July 20: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays July 20th.

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Holidays July 20

International Chess Day

With the proposal to create a holiday for all chess lovers,
made by the International Chess Federation – FIDE. Federation itself
was founded in 1924 July 20. Therefore, the date of celebration is long
I did not have to choose. The FIDE proposal was approved, and since 1966
the holiday is celebrated by both professional chess players and ordinary
admirers of this ancient game. And there are millions of them all over the world. This game
so popular that even in the smallest village
There must be at least one chess club. This day is always
filled with a rich program: entertainment is held
events, workshops, competitions, lectures and seminars on
exchange of experience. And those who want to face off can take part in
Simultaneous play sessions with venerable chess players.

Perun’s Day

In Slavic mythology, Perun was considered a thunder god,
patron saint of warriors. Ancient people, especially the male half,
treated him with special reverence. This day was taken
sanctify the weapon with the blood of a bull or rooster victim, with a reading
combat equipment special spells. Associated with the name of Perun
one story In Eastern Slavonic tales it is said that
Perun tried to kill devils, throwing lightning at them. Fleeing from
Thunderer, evil spirits found shelter in the water. Since then she’s there
spends most of the time getting to land only in
a certain period – from Ivan Kupala (July 7) to Ilyin’s day (2
August). These days there are many thunderstorms in the sky, because Perun again
It is taken to shoot devils that came to the surface. But
You can safely swim in lakes and rivers. But only strictly to
Ilyin of the day, until evil spirits return to their usual environment
habitat. With the spread of Christianity among the Slavs, and
a gradual departure from paganism, the role of Perun sank to
Elijah the prophet.

July 20 in the national calendar

Avdotya Senognoika. Thomas Blueberry.

This day the peasants waited a little cautiously. And very worried
if it has been raining since morning It was believed that if Avdotya charge
rain, then it will go a few weeks. Excess moisture could
harm the crop and collected in the stacks of hay, which is from excess
moisture could just rot. And the rains on Avdotya happened often,
therefore, she was given such a characteristic prefix – “senognoyaka.”
Tried to this day all the hay left on the fields, as soon as possible
put in the ricks, and hide under the shed. Thomas was seated
garden strawberries (strawberries), made re-sowing of radish.
The first harvest was ripening on fruit trees: the cherries were blushing,
juice poured apples. On the bushes ripened blueberries. Ripened
Blueberry berries were a signal that it was time to make bread.
Therefore, Thomas often began to harvest, there was even such a saying,
that “Thomas sickles get along.” Harvesting grain began with a special ritual.
The peasants walked on the field, singing songs, and in their hands they carried a sickle,
wrapped in a towel. This towel tied first compressed
sheaf, which was later consecrated in the church.

Historical events of July 20

July 20, 1887 can be considered the beginning of an era
Animation July 20, a Frenchman Emile Reynaud showed to the public
the first animated film on the praxinoscope designed by him.
This is an optical device, which consisted of a small cylinder, with
placed inside his mirror prism and a dozen
thumbnail images. As the cylinder rotated, the pictures moved,
creating on-screen animated smooth motion effect.
July 20, 1944 an attempt was made in Germany
coup and physical elimination of adolf
HitlerThis was not the first attempt on the German leader. Such
there were about twenty attempts. And every time Hitler succeeded
avoid death. He seemed to be under the protection of unknown forces.
The attempt on July 20 was carefully planned and theoretically not
left the Fuhrer a chance of survival. German activists
Resistance was supposed not only to eliminate Hitler, but
overthrow the fascist regime. Entrusted to attempt
Lt. Col. Klaus von Stauffenberg during a meeting that
led the Fuhrer. Having entered the office, the lieutenant colonel took a seat not far from
Hitler and put a briefcase with a bomb under the table. Bang was supposed to
thunder through ten minutes. Under the pretext to call, Klaus went out
from the room. The bomb exploded in due time. Hitler was
wounded, but survived. As it turned out, standing on the floor
Briefcase someone prevented, and it pushed away under the table. In
time of the explosion heavy oak cover took the brunt.
Попытка покушения в очередной раз оказалась неудачной.20
июля 1973 года
скончался легендарный Брюс ЛиБрюс Ли
was considered a recognized master of martial arts. He is active
starred in movies, was an actor, stunt director, director. Behind
33 years of his life managed to play in thirty-six paintings. Name
Bruce Lee at least once in his life, but everyone heard. What Oriental
martial arts have become very popular in western countries a big
the merit of the actor himself. Shooting in action movies, he gained millions
imitators and admirers. Sections of karate, jiu-jitsu, kung fu,
underground and official, like mushrooms grew in small and large cities
all over the world. There was no end to those who wanted to study there. Death to
Bruce Lee came unexpectedly, at the very peak of his popularity. He died
swelling of the brain, allegedly taking a pill for a headache. what
caused edema is unknown, because analyzes were not taken.
Therefore, talk about the real cause of death of the master does not subside until
so far.

Born July 20

Карлос Сантана (род. 1947г.), американский,
mexican guitarist Carlos Santana is truly one of
The greatest guitarists in the world. He is immensely talented and very
original: his style of play can be determined from the very first chords.
Turning the strings, Santana merges with the guitar, passing her her
mood, and she responds to him in return. Where will cry where
laugh where it touches the strings of the soul or sad. Style of his game
mixed from the rhythms of Latin, American, rock music. Santana can
considered one of the founders of Latin rock, because he made a huge
contribution to the popularization of this style of music. At the beginning of his
Carlos’s musical career was guitarist for the Santana band, later
began to perform solo. In his performance became such hits
compositions like “Black Magic Woman”, “Maria Maria”, “Smooth”, “Game
of Love” и множество других.Александр Жулин (род.
1963), Russian figure skater In figure skating future star
brought grandmother when he was five years old. In competition
Zhulin acted as a “loner”, and since 1980. began to dance with maya
Usovoy. The pair turned out bright and dynamic, but for a long time they did not
lucky. Lacked quite a bit of luck to take first place.
Their eternal rivals were Klimov and Ponomarenko, later – Grischuk and
Platov. For the first time, Fortune turned to Zhulin and Usova in 1991.
when they became champions of the USSR, and in 1993 when won
World and European Championships. Behindкончив карьеру фигуриста, Александр
switched to coaching. And the coach turned out to be quite good.
He trained Alexander Abt, couples – Vazgen Azroyan-Anastasia
Grebenkina, Peter Chernyshev-Naomi Lang and many others. But the most
his famous students are the Olympic champions Roman Kostomarov and
Tatiana Navka.

Name Day July 20

Именины в этот день празднуют: Герман, Фома,
Nikon, Sergey, Evdokia (Avdotya), Evfrosinya

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