July 18: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday July 18th.

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Holidays July 18

The day of the creation of the State Fire Inspectorate

GPN authorities are state fire inspectors, and
Every year on July 18, representatives of this profession celebrate their
professional holiday. The main task of GPN is ours with
you safety. Today, the construction of many residential (and not only)
buildings is carried out with those or other violations of the fire
security. If trouble happens, and the fire suddenly engulfs
a building, many people may suffer and even die. Best
the way to prevent a fire is not to play with fire (literally
words) and naturally provide a high fire building
security. In addition, measures to prevent this natural
disasters also apply to all types of transport
underground facilities and forest resources. Spectrum of activity
experts in the field of GPN is very wide. In their main duties
includes: the fight against the spread of fire, the fight against intentional and
involuntary arsons, approval of construction projects
buildings, monitoring compliance with all fire safety regulations,
Instructing the population (especially schoolchildren) on fire fighting
rules and statistics of fires in Russia. Special attention
relegated to the evacuation system of people. Ideally, she owes
provide an opportunity for unhindered exit from
critical zone. For these purposes, the building must be installed
fire escapes and special evacuation signs. GPN workers
periodically conduct training alarms, the purpose of which is to train
Personnel proper action during a fire. According to some reports
for the year of such instructive events about one and a half is held
millions across the country. Through the efforts of state bodies
fire supervision manages to prevent about 500 thousand fires in
year and thereby preserve valuable tangible property on
billions of rubles, as well as priceless lives of people. For reference: body
GPN was established in 1927 in the Soviet Union. Its founding day
considered to be July 18, which is why this date was chosen in
as a celebration of this event.

July 18 in the national calendar

Afanasyev day

July 18, people celebrate the birthday of St. Athanasius of Athos,
who lost his parents early enough and as a result
brought up by a nun – a very pious observer
Christian faith. As a young man, Athanasius took the veil in Kiminsky
monastery. By prayers and fasting he reached perfection, and then
Abbot blessed him to decide on silence and retreat. Behind
his perfect consistency faith Athos received the gift
healing. People from all over the world came to him for valuable advice.
and hoping to receive a welcome healing. In Russia on this day
Months was celebrated holiday: with the arrival of night peasants came out of
of their homes and watched the “game” of the month – how he then hides in
clouds, then comes out because of them, playing with bright colors. It was believed that
Thus, the month celebrates its holiday. Watch the night
светилом в Afanasyev day было обязательной традицией, так как люди
believed that this ceremony gave health and strength to the physical
to the body.

Historical events July 18

July 18 64 год — В Риме начался страшнейший
fire This fire, which began on the night of July 18, became the most ambitious and
destructive in the history of Rome. Starting with
small shops, by the morning the fire captured most of the city.
Hundreds of residents died in the fire, many cultural buildings and
the temples fell under the onslaught of merciless flame, reigned everywhere
panic. The fire raged for about five days, and after it was over
massive losses are calculated: five districts of the city completely
leveled off the ground, seven more – suffered greatly, but survived.
Ruling at the time Nero relented over the homeless
people and opened the doors of his palace. He undertook everything
necessary measures to provide the city with food to
avoid a thousand starvation deaths. However, taking advantage of
situation and really did not understand it, Nero did a very
disgusting, accusing the young Christian community of misfortune. They say
that it was from that moment in the Roman Empire began the brutal
persecution of representatives of this religion. July 18
1870 год
— Принятие догмата о непогрешимости Папы
RomeAcceptance of the dogma of the infallibility of the Pope occurred
at a meeting of the Ecumenical Council in 1980. According to him
�”The infallibility (infallibility) of the Pope must now be regarded
as a gift of the Holy Spirit given to him as the successor to the first
the apostle Peter by virtue of succession, and not because of any personal
qualities of the Pope. After all, he is the same person as everyone else and can
make a mistake, and in return should be able to repent and
to confess July 18 1985 год — Дата создания
The first Tetris Tetris is definitely one of the most popular
�”Toys” in the history of mankind. And despite the rapid introduction
wide spectrum computer games, it has not lost its relevance
and to this day. True, now most Tetris play
via the same computer, telephone and internet. Interesting
note that the idea of ​​the game itself belongs to an obscure
Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov, who was engaged in
studying artificial intelligence and worked at the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Behind основу создания тетриса он взял одну из американских головоломок
and made it more meaningful and interesting. Behind два месяца
Pajitnov managed to develop the graphics and principle of the new game.
By copying it to floppy disks, the programmer and his colleagues began
distribute them throughout the research institutes. Behind короткий промежуток времени игра
�”Tetris” became very popular in the Soviet Union, and soon –
sold around the world. Tetris has been awarded many awards
as a leading consumer software. Such popularity is not
managed to win a single electronic toy.

July 18 родились

Рудольф Второй (1552 — 1612 гг.) — римский
Emperor since 1576 from the Habsburg dynasty. According to
researchers, he was constantly depressed, so not very
suited to rule the empire. In the end, Rudolph’s life was tortured
панические атаки и приступы безумияРоберт Hook
(1635 – 1703) – an outstanding English scientist,
specialized in physics. He was secretary of LKO
(London Royal Society). In 1660, the Hook was discovered
the law of elasticity of solids (Hooke’s law), and after three years he
proved that the boiling point and melting point for all bodies are unchanged. Hook
– Author of many scientific papers, inventions and improvements. He created
barometer (one of its creators), air pump, hydrometer,
microscope, etc. Studying living organisms with the help of invented them
microscope, concluded that they all have a cellular
fabric structure. And after the London fire in 1666 showed
yourself as a talented architect: in particular, developed a project
Restoration of the dome of the Cathedral of St. Paul. В общем, Hook был
личностью весьма разносторонней.Андрей
(родился в 1960 году) — актер театра и кино. Ilyin
Received acting education in Riga and Gorky, more than ten years
worked within the walls of the Riga Theater of Russdrama, and then moved to
Mossovet Theater. На сегодняшний день Ilyin является
demanded actor in Russia. He continues to actively roll in
film and work productively on television.

Именины July 18

Note: Agnia, Anna, Elizabeth, Barbara, Athanasius, Cyril,
Sergey, Camilla, Vasily, Stepan.

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