July 23: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday July 23.

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Holidays July 23

World Day of dolphins and whales

This holiday in 1986 established the International Whaling Commission,
after it banned the industrial shooting of whales. it
means a ban not only on the extermination of sea giants, but also on
sale of whale meat. There is another day in the year – 19
February, when they pay attention to the problems of protection and population of whales.
And on July 23, not only whales, but also all marine mammals are protected.
– dolphins, seals, walruses, seals and others. Usually this day
devote to the protection of one particular type of animal to which
threatened with extinction or other danger. Some maritime countries
set their national whale protection days. For example, in the USA
– This is June 21, in Australia – the first Saturday of June.

July 23 in the national calendar

Anthony the Thunderbringer

Rev. Anthony, later called Pechersk, is
founder of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. In his younger years, wanting to see
the places where Jesus lived, he went to Palestine. Then accepted
tonsure and ass in Athos. A few years later decided to return to
Homeland, and there spread the teachings of Christ. He settled near
from Kiev, lived in an excavated cave. As fouling
followers and disciples, the cave had to break in and
expand. So the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was laid. Peasants on
Russ worshiped the saint, and also noticed the weather on this day. Special
they attached importance to thunder, and they said, “to Anthony – thunderings”.
If the sky rumbled loudly, they expected a long downpour. If same peals
were deaf – to the silent drizzle. Be sure to notice on
what day was anthony. If thunder thundered on “fasting” days –
Wednesday or Friday, it foreshadowed successful fishing and a rich

Historical events July 23

23 июля 1711 г. между Россией и Турцией был
signed the Peace Treaty of Prut So it turned out that the Russian army in
38 thousand people, led by Peter I, was surrounded
Turkish and Crimean army. The number of enemy army
exceeded five times, so to break out of the blockade on their own
was unlikely. It was decided to conclude a peace treaty with the Turks.
For peace and agreement, Perth was ready to go to extreme conditions.
and concessions. When the Russian envoy returned with a signed
agreement, it turned out that the terms of the agreement were softer than those on
who counted Peter. That money rules the world was
known for a long time, so from the royal treasury, only for bribing
Turkish vizier, it was allocated one hundred fifty thousand rubles. Russia,
can say, got off easy fright. According to the contract, she
was supposed to give Turkey Azov, demolish the fortification of Taganrog, not
impose its policy on Poland, and enable the Swedish
the king to freely travel to Sweden through the Russian
territory. 23 июля 1979 г. распоряжением
Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini, throughout the country
The broadcast of Ayatollah Khomeini’s music was banned.
colorful but peculiar. Having come to power as a result of the revolution,
he took Islamic as the basis of his state policy
fundamentalism. He abolished the existing secular state,
introduced Islamic laws. In a short time in Iran occurred
Islamization is not only the economy, politics and state
devices, but also culture. The bans concerned wearing European
clothes, receiving secular education, broadcast television
programs and European music. It was believed that modern music
corrupts and demoralizes Iranian youth. July 23, 1983
пилоту Боинга 767 при полной остановке двигателей,
managed to land the plane smoothly and avoid a crash
767 made quite a normal flight, going to Edmonton from Ottawa.
Suddenly, during the flight, all engines failed at the car,
the dashboard went out, the electricity went off. How then
it turned out the tanks had run out of fuel. Canada just switched to
metric system, therefore, refueling the aircraft, technicians have forgotten
apply a correction factor when converting fuel from pounds to
liters. Therefore, by negligence, fuel tanks were filled four times
less relying rate. The co-pilot tried to find a section in
emergency instructions to learn how to land the liner in this
situations. But there was no such section. Happy
accidents, the first pilot Pearson had previously flown gliders, therefore
possessed some knowledge of piloting techniques, and
managed to land an emergency plane safely. Later to this
Boeing attached informal name – “Glider
Гимли».23 июля 2002 г. на берег острова Тасмания
ocean waves were thrown unknown monster huge
size On closer examination, it turned out that this is a giant
squid. Each tentacle reached about fifteen in length.
meters, and the weight of the mollusk was more than 250 kilograms. This
the find helped to prove that sea monsters that were far away
times they drowned their tentacles ships – this is not fiction not
legends and no tales. Even a skeptical scientist,
specializing in the study of marine reptiles, it became clear that
giant monsters in the ocean depths still exist.

Born July 23

Юдит Полгар (род. 1976г.), венгерская
chess player Judith was born in the capital of Hungary, in an intelligent
Jewish family. Mother gave to her daughters – Judit, Zuzh and Sofia
decent education at home, and his father instilled a love for chess.
All three sisters are strong chess players, but achieved the greatest success
Judith At 15 she already had the title of “grandmaster”. Judit has one
feature – she prefers to play chess at most with
by men. And achieves great success. In 1993 she won
in the rapid chess game at Anatoly Karpov himself, and in 2002 – at
Garry Kasparov. In 2003, taking part in the men’s chess
tournament in Wijk aan Zee, Judit became the second, losing only
Viswanathanu Anandu. For June 2013 the personal rating of Judit Polgar
is 2696. According to FIDE, she is the only woman entering
in the first hundred of the strongest world chess players. Daniel
(род. 1989г.), английский актерitт актер
quite young and managed to play in just a few pictures. But
His name is known all over the world. Fame brought him only one
role, but very charismatic and bright. He played harry himself
Potter. Daniel с пяти лет мечтал стать актером. At 10 already starred in
movie, playing the young David Copperfield in the same picture. In 2001
appeared the adaptation of the famous book by JK Rowling about the little
волшебника Гарри Potter. The film brought the young actor worldwide
popularity and wealth. In 2007, with a personal condition in
fifty million dollars he became the richest teenager in
Britain В биографии Danielа есть несколько неприятных моментов,
связанных со съемками в кино про Гарри Potter. First, him
I had to leave school because classmates began to boycott him
and hostile attitude. А во-вторых, когда Daniel ушел из школы,
devoting himself entirely to shooting, he began to progress
dyspraxia. it достаточно редкая болезнь, связана с нарушением
coordination of movement. In particular, it’s difficult for an actor to
tie shoelaces. But это такие мелочи, когда ты молод, богат и

Name Day July 23

Именины в этот день празднуют: Александр, Петр,
Daniel, Anton, Leonty, George

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