July 27: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 27th.

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Holidays July 27

Finland celebrates Sony Day

This day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. According to legend, seven
Christian youths who lived in the third century and were on military
service, refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods. For what
angry emperor Decius Troyan, sentenced them to death. Execution
I chose a sophisticated one: I walled up alive in a cave. But God did not allow
youths die, and plunged them into sleep. They woke up after 200
years, not knowing how much time has passed. This is a legend
spread throughout the world, it reached the borders of Finland,
where in 1652 they decided to celebrate this day in memory of the seven saints.
At first, the holiday was religious in nature, and only after many
years, in the middle of the 20th century, turned into a fun carnival that
in Finland they arrange annually on July 27th. The first day of Sony began
celebrate the residents of the resort town of Naantl. Chose the most
the lazy dormouse of Naanta who was awakened by an unusual and peculiar
way: it was just dumped into the sea. The holiday turned out fun
harmless and instructive. Hinting that you can not sleep for long,
the world is changing during this time, and you can miss your lucky chance.
The holiday passes according to a specific scenario. On the eve choose
�”Lazy dormouse”, usually someone from local celebrities. His name
kept secret, even from the “victim”. Early in the morning to him
come into the house, cover with a blanket, and lead to the harbor to dump
in water. Only when he comes out of the water will everyone know who has become
the main dormouse of the year this time. Next, the fun moves to
central streets of the city and continues until late evening.

July 27 in the national calendar

Day of Aquila. Watches.

On this day, the peasants appeased the spirit of the fields – Field. On
the extreme strip of the cornfield left for him a pot of porridge and
bunch of rye ears. If the field treat was like,
The following year was given rich in grain harvest. Summer went on
recession, the weather was getting windy and changeable. Frequent occurrence
there were heavy rains with gusts of wind and thunderstorms. It was believed that
wind whirlwinds hiding various evil spirits, and if in such a whirlwind
lightning strikes, evil spirits instantly turn into innocent
baby, pets or birds. Therefore, peasant men
during the bad weather they went out into the fields to watch
reincarnated evil spit.

Historical events July 27

27 июля 1841 г. на дуэли был убит Михаил
Lermontov Mikhail Lermontov was a great poet, prose writer,
publicist. But he had a difficult and difficult character. Him
temper, cockiness and straightness, often led up
poet to quarrels and duels. For frequent duels he was repeatedly referred to
Caucasus. Lermontov had absolute composure in battles
distinguished bravery, enviable courage, even recklessness. On
the war he often defied death, but he was destined to die
not in battle. Once in Pyatigorsk, returning from vacation, he
I met a long-time acquaintance of Nikolai Martynov, with whom he studied at
cadet school. Imperceptibly peaceful conversation turned into a quarrel, which
poured into a duel. Onзначили ее на 27 июля. First shot
Lermontov. He did not think of killing a friend, so he shot at
the side. Martynov responded to the poet with a straight shot in the chest.
Lermontov’s death came instantly. In such a ridiculous way
the life of a young poet of genius was cut short. He was only 27 years old.
27 июля 1952 г. был официально открыт и начал
function Volga-Don CanalThe first attempt to connect the two
the river in the narrowest place, first undertaken in the 16th century by Selim
II, Turkish Sultan. During one of his trips to Russia, he
sent an army of more than twenty thousand people to dig a canal.
After a month of hard work, the Turks abandoned this venture,
saying that over a hundred years here can not cope. Next try at
The 17th century was undertaken by Tsar Peter I. But due to the outbreak of war with
Sweden, the work turned. To the idea of ​​creating a channel between the Volga and
Don resorted to a total of more than once, was drawn up about
three dozen projects. The latter was developed according to the GOELRO plan.
the mid thirties of the 20th century. To prevent him to prevent the war.
The construction of the canal was strategically important, so by
design started in 1943, immediately upon completion
Stalingrad battle. In February 1948, as soon as the scheme
Volga-Don Canal was approved, proceeded to land
work. The main labor force was political prisoners and
repressed citizens. The construction of the canal was completed 31
May 1952 The trial movement of ships began on June 1, and the official
the opening of the complex took place on July 27th. July 27, 1976
советский гроссмейстер Виктор Корчной, находясь на
tournament in Amsterdam, refused to return to the USSR, asking
authorities of the Netherlands political asylumViktor Korchnoi –
talented chess player, repeated winner of the USSR championships,
Europe, interzonal tournaments, and did not become world champion. WITH
1994 is Swiss citizen. Participating for this country in
competition, is the world’s oldest playing
Grandmaster. At the age of eighty, he won a tournament that
was held among veterans, and was dedicated to the centenary of the day
Birth of Michael Botvinnik.

Born on July 27

Людвиг Нобель ( 1831г. — 1888г.), шведский,
Russian inventor and engineer Ludwig Nobel was born into a family
Swedish manufacturer Emanuel Nobel, owner
engineering plant. He worked first with his father, then
engaged in business activities. Was a brilliant engineer
and a talented inventor. Developed and produced steam
hammers, hydraulic presses, machine tools, guns, shells, was
recognized expert in torpedoes and underwater mines. First time in
Russia began to produce diesel engines. Here, in Russia, together with
brothers, created his own oil company. She appeared in
Europe is one of the best in the extraction, processing and distillation of oil
products. Ludwig Nobel was a famous philanthropist in Russia. is he
financed the school of workers, railway craftsmen, singled out
funds for research conducted by the Academy of Sciences and Russian
technical society. Is the elder brother of Alfred Nobel,
founder of the Nobel Prize. Марис Лиепа (1936г.
– 1989), Soviet, Latvian ballet dancer Maris Liepa –
outstanding artist, whose name is written not only in history
Russian, but also world ballet. Him звездное время пришлось на
1965 – 1970, when a new choreographer Yuri came to the Bolshoi
Grigorovich. В 1968 г. он поставил на сцене театра балет «WITHпартак».
The role of Crassus, the Roman general, was directed by Grigorovich
especially for Marisa Liepa. This batch was difficult, requiring
exceptional physical and choreographic training. For this
the role of Liepa was awarded the Lenin Prize. In addition to performances on
the stage, Maris, along with the Bolshoi Theater troupe, is triumphant
toured around the world. Ему рукоплескали Франция, WITHША, Англия,
Greece, Bulgaria. The Paris Academy of Dance recognized him in 1971
the best dancer of the year. In the early seventies in the relationship between
ballet singer Liepa and choreographer Grigorovich emerged
misunderstandings, and then completely spoiled. This has a negative effect.
on the career of an artist. He increasingly began to get secondary,
and sometimes bit parts. Maris Liepa died in 1989 from
heart attack, his grave is located on the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.

Name Day July 27

Именины в этот день празднуют: Иван,
Константин, is heисим, Николай, Федор, WITHтепан, Петр, Никодим,

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