July 13: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday July 13th.

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Holidays July 13

Festival “Cologne lights”

This event is a great show.
lights and fireworks on the Rhine, held annually in mid-July.
Cologne festival gathers an unimaginable number of viewers
(locals and tourists), since 2001. Moreover, with each
year the number of viewers only increases. If the first year of the event
visited by several tens of thousands of people, the seventh festival
gathered about one and a half million children and adults from different countries,
wishing to see an unforgettable performance, enjoy
magical, incendiary and bright setting, fascinating
the twinkling of evening lights. Multi-colored sparks and flashes in the sky,
grand sparklers, colorful fire fountains draw
embankment of the Rhine in a real arena of flame. Festival ends
huge musical performance to the beat soaring up
of lights. Throughout the festival, viewers are accompanied by various
entertainment concerts, contests, and other events and
the opportunity to taste the most delicious dishes on Earth.

Montenegrin Statehood Day

The national holiday of Montenegro is celebrated annually on July 13.
The date of the celebration was chosen for two reasons at once:
First, on this date in 1878 by the Berlin Congress Montenegro
was recognized as independent (initially it was part of the Serbian
state), and secondly, on July 13, 1941, a major
the uprising against the Italian invaders, which soon turned into
crisis and played a significant role in the maturation of civil war.

July 13 in the national calendar

Day of the Twelve Apostles

Today, the Orthodox Church commemorates the twelve apostles,
who were the closest disciples and successors of Jesus Christ.
The story of their lives, the suffering and the carrying of the Word of God completely
set forth in the New Testament (the book of the Acts of the Holy Apostles). Those who
at least superficially studied the Bible, of course, know the names of these
Saints: brothers Peter and Andrew, Jacob Zavedeev and John the Theologian,
Bartholomew, Philip, Matthew (aka Levi Matthew). Thaddeus, Jacob
Alfeyev, Simon Kananin, Thomas and Judas Iscariot (then, after
he betrayed the Master, he was replaced by the apostle Matthias). In Russia on this day
people celebrated the entry of summer into the most
hot phase. Peasants dressed in the fields dressed in the best
their clothes, and after a short work, they feasted and enjoyed themselves
deep into the night. And in the middle of the ceremonial table was taken
putting a ritual doll made of straw, dressed in a sundress and
decorated with rhinestones. After a hearty dinner with this doll, we got around
all the houses in the village, she completed her “journey” by the river, where she and
stoked in the end. Today there was also a tradition
paint eggs onion peel, and then share them with each
a friend. By the way, the twelve apostles table must have been
include egg dishes – first of all, they are different kinds
scrambled eggs (with herbs, ham, cheese, etc.) and boiled eggs in
homemade sauce (something like mayonnaise).

Folk omens July 13

Those who were born on the day of the Twelve Apostles will have a lifetime
good luck; Today’s birthday is patronized
flower mascot violet; July 13 is the time to prepare such
medicinal plants like aloe, wild rosemary, black elderberry, watch
trifoliate, verbena, Highlander, Calendula officinalis, coltsfoot
and plantain; If in the morning a lot of mosquitoes and black flies fly – be
today rain.

Historical events July 13

July 13 1837 год — В Букингемском дворце поселился
the first monk in the person of Queen Victoria in 1837 right after
Victoria’s accession to the throne Buckingham Palace was officially
declared the residence of the British monarchs. At that time in the palace
restoration work was completed: the construction of the outbuilding was coming to
the end, the main entrance was carried over,
Marble arch. To date, the palace, occupying an area of ​​20
hectares (of which about 17 are in the garden), can “boast”
600 rooms. There is also a grand gallery with
paintings of the most famous painters of antiquity and modernity.
Every summer the queen leaves the residence, and during this period for
Visitors open ceremonial chambers of the royal palace. And when
Her Majesty returns, the royal rises on its roof
флаг.July 13 1882 год — Впервые в четырех
Russian cities, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga and Odessa, was launched
Work of the first in Russia telephone exchanges in September 1881
The Russian government has established the “Basic conditions for the establishment and
exploitation of urban telephone communications “in the country and in
the date we indicated in 1882 in several Russian cities was
The work of the first telephone stations was launched. Over time
�The “telephone web” was distributed throughout Russia. So, from 1885 to
1886 networks were installed in cities such as Nizhny Novgorod,
Rostov-on-Don, Baku, Revel and Libau. First lines in Russia were
single-wire and performed using the Hyleland system
capacity of fifty numbers each, and for connecting subscribers to
each station was hired by several telephone operators. July 13
1930 год
— Начало первого в истории Чемпионата мира по
football, which took place in the territory of Uruguay
the Championship was due to the fact that this particular country
won the victory at two Olympics: in 1924,
held in Paris, and in 1928 – in Amsterdam. With this in mind
Uruguay received the right to host the first World Championship
football is the most popular and entertaining sport. In honor of
a major event in Montevideo, a new stadium was erected.
Most expenses on the device of the tournament Latin American
the country took over. Thirteen participated in the Championship
teams from Uruguay, Peru, Belgium, Argentina, USA, Yugoslavia,
Romania, France, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and Bolivia.
However, here, on July 30, the Uruguay team won, ahead of
in the final match of the Argentina national team.

July 13 родились

Сергей Кравчинский по прозвищу «Степняк» (1851 —
1895) – writer, revolutionary populist. Some time
He was the editor of the magazine “Land and Freedom.” In 1878 Stepnyak
deprived of life of Mezentsov – gendarme chief, after which he disappeared behind
границей.Мария Виноградова (1922 — 1991 гг.) —
favorite movie actress. Starred in more than eighty
films. However, despite the fact that there was little in the main
Cast, very fond of the Soviet audience. Vinogradova took
participation in the films of Ryazanov, Shepitko, Shukshin, Todorovsky and many others.
др. Михаил Пуговкин(1923 — 2008 гг.) — советский и
Russian film actor, since 1988 People’s Artist of the USSR. From early
age Michael began to show (and apply in everyday life)
acting talent, so the parents gave it to the drama club. Exactly
here young Pugovkina was noticed by one of the most famous directors of that
time and invited him to work in the Moscow Drama Theater. After working
two years in the theater, Michael began to act in films, causing a good
a smile on the faces of viewers.

Именины July 13

Note: Andrei, Ivan, Matvey, Judas, Simon, Peter, Sofron, Fadey,
Timofey, Thomas, Philip, Jacob, Theogen, Gregory, Yuri, Michael,
Stepan, Margarita, Heinrich.

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