July 30: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 30th.

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Holidays July 30

International Friendship Day

By decision of the UN Assembly, in 2011 a new, very
добрый и мирный праздник — International Friendship Day. After all, friendship is
this is a bright, pure, absolutely disinterested relationship, where there is no
places of malice, envy, hatred. They are based on sincerity,
love and complete trust. The UN resolution notes how important
the role of this day is to strengthen friendly relations
between different countries and nations. International and local
communities are invited to celebrate Friendship Day in accordance with
cultural and national traditions of their countries. And
to attract young people to social activities, instilling in them
respect for different cultures. In the world by many
countries have long held annual events aimed at
promotion and strengthening of friendly relations. Now to them
one more will be added. International Friendship Day перекликается с
a similar holiday – Happy Friends Day, which is celebrated on June 9.

July 30 in the national calendar

Marina and Lazarus Day

On that day, bright flashes in the sky were surely awaited in Russia –
lightning and deaf lightning without thunder and rain. They were not desirable
look so as not to lose sight. Such flashes waited cautiously.
It was believed that they always lead to fires. Peasants believed in
ancient legend. Which narrated that in ancient times
the king lived at the bottom of the sea, and he had a daughter Marina. Once her
bored with living in the kingdom of the sea, and she fled to the earth. Each
year, the birthday of a runaway daughter, the King of the Sea recalls her
flight, angry and pierces the sky with fiery arrows. At the very
There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon: appearing in the sky
bright or blue flashes – just reflections glittering in the distance

Historical events July 30

30 июля 1792 г. Париж впервые услышал
Marseillaise on July 30 a detachment of volunteers from the
Marseille in the amount of five hundred people. They came to express
support the Parisians and stand up for the achievements of the Great
French Revolution. They chose as a marching song.
composition written by Claude Rouget de Lille, a lover of music and
poetry from Strasbourg. He wrote it on April 25, in a fit
extraordinary inspiration when I learned about the beginning of the military demonstration
France against monarchical Austria. Later this march received
the name “Marseille”, or, in French style, Marseillaise. She is
became so popular among citizens that the Parliament of the Republic
в ноябре 1793года решил сделать ее гимном Франции.30 июля
1898 г.
в Москве заработала первая очередь
centralized urban sewage by the initiator built in
Moscow sewage discharge system, made in 1874.
hydraulic engineer Popov. Then he was offered on
consideration of the city Duma plan-draft city sewer.
Later, the project was supplemented by the ideas of the German Gobrecht, who built
sewer system in berlin. He was a supporter of common
drainage systems, which implies the reception of all sewage in one
sewage – and household waste, and industrial,
and rain sewage. Purified sewage was planned on
special irrigation fields. In 1886. another project, but with
separate sewage system, was proposed by a Russian engineer
Kostal According to his plans, cleaning and abstraction on irrigated fields
subject only to waste industrial and domestic needs.
He lost the first option in sanitary terms, but won
financially. And the sewage system looked more economical.
Therefore, they approved and built in Moscow sewage system for
Kostal’s plan. And Gobrecht and Popov, for the refusal of their project, and
wasted work, the cash was paid
компенсация.30 июля 1992 г. в Германию из России
Eric Honecker, former leader of GDRS 1971, was expelled. till 1989 Eric
Honecker was the permanent leader of the German Democratic
Republic. The perestroika that began in the USSR went through countries
former socialist camp. In particular, in 1989. in the GDR, the new government was
removed from office and deprived of all government posts, the head
государства Eric Honecker. He was issued an arrest warrant and presented
the charge of sanctioned murder of GDR citizens who
tried to get into neighboring Germany through the Berlin Wall. Honecker
had to run. At first he was hiding in the Soviet hospital, and in
1991, on a military plane, was secretly forwarded to the USSR. On
Russia’s leadership by the world community was pressured, and in
1992 Honeckerа выдворили из страны. He returned to Germany. Eric
Honecker был человек уже пожилой, из-за вынужденной эмиграции и
stress, his health condition deteriorated, besides he began
progress cancer. Therefore, in Germany against him stopped
judicial investigation and allowed to move to chile where he and
passed away in 1994

Born July 30

Арнольд Шварценеггер (род. 1947г.),
American film actor, bodybuilderArnold from childhood grew up sports
a child. He was fond of many sports, especially loved football.
But at the age of 14 he “caught fire” bodybuilding. Already at 18 became the best
bodybuilder in Europe among juniors, and in 20 won the title “Mr.
Universe”. He became the youngest “Mr.” in the history
the existence of such contests. A year later he moved to America and
conquered her, winning tournament after tournament. Parallel started
acting. He attended acting classes and took
private American language lessons, honing diction, and trying
get rid of the accent. Arnold never left his dream
childhood – to become a millionaire. Therefore, he worked tirelessly:
opened his own construction company, worked in real estate,
engaged in mailing lists. In 2007, its assets were assessed
more than 200 million dollars. With age, Schwarzenegger,
In addition to filming in film and business, politics became interested. is he
is a staunch republican. Since 2003 till 2011 held the post
губернатора американского штата Калифорния.Ирина
(род. 1948г.), тренер по художественной
gymnastics Irina Viner in childhood was fond of dancing, and at the age of 11
came to rhythmic gymnastics. Do gymnastics Irina
beginnings at a fairly “solid” age, but thanks to
purposeful and volitional nature, she managed to achieve
certain results. She is трижды становилась чемпионкой
Of Uzbekistan. But she was destined not to glorify her name for the whole world.
as a gymnast, but as a coach. Irina Alexandrovna can be called
a coach from God. She is с одного взгляда способна разглядеть в
the little, awkward girl future star, champion, and bring
her up to the golden pedestal. Onчинала работать в Ташкенте. Still on
dawn of coaching career has prepared some wonderful
gymnasts – Venus Zaripova, Vera Shatalina and Irina Chernyak. В 1992
Wiener moved to Moscow. Since 2001 she holds the post of chief
coach of the Russian national team. Due to its performance and
talent, she managed to grow a whole galaxy of Russian champions –
Amina Zaripova, Vera Sesina, Yulia Barsukova, Irina Chashchina, Lyaysan
Utyashev and the most titled gymnast not only in Russia, but also
the world – Alina Kabaeva.

Name Day July 30

Именины в этот день празднуют: Леонид, Лазарь,
Veronica, Marina

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