June 14: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 14th.

Sat, 28 May 2016


Holidays June 14

International Blogger Day

This holiday is still unofficial and still quite young. First
to unite and communicate with each other and with anyone who wants to
free topics, bloggers decided in 2004. Offer was
supported by five hundred initiative people from forty countries of the world. Them
so enjoyed the conversation that they decided to establish their own holiday –
Blogger’s Day, as a symbol of unity and friendship between
Internet bloggers from different countries. This is a day of cheerful mood,
easy communication, the birth of new ideas and tying
partnerships. Every year this date is celebrated
topic. For example, in 2007, the issue of solidarity was raised
bloggers of all countries. Unfortunately, it often happens that
some blog owners are free to voice
point of view of certain issues exposed by
official authorities pressure and censorship. Therefore, bloggers decided
thus showing each other support as well as readiness
to defend their own point of view, their ideals and freedom of speech.

American Flag Day

The history of this holiday dates back to 1885. Bernard Siegrande,
simple teacher of an American school, decided for his
students organize a patriotic ceremony on June 14 – a solemn
raising the american flag. Yes, and the date was suitable – another
anniversary of the approval of the official star-striped
the banner. The idea of ​​a school teacher to celebrate Flag Day as a symbol
the unity of the nation, the Americans liked, and received further
Spread. At the beginning of the celebration was held at will,
unofficially, until the governors of almost all states passed the law,
officially enshrines the celebration of the American Flag Day. Since
since June 14, patriotic citizens, and such in the country
most voluntarily hang out at their homes
stars and stripes as a symbol of unity, strength and
independence of the american people.

June 14 in the national calendar

Ustinov day. This day the peasants met from the very early morning
noticing how the sun rises. If on Ustin the sunrise is clear, in
red tones, then rye is a rich one. If it drizzled in the morning
rain, they did not get upset either, because it promised a good harvest
hemp and flax. From the Ustin began the most real, calendar
summer, so this day was considered borderline, like a hedge,
separating the two seasons – spring and summer. June 14 is not accepted
it was worth the fences, this could bring trouble, luring the fires.
But, if it was necessary to get rid of the annoying suitor or
make so that bad people lagged behind, constructed symbolic
fence – tore a wicker and stuck it between two tracks –
their own and annoying person.

Historical events June 14

14 июня 1834 года была запатентована наждачная
PaperPatent received American Isaac Fisher. Themенно он официально
became the author of the invention, causing abrasive particles with
adhesive mass on the paper web. Can not say that he managed
think of this first, because still in ancient China used
like sandpaper, sticking sand to a piece of parchment or
small particles of shells. But it was Fischer’s sandpaper that was more
just close to its modern form, and not much has changed since
since then. 14 июня 1940 года в Освенцим начали
the first prisoners arrive
Auschwitz concentration camp was signed on April 27, 1940.
The city was not chosen by chance: it was located in an isolated
place, at the same time, close to a large railway
knot, which was very convenient for transportation of future
prisoners. Originally the camp was intended for the Poles. 14
June, the first party of Polish political prisoners arrived here,
consisting of 728 people. Themенно это дата и считается первым
working day of the infamous concentration camp. Later
the concentration complex grew, and included three major
Auschwitz camps in which during the war years more than 4 were destroyed
миллионов человек.14 июня 1995 года в Буденновске
Chechen terrorists took hostages
KAMAZ trucks, in which there were more than 50 people, broke into
Budennovsk and tried to storm the building of the ROVD. Attempt was
unsuccessful, so the bandits blocked the city hospital, capturing
hostage to women and children. Terrorists demanded an amnesty
all Chechen militants involved in an armed conflict
against Russian troops and holding free elections in Chechnya. In
Chechen terrorist Shamil stood at the head of the gangster group
Basayev. He agreed to release the hostages only under written
guarantees of Viktor Chernomyrdin, with the proviso that the militants will be given
to go unhindered and with impunity to the mountainous regions of the Chechen
of the republic. Otherwise, he threatened to kill the hostages.
A column of terrorists and hostages was given to go to the village of Zandak, where
women and children were released. During capture and hold
hostages, from 14 to 19 June more than 150 people died, more
four hundred injured.

Born on June 14

Че Гевара (1928г. — 1967г.), латиноамериканский
the revolutionary Che Guevara, whose real name is Ernesto Guevara,
lived not too long, but bright life, leaving behind
memorable mark in history. He was born in Argentina, in a very
non-poor family, received medical education. Inзможно, и стал
would be a good doctor if it were not for his dream, which sat him in
head since youth – to save the world, to help the poor and disadvantaged.
What he did all his life, trying to save the common people
from poverty, oppression and powerlessness. He believed in the ideals of communism, believed
their most correct and progressive, wore the idea to arrange
revolution in all countries of Latin America. Che Guevara participated
in many liberation movements – in Cuba, in Guatemala,
Bolivia, Congo. He was an associate of Fidel Castro during
Of the Cuban Revolution, took an active part in it, for which
he was given the title Comandante. He was legendary and heroic.
personality, all my life fighting both in their own land and on
a stranger, for the restoration of justice, as he himself understood it. In
while participating in the fighting in Bolivia, Che Guevara was captured and
shot His life ended at the age of 39, October 9, 1967
года.Штеффи Граф (род. 1969г.), немецкая
tennis player, olympic champion, seven-time champion
World Star of this famous tennis player lit up over his head in
1987, when she became the first racket of the world, moving to the second
position of Martin Navratilov herself. By the way, they are both recognized as the best.
twentieth century tennis players. Total for a career
Steffi managed to win 107 singles tournaments, 22 of them
wins the Grand Slam tournaments. In 1988 conquered
Golden Grand Slam. Steffi – the only one who won this
title on all types of flooring – grass, hard, carpet and
dirt court. Tennis players usually achieve success in any
one type of coating, when the rest show very average
results. In 1999 Steffi Graf completed a tennis career, and in
2000 held a “farewell tour”, taking part in the demonstration

Themенины 14 июня

Pavel, Gavril, Vasily, Denis, Justin (Ustin), Vera

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