June 13: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 13th.

Thu, 26 May 2016


Holidays June 13

St. Anthony’s Day

This is one of the favorite holidays of Catholics around the world. Special
Saint Anthony is revered in Portugal. He was born in Lisbon,
family of a noble knight, so his father did not even doubt that
son will be a brave warrior. But Anthony wanted to go to the monastery.
However, soon the reclusive monastic life bored him, and he
decided to become a preacher, especially since he was born
oratorical talent. In the history of the church he left a mark and how
a skilled orator, and as a preacher, and as a miracle worker: for his life
he healed a lot of the sick. After the death of Anthony was canonized
the Catholic Church. He is considered a pacifier, not only misguided
and desperate souls, but also the patron saint of lovers. June 13, many
lovers consider a very good date for marriage. To
register the relationship on this particular day, you have to
reserve a few months before the solemn event,
because quite a lot of people Those who have not yet found their half,
appeal to St. Anthony with a request to quickly meet love,
and the girls are guessing for their betrothed.

June 13 in the national calendar

Yeremey Rasmery

If a month ago, on May 14, on the calendar was Yeremey Zapryagalnik,
and began to produce crops of grain, then on June 13 the horses were already
распрягали, because sowing ended. As the peasants said, “How
Yeremey starts sowing, so he ends. ” By this time already
should bloom raspberry and bloom roses. They also noticed how
evening dew falls out: the more abundant it is, the hotter it will be
the sun the next day. If there was no dew, or it quickly
dried up – to the rain. If the rain was on Yeremei himself, it
predicted a poor cereal harvest.

Historical events of June 13

13 июня 1825 года была запатентована безопасная
pin So it turned out that the American mechanic Walter Hunt
urgently needed money to return the debt. Amount was
small – $ 15, but they were not. Then Walter, a little
having thought, has thought up a quick fastener from a wire. One
the end of which he twisted into a spring, and on the second put on a lamellar
lock to close the sharp edge. Buyers on the invention found
quickly and Walter sold the authorship rights for four hundred
долларов.13 июня 1860 года учрежден
The State Bank of Russia and approved its Charter. He was
reorganized from the State Commercial Bank by decree
Alexander II. To replenish its financial reserves, from
the state treasury was allocated a fixed capital of 15
million rubles, and reserve – 3 million. The bank was the largest
Russian credit institution. Crediting was made through
branches – offices and offices, as well as commercial banks. In 1917
with the coming to power of the Bolsheviks, it was renamed Narodny
банк РСФСР.12 июня 1912 года в Москве открылся
The Museum of Fine Arts. The ceremonial laying of the building took place at
1898 in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II, members of his family and
other honored guests. Built a museum near the Kremlin, on
the site of the former Kolymazhny yard. The initiator of the creation of the Museum of Fine
Arts in Russia, and its first director was I.V. Tsvetaev –
art historian, professor at Moscow University.
Сейчас это Музей изобразительных искусств имени Пушкина.12
июня 1941 года
началась массовая депортация жителей
The Baltic states in Siberia, Latvia and Lithuania were incorporated into
USSR shortly before the beginning of the Second World War. Therefore, fearing before the war
organizations in the Baltics foci of anti-Soviet sentiments and
Beware of provocations, the leadership of the Kremlin decided to
deportation from the country of criminal and socially dangerous elements to
which the NKVD had compromising materials. Firstly
The expulsion has affected former gendarmes, jailers, police,
members of nationalist organizations and felons. 12
июня 1942 года
был создан прототип ЦРУ — Управление
US strategic services
US President Franklin Roosevelt. Currently, the CIA is
influential government organization serving as the main body
counterintelligence and military intelligence of the United States. Its main
the task is to ensure the security of the country and the collection of information
about foreign citizens and organizations. CIA Headquarters
расположена в городе Лэнгли, близ ATашингтона.12 июня 1961
в Калуге начали строительство первого в мире музея
cosmonautics is symbolic that the first stone that went into
the foundation of the building, laid Yuri Gagarin. For visitors the museum was
opened in 1967, and immediately became a popular tourist destination. AT
Currently, the museum includes a planetarium, a house and
apartment-museum Tsiolkovsky, located in Kaluga and Borovsk.

Born on June 13

Сергей Маковецкий (род. 1958г.), российский
Actor Sergey Makovetsky never dreamed of acting in movies.
On the contrary, he was actively involved in sports – athletics, figure
skating especially successful was passion for water polo – Sergey
even wanted to take the national team. But, once, playing in school
the performance (he was practically forced to take part in
staged by an English teacher) he just fell in love with the scene and
I realized that I wanted to be only an artist. And in achieving the goal
was very persistent. He was not accepted to the drama school in his
homeland, in Kiev. He did not despair and went to conquer Moscow. First
Attempt to enter GITIS ended unsuccessfully, but fortune
улыбнулась ему в другом ATУЗе — знаменитой «Щуке», которую он в 1980
year graduated from. Recognition came to him not immediately. This is already later
much later, viewers unmistakably recognized him in the clips
famous singers, then in the movies by the characteristic mischievous chub
and an ingenuous look. Despite the intelligent appearance,
Makovetsky brilliantly succeeded in the role not only of goodies,
but notorious villains. He starred in the films of “Dead Man’s Bluntness”, “Russian
rebellion “,” Brother-2 “,” 72 meters “,” The death of the empire “,” Hunting the Golden Eagle “and
других.Григорий Перельман (род 1966г.), российский
a scientist, a mathematician. June 13th is a true genius birthday,
man of mystery, one of the smartest men of the planet – Gregory
Perelman. He was born in Leningrad, in an intelligent Jewish
family. From the fifth grade, the boy became seriously interested in mathematics and began
to visit the Mathematical Center in the Palace of Pioneers. To tell that
Gregory studied well, it means to say nothing. And at school and
university, its only mark was only “excellent.” AT
whatever math olympiads – urban or international he
did not take part, always took first place. But his main
achievement is not in it. Grigory Perelman managed to prove one of
the seven mathematical puzzles of the millennium – the Poincaré conjecture. For what
he was awarded a prize of $ 1 million, from which Gregory
refused. People who personally know Gregory Perelman characterize
him as a person very modest and unassuming in everyday life. Him
repeatedly called to work in the best world scientific centers of Europe
and america. And he stayed in Russia, where he lives with his mother in
one of the apartments of the most usual St. Petersburg five-story building.

Name Day June 13

Anton, Roman, Yeremey, Kristina

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