July 31: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 31.

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Holidays July 31

Hawaiian Flag Day

The idea of ​​the Hawaiian flag belonged to the monarch. In 1816, Kamehamea
Great designed the “design” of the flag. Alternating horizontal
stripes on it (white, red and blue) became symbols 8
island states: Maui, Oahu, Kahoolava, Kauai, Niihau, Molokai and
Big Island. In addition, in order to remind the public about
Historical Relations of Hawaii with Great Britain
protectorate), in the upper left corner of the flag was also placed
British flag. BUT праздник Hawaiian Flag Day был учрежден по
initiative of the local governor D. Vaihei in 1990. It should
note that it was during the reign of Kamehamea the Great that
islands crucial and very prosperous. These years took place
their union, as well as the creation of a single independent state.
Before the ascent to the throne of Kamehamea by every island in the chain of the archipelago
ruled his ruler, who wore the status of the leader. Thanks
agility, determination and foresight of the monarch
Hawaiian Islands began to flourish trade in coffee, sandalwood
tree, furs and pineapples. A special tribute was given by the Great Ruler
relations with Britain. In 1793, part of the territory of Hawaiian
islands, as a result of long negotiations with captain vancouver,
was transferred to her possession. However, in fact, the UK
actually had no relation to this trade deal. There is
view that some elements of the national Hawaiian flag
very reminiscent of the drawings of the Commonwealth flag and have elements
American. An interesting fact is that Hawaii is the only
The US state, which has a “period in its book of life”
monarchy, which is also reflected in the “face” of the national
flag of hawaii.

July 31 in the national calendar

Yemelyanov’s name day

On this day, people honor the memory of the holy great martyr Emilian,
who lived in the fourth century during the reign of the emperor
Juliana is an ardent persecutor of Christians. According to legend, holy
suffered for faith in Christ. The ruler issued a decree of extermination
all Christians without exception. In the city of Dorostol, where he lived
Emilian, this decree was read on the square in the presence of everything
cities. By order of the emperor, the saint was beaten for a long time, and then
sentenced to be burned. So died the young Christian guardian
faiths. To this period in the southern regions of Russia the peasants were finishing
reaping At the end of the land, all the land tools were laid out.
on the field around and sanctified by a guest priest. Then
they were carried home, cleaned up to the attic and kept until the next
of the season. In Yemelyanov’s day there was an unbreakable tradition to visit
a bathhouse where people could relax with field-herb whisks,
birch, willow twigs and rye straw. It was believed that such
the rite took off fatigue after long field work. BUT
in the evening, the mistresses made preparations for the winter: pickled cucumbers, mushrooms,
cooked compotes and jams.

Folk omens July 31

If today is hot, then December will be cold; If
birch leaves turned yellow at the top – to be expected this year
early fall; If spruce cones are mostly
focus on the top of the firs – a symbol of the fact that frosts
in winter they will hit only in January; people born on this date are favored
symbol in the form of a daisy flower.

Historical events July 31

31 июля 1605 год — ATенчание на царство самозванца
False Dmitry PervogoV 1605 in the walls of the Moscow Kremlin was
The impostor Yury Otrepyev was crowned under the name of Dmitry the First. AT
history he entered as False Dmitry First. According to some
research Otrep’ev was petty nobleman. AT 1602
year, having fled to Lithuania, he pretended to be Ivan’s surviving son
Terrible. As Karamzin noted: “Otrep’ev, despite the external
ugliness, had a bright talent of redness, so that
knew how to convince crowds of people, and the boyars were just amazed at his ability
�”Click” difficult things. However, his reign was very
недолгим — через одиннадцать месяцев самозванец был убит.31
июля 1956 год
— Открытие в Москве Центрального стадиона
them. Ленина, ныне носящего название ЛужникиAT день открытия стадиона
a grand sporting event took place in its large arena
an event in which many outstanding
athletes of the Soviet Union. AT эту же дату произошел товарищеский
match between the national teams of the PRC and the RSFSR. BUT через несколько дней на Большой
sports arena started the largest domestic sports
competition Since then, the Moscow Lenin Stadium has been
several thousand athletics competitions have been held as well
The biggest international football games were played. Here too
ceremonies of opening took place (and closings too)
many sports games. ATажное место в этом списке занимают ХXII
Летние Олимпийские игры в Москве.31 июля 1994 год
– Sergey Bubka was set not yet beaten record for
прыжкам с шестом в высотуAT дату нашего обзора в Италии молодой
outstanding athlete of Ukraine jumped with a pole in height more than six
meters, setting a unique world record, which is
so far nobody has been beaten. Being a nineteen year old boy (in
1983) Bubka won his first “serious” in Helsinki
Award – a gold medal. BUT вслед за этим был удостоен звания
Honored Master of Sports. AT двадцать лет прыгун установил первый
the record for jumping, taking the height of almost six meters. His fifth
the record was set in 1985 in Paris, thanks to which
the athlete received a significant gift – red Ferrari.
BUTвтомобиль, по подсчетам, стоил не менее ста двадцати тысяч
dollars. AT Донецке, где Бубка состоялся как спортсмен, в честь
he was erected during his lifetime bronze monument.

Born on July 31

Прасковья Шереметева (1768 — 1803 гг.) —
serf actress, countess. AT детстве была взята из детского дома
Princess Dolgoruka, her upbringing involved in the school count
Sheremetev. Praskovya also studied theater art there.
acting skills. Her glorious “highlight” was very beautiful and
sonorous voice. Thanks этому графиня и выступала на сцене театра
under the pseudonym of Zhemchugov. In addition, Sheremetev considerable part
своего времени отводила благотворительным делам.Фред
(1886 — 1965 гг.) — американский кинопродюсер,
led the animation at the studio Metro Goldwyn Meyer.
Семикратно был удостоен наивысшей награды BUTмериканской
film academy. We all know his last name from the cartoons about Tom.
и Джерри.Олег Попов (родился в 1930 году) —
famous clown. ATо всем мире Попова называют «Солнечным клоуном»,
and it is not known how his life would have been if one day he would not
replaced in the circus sick clown. BUT без него представление, как
known not so joyful and bright. Twelve days Popov for the first time
entertained the audience, and he returned to his native Riga as a clown.
In recent years, Oleg Konstantinovich lives and works in
Германии.Эдита Пьеха (родилась в 1937 году) —
эстрадная певица России, Народная артистка СССР.Леонид
(родился в 1945 году) — российский телеведущий,
creative showman. AT настоящий момент ведет телепередачу «Поле
miracles. ”

Name Day July 31

Отмечают: Емельян, BUTфанасий, Кузьма, Иван, Леонтий, Степан, Мирон,
BUTполлинария, Игнатий, BUTнжелика, Елена.

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