees of age
ten to fifteen years old. Green loach June 15 was also called “Green
loach “. On this day, young girls wove wreaths of
loaches Such a wreath promised good luck, a quick meeting with the betrothed and served
guard against the evil eye and damage. And in the evening, boys and girls were going to
merry-go-rounds, where they sang songs, led round dances and looked after the groom
or the bride.

Historical events June 15

15 июня 1846 года Британией и Соединенными
The States signed the Oregon Treaty, which established on
Oregon land is the boundary between these two states, which
held at 49 parallelsOregon Treaty put an end to mutual
claims of these countries to neutral areas near the border.
The fact is that in 1818 these two states were separated
forty-nine parallel, the line between the lines ran up to the Rocky Mountains. BUT
the territory to the west of the mountains was free and equal
использовалась как BUTнглией, так и СШBUT. Naturally arose
constant disputes, because each side wanted to achieve complete
control, especially zealous Americans who dreamed
expand your domain to 54 parallels. It got to the point that
the air smelled of powder, the countries were ready to join the military
actions between themselves. But in 1846. war broke out between Mexico and
СШBUT, американцы не могли позволить себе воевать на два фронта, и
agreed to a compromise. 15 июня 1985 г. было
cut and doused with acid canvas by Rembrandt “Danae” This
an unpleasant incident occurred in the Hermitage right in front of
museum visitors. From the group of sightseers separated short
man and came close to the picture. Initially, he put on the canvas
stabbing and then splashed with concentrated acid. By
randomness did not hit the liquid on the face of Danae, most of
reproductions in an instant turned into a black spot. Byсле длительной
restoration, which took place as long as 12 years, the picture took in
The museum has its former place. 15 июня 1996 г. В СШBUT
The greatest jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald passed away, she was
79 yearsElla Fitzgerald has been considered the best in the world for more than half a century.
jazz vocalist. Has a wide range of voices in three
octaves, masterfully owned voice improvisation. Noteworthy
that Ella did not have a musical education and never attended
vocal classes. She also did not need a singing before
concerts, she took any note with ease, without the slightest effort
and workouts. During her singing career, Fitzgerald has released 90
albums and 13 times honored with a Grammy Award. During the life of the singer
More than forty million records of her songs were sold.
She wore the informal titles “Queen of Jazz” and “First Lady
songs”. 15 июня 1999 г. в Бельгии был наложен
ban on the sale of “Coca-Cola” Maybe once a Coke was
natural and tonic drink, but not in the present.
After conducting a laboratory analysis, it was found that in addition to sugar and water,
There is nothing natural in this drink. Even caffeine and that
manufacturers added synthetic, and instead of citric acid
put phosphoric. It is because of the high content of chemical
substances to preserve the health of their citizens, the Belgian
the authorities have banned the sale of this popular drink to
territory of the country. Let all fans of Coca-Cola make
To think about the “benefits” of this sparkling water is another fact: for
transportation of beverage concentrate to the place of spill, cans in which
transported cola, equipped with special pallets,
designed to move fluids with aggressive

Born on June 15

Демис Руссос (род. 1946г.), греческий
певецBUTртемиос Руссос, именно это настоящее имя певца, родился в
musical family. His father played the guitar excellently and his mother
was a singer. Byэтому неудивительно, что родители с детства привили
boy love music He plays the organ, the guitar, double bass
trumpet, and most importantly, has a very beautiful and unusual voice. Behind
that grateful listeners called the singer “the Greek Nightingale.” Behind
Demis Roussos performed a singing career with a lot of songs, many of
which became hits or ranked in the charts,
but his business card is undoubtedly the “Souvenir” (“From
souvenirs “). Roussos became famous not only for his rich voice, but also
colorful appearance, he weighed 150 kilograms. Behindтем задался
to lose weight, and in six months lost weight to 95 kg. Enterprising
the singer even released a book where he described the stages of his weight loss. how
he confesses, separate weight helped him gain normal weight
the food he adhered to. Although the detractors of the singer
claim that drastic weight loss is associated with stress, which
I had to go through the tenor, having been held hostage by the week
of terrorists. There was such an event in his life, when in 1985.
the plane on which the singer was flying, along with other passengers was
captured. The story had a happy ending, the captives were
released, but the singer suffered a psychological trauma and experienced
severe stress. BUTнна Ковальчук (род. 1977г.),
российская актрисаBUTнне Ковальчук в школе легко давались точные
science. She even planned to enter the cybernetics faculty at
Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. But while I graduated to
graduation class, changed my mind. And carried the documents to the theater.
A talented student was noticed during her studies, and after
getting a diploma called to play in the Lensovet Theater. BUT первая
role in the movie actress waited in 1998. Это был фильм Владимира Behindйкина
�”Love is evil.” But national popularity and recognition
многомиллионной аудитории, BUTнне принесла роль строгого и
fair investigator Maria Shvetsova, in the famous TV series
�”Secrecy of the investigation”. BUTнне Ковальчук легко удается играть абсолютно
any roles. This she proved, starring in the picture of Vladimir Bortko
according to Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita,
as a spectator in the image of Margarita, with whose role she is brilliantly
handled it. how призналась позже сама актриса, вжиться в образ
the main character was helped by the personal diaries of the wife of the author of the novel –
Elena Bulgakova.

Name Day June 15

Ivan, Dmitry, Nikifor, Danil (Daniel), Konstantin, Maria

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