July 6: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 6th.

Sun, Jun 12, 2016


Holidays July 6

World Kiss Day

There are still holidays in the world that are capable of
maximum mood and charge positive energy for the whole
day. К таковым смело можно отнести World Kiss Day.
Particularly pleased that this holiday falls on the most beautiful
and blooming season – summer! Появился World Kiss Day в
Great Britain. It was here at the end of the nineteenth century.
first talked about the fact that a kiss, as one of the manifestations
warm relationship and love, should have their own holiday. Day
Kiss – perhaps the most unusual holiday in the world calendar,
established by the UN. In Russia, they found out about him at all
recently, and now Russian citizens are also bowing to it
it is celebrated during the day and with great pleasure. In many corners
Our country organizes various competitions every year on this day.
kisses and other entertainment related to this
enjoyable as well as very popular traditional
massive kiss, when immediately many, many people (or couples)
merge in one grand “kiss of the year.” I would also like to
add: according to one of the legends, the ancient people believed that
breath is life, soul. That is why they came up with
a kiss, because the breaths intertwining with each other
kissing lovers are a kind of “wedding of souls.”

July 6 in the national calendar


On July 6, the Orthodox Church honors the holy martyr Agrippina, who
From an early age, she decided not to marry and devote herself entirely to serving.
To god The martyr died for the faith, and at her tomb, according to legend,
Many miracles were performed. In Russia Agrippina was called the Bathing Suit,
since on this day people were organizing mass evening
bathing. Without exception, all the villagers – from small to old –
today traditionally bathed in the river, and after the day
rinsed in the bath. Also on Agrippina was taken
use a variety of herbal teas and fees that enhance health and
immunity. Happy young unmarried beauties dressed up in their
the best dresses, and walking about the hut, asked fathers for gifts.
Married women also asked beloved husbands to please them.
novelty. In the evening, the girls gathered in the house of one of her friends and
pounded barley. In the morning of this cereal cooked porridge, which, according to
believed, strengthened women’s health and contributed to the birth
healthy offspring. In addition, this morning peasant women
engaged in sowing turnips. In general, this vegetable is very fond of
people tried to use it at every opportunity.

Historical events July 6

6 июля 1785 год — Постановлением Конгресса США
the us currency became known as dollar receipt
independence Americans considered it necessary to enter into use
own currency, because the use of English shillings and
pounds has become irrelevant, and it was considered bad form in
America And in 1785 at the initiative of Thomas Jefferson
The Continental US Congress announced the “birth” of the American
dollar. The United States is the first country to introduce the word
�”Dollar” as the name of a currency. Soon in the USA was
The Philadelphia Mint was founded, where manufacturing began.
first dollars. Over time, the appearance of the American
bills were constantly changing, only in 1928 did he get that look
which Americans are content with so far. July 6, 1885
— Ученый Луи Пастер впервые испытал на человеке
rabies vaccine that saved the boy’s life
severe disease characterized by damage to the nervous system,
and if it develops, then in 99.9% of cases of death
guaranteed. Moreover, there are only three people in the world
who managed to defeat a terrible disease with
highly qualified specialists. In the present rabies virus,
ingested by the bite of an infected animal, easy
is stopped by vaccine (but only if you act immediately
same), but it was not always so. Until 1885 salvation from this
the disease simply did not exist. And the creation of a vaccine
mankind is obliged to the famous microbiologist chemist Louis Pasteur. AT
In 1885, he saved the life of a nine-year-old boy, Josef Meister,
bitten by a mad dog. Prior to this, Pasteur successfully conducted
animal experiments, and the vaccine showed its high
efficiency. So, Meister became the first person
survivors of rabies infection. ATсю жизнь парень помогал
to his rescuer, and after his death cared for Pasteur’s grave.

Born on July 6

Николай I (1796 — 1855 гг.) — с 1825 года
Russian emperor. The third son of Paul the First. To the throne Nicholas
ascended after the death of the elder brother and the overthrow of the middle one.
ATоспитывался будущий император в чрезмерной строгости — мать его
almost never caressed, but for the slightest offense of Nicholas
punished or imprisoned. Growing up, he acquired exemplary
endurance, became a great corporal and became famous as a creative
personality (was a great drummer and writer of military
marches). Nikolay was fluent in four languages, he loved accurate
science, especially fond of engineering and construction sphere. ATедь
no wonder during his reign in Russia intensified
construction of railways, were built the Big Kremlin
Palace, Pulkovo Observatory, the laying on of the Temple of Christ began
Savior, etc. Тенцин Гьятсо (родился в 1935
year) – the fourteenth Dalai Lama – the spiritual ruler of Tibet,
high priest of the buddhist church. AT 1989 году удостоен Нобелевской
award. The Dalai Lamas have ruled Tibet since ancient times. Taking advantage of
tremendous respect and honor, they lived in Lhasa in the palace
Potala. With the death of another lama, his soul, according to belief, passed
in the body of a newborn boy. A delegation of monks was looking for a child
across the country. The search for the chosen boy was very long and
painstaking occupation, but usually with the help of God the monks
found, here and Tenzin found in the same way. He was the son
shepherd When he turned 15, the Chinese army captured Tibet.
The Chinese massively burned monasteries and killed monks, and Tibetan
the uprisings were brutally suppressed. Dalai Lama with the filed
had to flee from their native lands. Since then, he, living in exile,
leads an active struggle for the independence of Tibet. Tenz sure sure
will achieve his cherished goal, even if not in the present, but in the next
of life. Сильвестр Сталлоне (родился в 1946 году) —
American film actor, director. Stallone was very difficult
as a child, and often “gave heat” to both parents and teachers. AT
at the age of fifteen he was sent to a special school for difficult
teenagers, where teachers began to introduce Sylvestre to the theater.
Thanks to the special school and its teachers, the young man reformed and decided to go
acting path. ATначале ему доставались лишь эпизодические роли,
but soon he gave the producers the story of a boxer he wrote
Rocky, which seemed to them very entertaining, and in 1976 on
screens released the first “serious” starring with Stallone – film
�”Rocky”, which was a stunning success.

Name Day July 6

Отмечают: Артем, Алексей, Петр, Александр, Герман,
Агриппина, Митрофан, Тереза, Мария, Максим, ATасилий, Иосиф, Антон,
Cornelius, Svyatoslav, Fedor.

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