July 16: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday July 16th.

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Holidays July 16

Accountant Day in Ukraine

Accountant Day in Ukraine отмечается каждый год 16 июля. date
the celebration was chosen with regard to the institution of the respective
of the law in 1999 “On Accounting and Financial Reporting”
on the territory of the Ukrainian state. This innovation
determined the legal basis for the formation, regulation, management,
organization of accounting and financial reporting in the country. Based
law, the purpose of accounting and financial reporting
consists primarily in providing users
full and reliable information about the results of the movement
cash within the enterprise, as well as its real
financial position. Until 2004, this holiday in Ukraine did not have
official status, but regularly noted by the Federation of Accountants
and auditors, thanks to which the prestige of the profession gradually increased.
This contributed to the fact that over time, representatives
state authorities began to re-evaluate the specialty
accountant. It became obvious that accounting is not a simple tax
reporting is the basis for making critical strategic
making. So, in 2004, by Decree of the President of Ukraine, the Day of the Accountant
acquired official status and became a full professional
holiday in the country.

July 16 in the national calendar

Stozhary. Named Mokiya and Demida.

July 16, the Orthodox Church commemorates the saints Mokij and Demid,
who lived during the reign of Maximilian and were zealous
overseers of the Christian faith. There is a belief that
once they were seized by pagans and forced to bow before
idols, however the brothers were adamant and when they were led to
the altar, in defense of the saints made a small child,
out of nowhere. He tried to prevent the persecutors, for which he was
badly beaten And Mokiya and Demida were immediately beheaded. This day on
Russ was considered very unlucky and unsuitable for any undertakings. By
on this occasion, the peasants put down a saying: “Well, that’s it, they came
Moi da Demid – and the case is in the field. ” July 16, our ancestors also
celebrated the holiday of the Interns, which was the Pleiades
(constellation Taurus). Byявление Плеяды на ночном небосклоне
foreshadowed great success for hunters, mushroom pickers and fishermen.
And in general, people with trepidation treated the mysterious
stars, worshiping them as angels, pointing the right path. By the way
there was even a romantic legend in Russia about this:
It turns out, heavenly creatures specially open windows in their
heavenly dwellings to observe people on Earth, and these windows are
There are bright stars in the sky. As the old people noticed, on this day
very often there were thunderstorms with heavy rain, and the presence of circulating
around mosquitoes and midges workers foreshadowed good clear weather
for the coming week.

Historical events July 16

16 июля 1748 год — ATпервые Михаилом Ломоносовым
The universal “law of conservation of matter” was formulated by Mikhailo
Lomonosov was a very outstanding scientist of his time, and his spectrum
Activities covered many aspects, including chemistry. AT
Petersburg Academy of Sciences, he served as professor of chemistry.
It was he who was the first to “feel” the fundamental
The side of this science is the internal structure of matter. For a long time
Lomonosov sought the opening of an experimental laboratory at
Academy. AT конце концов он добился своего, получив тем самым базу
for further discoveries, and in 1748 the scientist first substantiated
�”The law of conservation of matter.” He did this in a letter addressed to
to the great mathematician Euler. Byзже открытый Ломоносовым
natural law received a more detailed explanation in the following
его работах.16 июля 1945 год — AT Лос-Аламосе
carried out the world’s first nuclear explosion four years before
events the United States developed core principles
implementation of this project (in the history it was named
�“Manhattan Project”), and in 1945 near Los Alamos he
was first brought to life: on the day we specified at the test site
an atomic device explosion of incredible power
(flash from it was visible at a distance of 300 km). Assembly
uranium-plutonium bomb began on July 12, two days later
the device was fixed on top of a pre-built tower, also
detonators were installed, and on July 16, the installation was “safe”
blew up By the way два подобных устройства были сброшены в этом же
in August to the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after which
they literally turned into ashes, more than two hundred thousand people
It was destroyed as a result of demonstrative bombing. So
America tried to intimidate the Soviet Union, but soon
here, led by I. Kurchatov, nuclear weapons were created.
16 июля 1994 год — Комета Шумейкер-Леви-9
врезалась в ЮпитерAT дату нашего обзора огромная комета, названная
the names of the astronomers who discovered it, ended its existence in
the layers of the giant planet Jupiter, crashing into it. Comet was
not “alone”, most likely it was a chain
more than twenty blocks of cosmic ice and other “garbage”.
Each lump was the size of Everest. Cumulative collision effect
was equivalent to an explosion of a billion atomic bombs. And now
imagine for a moment if this body had changed course on Earth?
ATедь по космическим меркам расстояние между планетами совсем
small – a trifle for a comet, “traveling” with a stunning
by speed. Fortunately, the gravitational force of Jupiter is a million times
more powerful than the Earth, which is why it, and not our space house,
pulled deadly bodies.

Were born on July 16

Роальд Амундсен (1872 — 1928 гг.) — великий
traveler, polar explorer, distinguished scientist. By
other sources – Roald Amundsen. Was the first person to
Earth, reached the South Pole. AT 20 лет он стал юнгой, в 24 —
navigator, two years later Amundsen had to spend more than a year in the winter
high latitudes. AT 1911 году его экспедиция впервые достигла Южного
the poles. After another fifteen years, Roald flew on
dirigible over the North Pole. Andrey Dementiev
(born in 1928) – Russian poet, author of about thirty books.
More than twelve years, Dementiev dominated the magazine “Youth”.
Since the 1980s, he has been a TV host for such programs as
honeymooners “,” Good evening, Moscow “,” Family Channel “,” Bravo “and
«ATоскресные встречи», а в начале 2000-х годов стал политическим
обозревателем «Радио России».Олег Протопопов
(born in 1932) – Russian athlete, first Soviet champion
the world and the Olympic Games in figure skating. Leonid
(родился в 1968 году) — российский певец,
Honored Artist of Russia. Agutin managed to create his own
original performance style where Spanish and
Latin American notes. His first album called
�”Barefoot Boy” was released in 1994 and immediately brought the singer
popularity and love of a multi-million Russian audience. Since 2001
года Leonid начал писать музыку к фильмам и мультфильмам. Today
he continues to work in the same direction and actively advocate

Name Day July 16

Отмечают: ATасилий, Александр, Георгий, Анатолий, Герасим, Марк,
Ivan, Konstantin, Michael, Demid, Yevlampiy, Derzhislav, Moky, Ostap,
Stepan, Susanna, Elvira.

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