June 12: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays on June 12th.

Wed, 25 May 2016


Holidays June 12

Russia Day

This is a fairly young national holiday, celebrated annually.
since 1992. Until 2002, it was called the Day of the Declaration
sovereignty of the Russian Federation, since exactly June 12, 1990. was
The Declaration of the State Sovereignty of the RSFSR was adopted. Since taking
of this document and went to the new countdown of the history of Russian
of the state. This holiday was initially accepted by citizens of Russia
ambiguous, because few people understood its very essence. Someone
I was delighted with one more day off, but many
reacted simply negatively, believing that this event only
accelerated the collapse of the Soviet Union, which had a hand
leaders of political power groups of the time. To
clarify and stop the rumors around the celebration of the Day
adoption of the Declaration, in 1998. Boris Yeltsin invited him to celebrate
как Russia Day. But the official recognition of the celebration of the Day of Russia
happened only on February 1, 2002 Today, June 12, more and more citizens
consider it a holiday of freedom, a symbol of new Russia, national
unity, the responsibility of all Russians for the future of the country.

June 12 in the national calendar

Isaac the Serpentine or Day of the Skipper the Serpent. According to popular belief, 12
June was considered the day of snake weddings. Snakes crawled out of their holes and
friend for friend, clinging to the tail, slipped on their main
triumph. The peasants tried on Isaac not to go into the forest, so as not to
meet the snake brotherhood. If it was sharp
necessity, as a talisman, they took with them a martin root,
which was attached to a cross. On this reptile day
it was impossible to kill, otherwise there were great misfortunes waiting for the offender. Bites
June 12 snakes were considered the most dangerous, from which they could not
save no conspiracies or spells sorcerer. On Isaac began
planting beans. This was preceded by a ritual. Landing
the material had to be pre-soaked in water from
melted March snow that was collected on the slopes of the forest
ravines. The peasants believed that then the beans would not only give the rich
harvest, but will also be the most useful. It was believed that such
boiled beans clean the stomach better than barley.

Historical events of June 12

June 12, 1667 for the first time in the world
a successful blood transfusion. Jean-Baptiste Denis, professor at the Sorbonne
philosophy, mathematics and medicine, and in combination also
the court healer of king Louis XIV, for the first time in the world
successful human blood transfusion. The patient was fifteen
boy with fever. Ему was перелита кровь ягненка в
the amount of 250 milliliters, after which the teenager pretty quickly
went on the mend. On the existence of blood groups and rhesus then
did not know, so this case could be called happy
by coincidence. Subsequently, Denis tried to hold
a similar procedure, trying to save sick patients, but all
the attempts ended tragically. Then in France banned
carry out blood transfusions to humans. 12 June
The first gas mask was patented by the Inventor.
�”Pulmonary protector”, precisely under this name it and
patented, was an American Lewis Haslett. Gas mask was far away
from perfection and was a valve block that
attached to the mouth or nose and a felt filter attached through
tube to this unit. Only Russian scientist Nikolai Zelinsky in
The beginning of the 20th century was able to construct a real coal
gas mask, which in 1916 was launched into the mass
производство.12 June 1929 года в Москве начал
Work II All-Union Congress of AtheistsAt the Congress, which took place
in Moscow, 1,200 delegates from the Soviet Union and guests
from abroad – Germany, France, Belgium and Austria. Voluntary
anti-religious society was first formed in 1925 and
Its aim was to wage an ideological struggle with religion in all
directions. At the congress, participants heard reports.
Mayakovsky, Bukharin, Demyan Poor, Lunacharsky. Delegates
approved the new Charter of the Society, the organization “Union of Atheists of the USSR”
renamed the Union of Militant Atheists, as well as
formed a children’s organization “Young militant atheists”.
Up to 1941 representatives of anti-religious organizations led
active propaganda of atheism in educational institutions, collective farms, on
factories and factories, distributed popular science literature,
выпускали газеты.12 June 1991 года Ленинград был
переименован в Санкт-Петербург 12 June в России проводились выборы
the president. As is often the case, if the need arises,
additionally with elections on the ground hold referendums, polls,
either the election of mayors or governors. So it is in Leningrad,
simultaneously with the presidential elections, elections were held for the mayor of the city and
held a referendum, the purpose of which was to find out whether the residents want
return to the city one of the historical names – Petrograd or
St. Petersburg or leave Leningrad. By the way, Anatoly Sobchak,
which the ran for mayor, was against holding a referendum on
change the name of the city, because afraid to lose voices
blockade voters and participants in the Second World War. It is a fait accompli.
54% of Leningraders voted for the renaming, 42% voted against
townspeople. The turnout was 64% of the total
living. According to the voting results, Sobchak was elected mayor of the city,
and Boris Yeltsin – President of the RSFSR.

12 June родились

Дэвид Рокфеллер-старший (1915г. ), американский
Banker David Rockefeller Sr. – an influential banker, grandson of the famous
oil tycoon john rockefeller, founder of the family clan
Rockefeller. David was born into a rich family, so it’s not surprising
I received an excellent education. He graduated with honors
Harvard University in 1936, and after 4 years in Chicago
The university has a doctorate in economics. In
World War II served in military intelligence, even made
a small career – has gone from a private to a captain. By
ending the war, David returned to the family business. Together with the brothers
was the organizer of numerous businesses and charities
funds. The total amount of donations made by him is about
billion dollars. Since 2004 headed the Rockefeller family clan,
controlling and responsible for all his business and charities
activity. The life path of David Rockefeller Sr. marked
almost a century of milestone. This is not surprising, many of
Rockefellers are long-lived. For example, his father died in
возрасте 86 лет, а дед, Джон Рокфеллер, which the стал первым в мире
a billionaire, lived a hundred years and died in 1939.
Джордж Буш-старший (род. 1924г.), 41 президент
СШАByсле окончания школы Джордж Буш планировал учиться дальше и
go to college. But changed his plans after
1941 Japanese aircraft defeated the American base in
Pearl Harber. Bush decided that the study would wait and went to serve in
naval forces. At that time he was only 17 years old, he was
the youngest pilot of the US Navy. Byсле окончания войны Джордж закончил
training, then started his business, and by the age of forty he became
a millionaire. Byмимо бизнеса, Джорджа Буша интересовала и политика.
He was a member of the House of Representatives, Vice President of the Board
Ronald Reagan, even the director of the CIA, and in 1989 he won
presidential election and became the forty first president of the United
states. Father George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States.

Именины 12 June

Isaac, Jacob, Nicanor, Maxim

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