July 22: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 22.

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Holidays July 22

Azerbaijan celebrates National Press Day

On July 22, the first issue of a printed publication, the Ekinchi newspaper, appeared in
1875 At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Azerbaijani press influenced
fundamentally on the manifestation of national identity.
Azerbaijan became the first, from Eastern countries, democratic
republic. Women in 1919, was granted in elections
the right to vote was rare for Muslim states
of time. This holiday in the country is not considered official
prevents print media workers – journalists, printers,
photographers, editors, to celebrate it in a big way. On this day their
a wave of congratulations spreads not only from management and colleagues, but
and the most important audience – readers. In 1998 Azeri
the president signed a decree officially liquidating the country
censorship over the media. Thanks largely to this, citizens of the republic
feel freer and more democratic than others
Islamic states.

July 22 in the national calendar

Day Pankratia and Cyril

These saints lived in different centuries, but were martyred for
faith in one day – July 22. Therefore, the church martyrs
Cyril and Pankraty revered on this day. On Pankratia
removed the sample from the first cucumbers. Cucumbers were favorite vegetables
peasants. They were eaten straight from the garden. It was believed that so they had
special, unique taste. They ate them not only raw, but also
cooked various dishes – fried like zucchini, cooked soups, stewed with
meat, sour for the winter. With cucumbers was connected one interesting
custom: to get a rich harvest of this vegetable for the next year,
the hostess should have been the very first ripe cucumber on the garden
pick, and secretly bury him in the garden. To find out which one
the weather is expected in the coming days, the peasants watched
poultry, especially geese. If the goose stood for a long time
one leg, pressing the other, it was worth waiting for a cooling.
If he flapped his wings, it would be warm. If trill, whistle and
the chirping of free birds on this day was ordinary, which means the weather
Will not change significantly, it will be warm. If ptahi paused,
it was worth expecting a prolonged cooling.

Historical events July 22

22 июля 1918 г. Совнарком издал специальный
decree “On speculation”, equating speculation to dangerous
state crime, and declaring to dealers
warThe national economy at that time was in complete decline.
Although the government tried to save the situation by issuing decrees and
laws on the supply of essential goods to the population, interruptions
with food remained frequent, and store shelves
were empty. But “from the hands” could be purchased almost any
goods at inflated prices. Therefore, phenomena such as speculation and
embezzlement equated to particularly serious crimes, and led to them
tough fight. Specially established committees, in stores and on
the warehouses were searched and the sudden revisions that gave
good results. Theft of food
goods, abuse and other fraud. All confiscated from
speculators goods – tons of flour, butter, sugar, bread were withdrawn, and
transferred to state ownership. In addition to confiscation
goods and criminal case, on speculators impose
large amounts of fines, which brought to the state treasury considerable
лепту.22 июля 1971 г. власти Торонто официально
banned flogging of pupils in schools. Tradition to apply to negligent
corporal punishment was widely used in English speaking
countries, and Canada was no exception. Most often for spanking
used a stack or a belt. The teachers have noticed that
schoolchildren after slapping dramatically increased performance and
discipline. Opponents of the corporal punishment of children believed that
public beating is not only not ethical, but also inflicts a child
psychological trauma, degrading his dignity. Therefore many
medical, pediatric and psychological organizations have entered
in the active struggle to cancel in schools of this type of punishment. Under their
pressure, gradually spanking canceled in many Canadian
provinces. In 2004 in Canada, a law prohibiting bodily
punishment of schoolchildren in private and educational institutions on
throughout the country.

Born on July 22

Мирей Матье (род, 1946г.), французская
singer Mirey Mathieu was born in a large family. The singer’s parents
there were 14 children, Mireille was the eldest. Her father was simple
mason, but had a magnificent voice. At home he often sang,
accompanying yourself on the piano. Mireille listened to him as
spellbound, and later she began to sing along. Then they sang a duet
in the local church choir. At sixteen she took part in
urban song contest and ranked second. And after three years
about the singer spoke all France. It happened in November 1965,
when she sang the song “Jezebel”. In twenty years, to Mireille came
and world fame. Total circulation released by her the records made up more
a hundred million. In the repertoire of the singer about a thousand songs, more than
ten languages. Ирина Розанова (род. 1961г.),
Russian actress Irina Rozanova was born in an acting family, already in
For 6 years she played her first role on the theater stage. Therefore, with
future profession was not determined for a long time. But the doors of GITIS
from the first time before it did not open. Irina did not despair. To
Do not lose a year, she worked as a costume designer, played in crowd scenes. The second
the enrollment attempt was successful and she became a student
theatrical university. At the end of GITIS played in theaters –
Mayakovsky, on Malaya Bronnaya, Lenkom, theater-studio “Man”. AT
the movie began filming in the mid nineties. AT первом же ее фильме
– “My friend”, she got the main role. Can not say that
after this picture, the actress woke up famous. Confession
came to Irina Rozanova gradually, but lingered for a long time.
Today, the actress is very popular and popular. She offers roles
The most famous Russian directors. She starred in the movies “Where
is the nofelet? ”,“ Intergirl ”,“ Petersburg secrets ”,
«ATорошиловский стрелок», «Линии судьбы», «Участок», «Любовница» и
others. One of her last works is the role of Ekaterina Furtseva in
the film “Legends of Catherine.” Ivan Okhlobystin
(род. 1966г.), российский режиссер, актер, журналистIvan Okhlobystin
– the person is rather extraordinary. He starred in the movie and in
politician visited – was even going to be nominated for the post
President of Russia. There was an Orthodox priest and creative
a director at Euroset, and a reporter. And left everywhere
bright trace. No wonder they say that a talented person is brilliant in
all But, each time trying to radically change the profession or gender
classes, returned to the creative environment. He was a screenwriter of such
of the paintings as “DMB”, “Middle age crisis”, “Scavenger”, “Paragraph
78 “,” Antikiller “, the series” Guerrillas. ” As an actor starred in “DMB”,
�”Mom, do not grieve”, “Leg”, “Conspiracy”, “House of the Sun”,
«Соловей-разбойник», «Псевдоним для героя», «Интерны» и others. AT
free time Ivan plays chess, enjoys
collecting guns, jewelry, oriental
martial arts.

Name Day July 22

Именины в этот день празднуют: Александр,
Kirill, Ivan, Andrei, Pankrat, Fedor, Mikhail, Konstantin

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